Reading Material: August 15th-25th

25 Aug

August 15th: This mail call’s starting off on a high note because I got a package from Ashley, a letter from Krista, a thank you from Mr. and Mrs. Volz, and 3 postcards via postcrossing.

August 17th: Though I got a postcard from Rachel and a letter from Whitney via Pablo, it was Gabe who got some lovin’ from Manolo:


August 19th: As happy as I was to get more postcards from my dad, the highlight of the day was finishing The Good Girl, a book I started just a few days before…

The Good Girl— Mary Kubica. As someone who really enjoyed reading Gone Girl, I took Justine’s recommendation to heart about this book and started reading it as soon as I was able, even if that meant stopping another book I just wasn’t into. I was not disappointed I did this, and now find myself wanting to read even more books like this where you’re not sure where it’s going, but each page reassures you that it will be worth it. I love how The Good Girl is told through three perspectives, and that the two perspectives from back home alternate between before Mia was found and after she returned from the cabin. I do wish things could have worked out better for Mia– she came so close to finally having everything she ever wanted. But alas, finding out this “before” and “after” stuff is what kept me turning pages.

August 20th: Between both mailboxes I got a postcard from Macie and letters from Jody and Rose. Logan also got something from my dad, and it contained this picture:

Notice the shirt? :-D

Notice the shirt? :-D

August 21st: I got a really fat letter from Allison and some awesome mail-friendly stickers from Mayra, a LEPeep.

August 24th: I was rewarded for finishing Allison’s letter over the weekend by getting letters from both Justine and Erika.

Although I’m not looking forward to taking Harper to the vet this morning (just a new puppy check up), I am looking forward to seeing what else the mailboxes may have for me this week, and what book may catch my attention next.

Sincerely, Kate ~!~

Conner’s Travel Log

20 Aug

I made two gnomes, much like Flat Stanley, to travel from my mailbox to my pen pals’ mailboxes and then come back again. Dominic is still on his first adventure, but Conner is about to depart on his second trip. Before Conner takes off for Florida, I thought I’d post some of the pictures from Round 1 my pen pals have been awesome enough to share– highlights from his travels, if you will.

1st stop: Justine from Maryland

2nd stop: Emily from North Carolina

3rd stop: Erika from South Carolina

4th stop: Nicole from Nebraska

5th stop: Jody from Ohio

6th stop: Me (from Michigan ;-) )

Is it sad that I’m jealous of the little guy because of all the traveling he gets to do? I’d love to spend time with my pen pals, and in a weird way it kind of feels like I got to. Thank you, ladies, for allowing Conner into your homes and for being as kind to him as you’d be to me.

Sincerely, Kate ~!~

“Fetching” the Mail

15 Aug

Introductions to these mail calls hardly seem necessary anymore as they not only mention the mail I’ve been responding to, but what we’ve been up to. That said…

August 6th: My first letters of the week– Jody’s and Kayla’s–  came today, though I was a bit preoccupied with this arrival to spend a whole lot of time writing…

Meet Harper! She is a beagle we acquired thanks to a FB friend of mine. Getting a puppy is something Gabe and I have talked about for a while, and the planets just seemed to finally align. With the way she plays with the boys yet acts like a lazy housecat with me, I’ve been saying she fits in like a puzzle piece. There’s some puppy kinks we need to work out yet, of course, but no matter how frustrated I get, I don’t regret getting her for a second.

August 7th: Justine also has a beagle so out of all the pen pals I could have heard from, I’m glad it was her today.

August 9th: It’s a good thing I checked in on Pablo Sunday because he had Leslie’s letter and some mail art per my vacation contest.

August 10th: Manolo was so kind to me come Monday. He had a postcard from Kayla, letters from Stephanie and Kristy, and the prints I ordered.

August 11th: Then Pablo showed me love in the form of letters from Jenn and Katy. Speaking of Katy, my PPOTM, check out her most recent doodle:

August 13th:
I was a happy tater tot to A) get my weekly letter from Jody and B) a much, much anticipated letter from Kari.

August 14th: I did get postcards yesterday, just not in the mail! My mom came over yesterday afternoon, and she brought these with her (along with some yummy stuff):

I’m looking forward to seeing what today’s mail has in store for me, and spending the weekend with my two favorite guys and our new favorite dog. All the best!

Sincerely, Kate ~!~

P.S. On the 6th, Kära posted what she received from Jenn per my Secret Santa shop. Wowza!


Pen Pal of the Month- August

10 Aug

This blog may be “Sincerely Kate” but today we’re going to talk about someone named Katy, hehe. Katy is my newest pen friend via the LEP, and though her letters are full of great content, the envelopes have been great too. The Alice silhouette on the right of this picture is an all-time favorite, hehe.


It’s been a pleasure to receive her doodles in my P.O. Box, and it’s my pleasure to introduce her to you now!

katySK: How do you feel about being Pen Pal of the Month?

Katy: I’m pretty excited about it! I don’t think I’ve ever been anything “of the month” before..

SK: What has been your favorite thing about pen palling?

Katy: I love getting to know new people from all over the world through letters. I started pen-palling just last year because I really wanted to connect through the written word. I discovered the lovely League of Extraordinary Penpals and now I have so many new letter friends! I also love writing and doodling on envelopes. :-)

SK: What, if anything, is your least favorite thing about it?

Katy: Least favorite thing is getting behind on replying to letters. It happens more often than I like and I get stressed out about it.

SK: Why do you like writing me?

Katy: Well, I like that we share names (kinda, ha) and that we’re the same age. I find it interesting to connect with people my age, not to compare, but to see where they are in their life. I love getting your letters, seeing your stationery, and I really like your handwriting – it’s very unique.

SK: And what do you like about August?

Katy: Normally I hate August, because August in Mobile, AL is really terrible. The coolest day is usually around 90 degrees and the humidity is never less than 90%. Also, hurricanes. BUT, this August I am going to Thailand, so I’m really excited about this August!

I’m going to miss getting Katy’s letters and doodles while she’s away, but I am very excited for her and look forward to the letter that comes upon her return! In the meantime, I’ll be making a bookmark for her per her request, and maybe trying my hand at a silhouette doodle or two of my own, hehe.

All the best this August!
Sincerely, Kate ~!~

Coming and Going

5 Aug

These past 10ish days have been good ones. My mom is back in Michigan, Gabe and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary, and of course there’s been some happy mail. Before I dive into this mail call, I sort of have some loose ends from “Secret Santa and the Mail Lady” to tie up now that more of my pen pals have received their presents.

Still to come: Kära and Allison’s presents :-)

July 25th: After I posted my last mail call, I found a letter from Kristy in my regular mailbox, and tea and an intro letter in the other.

July 26th: It was on Sunday that the boys and I had our family pictures taken, and afterward we did a little shopping. Gabe got cupcakes, I got an Alice shirt, and Logan made Marshall the Monkey at a place similar to Build-a-Bear.


July 27th: It was today that I got my “Secret” Santa gift from above. I also got Kayla’s letters and Krista’s postcards– yes, there was more than one, hehe.

July 28th: Thanks to Katy and Laura, I got some “extraordinary” mail.

July 29th: Getting Krista’s letter and some stamps was definitely the cherry on a sundae of a day. My mom made it to MI on Tuesday and spent a good chunk of Wednesday with me, Logan, and some Chipotle burritos. I was worried Logan would be shy around his grandma because it’s been two years since he saw her in person, but he was very much a ham.

July 30th: Not only did Jody and S’Moore send me letters, one of my gnomes found his way back to me! Conner joined Gabe and I for dinner over at my aunt-in-laws’ in honor of our 5th anniversary. Marilyn and Jen prepared steak, potatoes, and corn on the cob. They even got us an ice cream cake!


August 1st: This month started off on a high note thanks to my other Secret Santa present. Many thanks to Nerd in the Brain for hosting a similar swap!


August 2nd: As nice as it would have been to get any mail, I’m glad the boys and I got to spend some time with my family… and that we were back from my grandparents’ before we got hit with a nasty storm.

August 4th: So far I haven’t gotten much mail this week, but it’s probably for the best because I wasn’t distracted from cleaning. Why am I cleaning? You’ll have to tune in on the 15th to find out!

Ciao for now!
Sincerely, Kate ~!~

The Year of the Wood

30 Jul

It was exactly five years ago that this happened:


In a way it feels like we’ve been married even longer, though these past five years have just flown by. As cliché as it may sound, Gabe is my best friend and I couldn’t imagine my life without him and our little boy. They make me happy and they drive me crazy, but I would not have it any other way.

In honor of our 5th anniversary– the wood anniversary– I wanted to share these songs from The Book of Life. Not only is the movie full of wooden-looking characters a family favorite around here, we constantly listen to these when we’re out and about because they mean so much to us.

I Love You Too Much
“There’s love above love and it’s ours ’cause I love you too much.”

No Matter Where You Are
“I’ll take care of you and love you just because. You and I are better than forever. Nothing can stop us.”

Random note: it is because of the main male character that I call my regular mailbox Manolo :-D

Pretty soon some friends and family will be getting some pictures my friend Therese recently took for us, though I thought I’d leave one of them here:


All the best from my family to you and yours!
Sincerely, Kate ~!~

Secret Santa and the Mail Lady

25 Jul

I’m so glad I decided to post about my post more often. I find myself much more rejuvenated here at Sincerely Kate; I hope you see that below and in the mail calls that follow.

July 15th: My last mail call ended with a “Postcard from Wonderland,” and thanks to Emily this entry is starting with one.

July 16th: Nicole hooked me up with yet another Wonderland postcard, and Jody and Erika both hooked me up with letters.

July 17th: Pablo not only had Leslie’s letter for me, but two envelopes full of tea.

July 18th: Another two envelopes full of tea came today plus a letter from Sarah S.

July 19th: Despite there being no mail because it was Sunday, I still had a great day because the boys and I saw Minions. It was a fun movie, but I kind of feel it should have been straight to DVD and blu-ray rather than released in theaters. And the rich get richer…

July 20th: I got more tea (for reasons you’ll read about later) from both mailboxes. I got some from Kayla via Manolo, and from Charmaine via Pablo.

July 21st: A moving announcement was all that came, so I prepared the ATCs like these for the LEPeeps who hooked me up with some tea.


July 22nd: Neither mailbox had letters for me, but I did get some things I was expecting like tea, a gift for my almost-here nephew, and preschool hoopla.

July 23rd: Finally some letters thanks to Jody, Justine, and Stephanie. *Throws confetti* I also got a postcard from Ashley, and Logan got half a year older.

July 25th: Over the past few years, July 25th has been when I’ve done Christmas in July posts (Exhibit A and Exhibit B), and so I wanted to share some pictures from my annual Secret Santa swap once again, though I only have these two so far:

Speaking of Christmas in July/ Secret Santa, Emily over at Nerd in the Brain borrowed my idea. I signed up, of course, and was given a wishlist that consisted of books, tea, and coffee. It is because of this I acquired all the tea I mentioned above, hehe. I told my pen pals and the LEP how tea was not a forte of mine but that I wanted to give her a variety, and a bunch of people came to my aide, as you can see:


For the record, I sent the person a book too, but I thought the tea would be an extraordinary extra. I have yet to receive either of my gifts, but I don’t doubt they’ll be worth their wait!

Thanks to everyone who sent me anything, and to my mail carrier for making sure I receive/d everything, hehe.

Sincerely, Kate


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