ATC the Change

27 Jul

The other night I woke up to messages from Sarah, my newest pen pal and confidant.

“The world is so hell-bent on breaking people down after they’ve finally built up enough to be okay… I want to start something that gets people building others up.”

“…I want to start a revolution–or something– where we, as humans, can tell others they’re pretty without being judged. Tell someone to keep on keeping on. Tell some stranger we are proud of them for getting out of bed because we know how hard it is anymore. Tell people they are worth something. That even if they are having a bad day, good days will be coming their way!”

My 1:04am response to the Gospel According to Sarah? “Perhaps you can make up ATCs with some sort of phrase. You can hand them out, or leave them places for people to find.”

Sarah liked the idea, and soon after we were officially up and at’em, “ATC the Change” was very much underway. I suggested a Facebook group and weekly phrases to provide inspiration to whoever decided to spread the love with us. While she made the group, I started making a plethora of ATCs!

Some of my favorites:


ATC the Change is rather simple. You can either use the phrases Sarah provides or your own positive messages and create ATCs with “#ATCtheChange” written on the back. Once the ATCs are made, they can be left somewhere for someone to find– tucked inside a library book, for example. Should pictures of the covert missions be posted in the group, Sarah will enter the person responsible in a monthly raffle. She really just wants to spread the love, even to those who help her!

Think you’d like to make ATCs that could make someone else’s day? Join Sarah and I at ATC the Change!

Please and thank you!
Sincerely, Kate ~!~

Out of a Bind

20 Jul

The theme this month has definitely been “Keep Moving Forward.” In addition to moving on from things like former blog series, I decided I no longer need to keep a majority of letters I have received. Sure, there are a handful of letters that will remain in their binders for one reason or another, but for the most part, I’ve realized I’m not going to read the others again so why bother keeping them?

You may be thinking, “Kate! Don’t you still love all your pen pals and the happy mail they’ve sent you?” and the answer is of course! However, a stack of 3 inch binders really piles up, so while I cherish the friendships I have built through the written word, it’s just time to stop building such an extensive collection of letters. I’ve been pen palling for almost 11 years, after all!

Rest assured, though, I haven’t just been trashing these tokens of affection. As I would go through the binders, I’d sort the ones in question into two piles– one to shred, and one to salvage the artwork from for craft purposes. Here are a handful of ATCs I have made since this undertaking:


And I still have many more “SKraps” I can utilize!

As dorky as it sounds, this change has renewed my excitement about getting mail because now I don’t only get a letter to respond to, but the opportunity to make even more ATCs! Kristy’s letter yesterday, for example, led to these five ATCs, using other scraps as well:


I intend to let my pen pals claim some of these creations for themselves, as the cards wouldn’t exist without them. This hobby of ours is all about the give and take, hehe.

Keep moving forward, Bleaders!
Sincerely, Kate ~!~

P.S. If you have an idea of text I should add to the ATC with the toast, I’m all ears!

Hail the Snail 2.13

15 Jul

June 30th: A letter from Jody plus a small Etsy order equals this mail call starting on a happy note!

July 2nd: The happy mail continued when I got the next part of the story Sarah and I have been writing together.

July 5th: Now I got a letter from Sarah as well as one from Justine. Logan also got a handful of books thanks to my dad.

July 6th: I heard from Justine again, this time via a naughty postcard.

July 8th: Sometime between when I checked the mail on the 7th and when I gave Manolo my outgoing mail this morning, a fun package from Sarah arrived.

July 9th: Logan got some more books while I got Jody’s letter and some Little Cards.

July 11th: An Oriental Trading catalog is almost as good as some happy mail, but not quite!

July 12th: I was a pretty happy tater tot to get a letter from Ashley.

July 14th: And getting the story from Sarah again made me even happier yet!

Hope this summer has been treating you as well as Sarah and the others have been treating me, hehe.

Sincerely, Kate ~!~

Lefty Loosey

6 Jul

Like many ideas I’ve shared on Sincerely Kate since its conception in September of 2012, the first half of this year is behind us. It may not be a new year, but having half of 2016 ahead has me thinking it’s time to shake things up a bit here once again. “Needing” is probably more accurate. As much as I don’t miss the obsessive schedule I had before, only having mail calls along with sporadic Wonderland-friendly posts is not something I ever wanted SK to become. To remedy this, even if it’s just for my own peace of mind, I will now make myself blog on the first and third Wednesdays of every month in addition to what I was doing before.

While this is, in fact, my first post via this new schedule, rather than talk about something fresh, I want to address some old business– the loose ends that are blog posts past.

#1: Postcrossing.

I was once a rather active member of Postcrossing. I got in the habit of sending a postcard every time I didn’t receive something of my own, and once I’d get 50 I’d have posts like this. Eventually though, I started liking sending postcards way more than getting them, so much so the Postcard Posse was born. I never meant for the posse to replace Postcrossing, but that’s what happened, and honestly I don’t regret it at all.

#2: LaPapierre.

When I was a member of the League of Extraordinary Pen Pals, I was constantly exposed to LaPapierre stationery. Though I bought many a kind myself via Etsy, back in December I got the subscription service for Christmas. I had every intention of posting what I got when I got it, but not only did I get pretty lazy pretty fast, I wound up cancelling my subscription a few months ago. Sure, some of the designs are awesome, but ultimately I’d rather spend money on something I know I like rather than getting surprised for $120 a year.

#3: Vari-Kate-ions.

Once upon a time I decided to take a list of 100 themes from DeviantArt and make happy mail revolving around each of them. I made a big dent, getting to 40 according to this, but the chances of me finishing it are slim to none. When I made the last few, I was only making ’em for Allison and Othella, and the latter and I don’t send each other much of anything anymore. I’m sure Allison would still be up for getting them, but since she’s happy getting anything from me, I’m not going to sweat it.

#4: Katerz the Trader.

Though this never blossomed into a series, that was my intention. Making ATCs makes me happy, whether they’re for themes via Little Cards or for personal trades. Documenting every little one, though? Not so much. I do hope to get better about sharing the sets from Little Cards on this blog of mine, but the cards I make for kicks and giggles likely will just give their recipients a kick from now on.

And now that I got all that out of my system, we can definitely start fresh here, I think! Thanks for putting up with me and all the unwanted leftovers in the proverbial fridge.

Sincerely, Kate ~!~


Hail the Snail 2.12

30 Jun

June 15th: It’s been less like clockwork as of late, but I’m still happy to hear from Jody all the same.

June 16th: One mailbox had a batch of Little Cards, and the other had a postcard made of Birch Kayla sent me from Palm Springs.

June 17th: I was waiting for Sarah’s letter all week long and it definitely was worth the wait!

June 18th: A letter from Kyleigh– also worth the wait!

June 19th: Another visit to Pablo led to another batch of Little Cards.

June 20th: Mixed in with a bunch of circulars were Erika’s letter, Justine’s postcard, and my cousin’s graduation party invite.

June 21st: Both of my mailboxes had a batch of Little Cards for me, and Manolo had Allison’s letter, too.

June 22nd: Another postcard from Justine came today.

June 23rd: It was now my turn to A) write Jody back and B) add to my story with Sarah.

June 24th: Both mailboxes had a batch of Little Cards again.

June 25th: It’s a good thing we’ve had my dad to keep us company since there were no letters to entertain me this past weekend. Here’s a picture of him and Logan from the day before:


June 27th: Pablo gave me a letter from Pablo…

June 28th: …And then Manolo gave me one from Kayla.

Now if you’ll excuse me, Logan and I have one last day to spend with my dad while he’s here from California. Until next time!

Sincerely, Kate ~!~

Hail the Snail 2.11

15 Jun

May 31st: After the holiday weekend, Manolo gave me the gift of letters from Kayla and Sarah, and the postcards I mentioned here.

June 1st: Another postcard came, this time from Frida.

June 2nd: The wonderful Erika hooked me up with some wonderful goodies:


June 3rd: Ashley hooked me up with another postcard, and I got some Little Cards, too.

June 4th: Surprise, surprise. I got a letter from Jody.

June 5th: Not mail related, but it should be said that I got to see Alice Through the Looking Glass

June 6th: A letter from Kristy came for yours truly.

June 7th: My dad also hooked me up with something wonderful:


June 8th: My pen pal Sarah and I are writing a story together for kicks and giggles, and on this day it became my turn.

June 9th: Along with her letter (and a postcard), Justine sent me these cute little tapes from Japan:


(Cont’d) Pablo sweetened the pot with some more Little Cards.

June 12th: When I saw Pablo I got Whitney’s letter and the first of June’s Little Cards.

June 13th: In addition to getting a letter from Rose, I also now have all of the Little Cards from May. Oh, and our fridge now has some goodies from Figis. Thanks, dad!

I was hoping more fun mail would come yesterday, but the mail carrier just drove by our house. *Sigh* With any luck, today will be better! Hope you’re having a great week!

Sincerely, Kate ~!~

Postcards from Wonderland #11

6 Jun

I meant to post this trip through the looking glass the other day, but the weekend distracted me. Especially since Gabe and I went to see Alice Through the Looking Glass, hehe. Ashley, you see, didn’t just send me the two postcards from Friday’s post, but all of the ones from the batch I gave her, plus a bonus card! She actually used them to respond to the last letter I sent her since, like Alice, she’s a clever girl😀






I’m so grateful to Ashley for not only sending me these postcards, but for being game for anything and everything I ever inquire about. She’s one of the most generous people I have ever met, especially considering I never met her in person!

And that dad guy– he’s pretty generous, too!

Until next time!
Sincerely, Kate ~!~


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