Posse Problems

21 Sep

Last June, I started what I affectionately refer(red) to my Postcard Posse. Basically what it is, is a handful of people signed up to get random postcards from me sporadically, so I can downsize the massive stash I have.

You may be wondering why I don’t use a site like Postcrossing, and though I have in the past, there are several reasons why I don’t anymore. 1) There is a limit to how many postcards you can send until your outgoing postcards have been registered, 2) you can’t just send within the US, and the cost of international postage adds up rather fast, and 3) honestly, I like sending them a lot more than getting them… unless they’re Alice in Wonderland-friendly😉

So here is where the Posse came in! I send postcards to one of the nine people whenever I don’t get anything to respond to, and they’re all within the US to keep the cost low.

Turns out, however, that I have been wasting a bit of postage. Someone– let’s call her Zoe– signed up for my posse, but gave me the address of a P.O. box she no longer rented! I left my email address on one of my postcards to Zoe, and fortunately one of the postal workers at Temp Mill Ave. Post Office spotted it so she could let me know that the box has been vacant… for two years!

I am incredibly grateful for the staff at that post office letting me know that I shouldn’t bother sending any more postcards to Zoe, but it really annoys me how much time and money was wasted before they were able to. Honestly it hurts that someone would take advantage of my generosity in such a twisted way. I’m trying to chalk it up to an honest mistake, but if the box has been vacant for two years, Zoe would have had her actual address long enough to not mix addresses when she gave “hers” to me last June.

I find myself a bit jaded about sending postcards now. So much so I am going to continue to send them only once I check with the rest of my posse to make sure they still want them.

Sorry for a bit of a downer post, but I wanted to post today as it’s the third Wednesday of the month, and this is what poured out. Hopefully Sincerely Kate will be home to more happy posts about happy mail and similar subjects soon!

Sincerely, Kate ~!~

Hail the Snail 2.17

15 Sep

September 1st: Something else came from my mom since the end of my last mail call…


I wore it to meet Sarah, who also came here on the first! Click this to read about Sarah’s visit!

September 2nd: I almost was too busy with the one pen pal to find a letter from another, Erika, with Manolo.

September 3rd: Joining my little reply pile was a letter from Justine.

September 6th: As exciting as a letter from Jody and the DC Comics set of Little Cards are, no one was as excited on the first day of school as my kindergartener!


September 7th: Pablo had a letter from Whitney for me as well as some ATCs per a trade.

September 8th: I got the story I’ve been writing with Sarah back, Logan got his monthly “Which Way USA” magazines, and all 3 of us got a thank you note per my nephew, Jack!

September 9th: I got a card from Krista while Logan got the “Yeti in My Spaghetti” game from his Grandma Kraklow.

September 10th: I got the stamps I ordered, and the Logantor got a postcard from Disney World that Ashley had Mickey Mouse sign. Yay for so many mother/son mail days!

September 12th: Another week started with another letter from Jody.

September 13th: Gabe and I got something from Logan, telling us he missed us while he was at Papa and Grandma’s, hehe.

September 14th:  Then yesterday, Pablo had a letter from Rose for me, while Manolo had all of this!


The Little Cards are from Sarah, the Disney postcard is from Ashley, and the other stuff is from my parents.

As always, thanks to everyone who sent me anything, and thanks to you for reading this!

Sincerely, Kate ~!~

Little Cards: August

8 Sep

With the help of a friend (and pen pal!) of mine, I created a group last year where, using designated themes each month, interested parties make ATCs to be swapped via snail mail, with Jenn and I as the cards’ hosts. Despite this being a blog all about my love of snail mail, this year I was pretty lax about sharing the ATCs– Artist Trading Cards– I received via Little Cards on Big Adventures. I finally got around to catching up last month, though I didn’t have August’s little cards to share yet. I do now😀

Your Favorite Hobby:


In case it’s not obvious, the pen pal-friendly ATC is mine. It wasn’t the only ATC I made with the theme! Originally I made the one on the left in the following picture, though they didn’t live up to what I wanted them to be, so I enclosed them with the sets as a bonus card.


DC Comics:


Aren’t they awesome sets? September’s are sure to be great as well– there are five of us participating in my Firefighters theme, and nine in Jenn’s Harry Potter one! Looking forward to getting my hands on all of them, and sharing my Little Cards again with you.

Sincerely, Kate ~!~


How I Spent My Labor Day Weekend

7 Sep

Though Sarah and I have only started writing letters this year, we grew very close very quickly. And as luck would have it, we live somewhat close together, too– just separated by three hours. Labor Day weekend seemed like the perfect time to invite her over. Not only do I mostly get the house to myself every year, we’d have access to a lot of food between all the cooking my aunt-in-law does and the town festival. I couldn’t resist inviting her, and she couldn’t resist my invitation.

Sarah arrived around 6pm on Thursday, and got acquainted with my and Harper until it was time to meet Gabe for dinner. I told her about our sole neighborhood restaurant on several occasions so it was cool to show her that firsthand. Gabe went home after dinner while Sarah and I went to Walmart, stocking up on some junk food and adopting this lil’ guy:

Meet Adonis

Meet Adonis!

When Sarah, Adonis, and I got back to my house, we popped in the first disc of Veronica Mars since I knew she’d like it– I wasn’t wrong😀

The following day was our designated Frankenmuth day, specifically the River Place in Frankenmuth. We first had crepes before hitting up just about every store. The Enchanted Forest, Funky Skunk, and Your Name Here were probably the biggest hits, and we left a couple ATCs in our path. We also encountered this guy, and decided to adopt him, too:

Meet Theodore!

Meet Theodore!

After our fill of shopping we did two more things at the River Place…

A) We hit up Old Time Photo:


And B) We played at the arcade and won another stuffed friend together:

Meet Chester!

Meet Chester!

The stuffies initials are intentionally A, T, and C, hehe.

It was 3pm when we finally left, and I took Sarah to my favorite Chinese food place for lunch. This was a bit of a mistake since my aunt-in-laws were having all sorts of people over for all sorts of Mexican food, but like the neighborhood place, I told Sarah about the Szechuan House too much not to go. Oh well, the food Marilyn and Jen made was awesome as brunch the next day, and at the “Mexican Lives Matter” party Sarah got to meet Logan as well as a bunch of Gabe’s side of the family, so it all worked out! Upon our return to mi casa, we continued our Veronica Mars-athon.

I assumed that the marathon would continue the next morning, but when I stumbled upon the Harry Potter marathon on TV, that seemed like the thing to watch instead. And that along with making stuff for ATC the Change is exactly what we did until around 5pm when we FINALLY were motivated enough to get dressed. We had dinner at my aunt-in-laws’ again, toured the Bean Festival, attempted to geocache, and went back to Walmart. We didn’t buy any more stuffed animals, but we did get matching pajama bottoms. We changed into them soon after we got back to my house, and then got around to watching Saturday’s dose of Veronica Mars.

Sunday started with the pancake breakfast up at the fire department, and afterwards Logan came home. He showed Sarah many a toy, taught her how to play Pop the Pig, and introduced her to the Paw Patrol, Shimmer and Shine, and the Bubble Guppies. She may have dozed off during the latter, haha. We worked on some of September’s Little Cards together once she was up before, once again, having dinner at Gabe’s aunts.’ From there the boys were going to go monitor the fireworks, so Sarah and I came back here to make a penis cake, watch more Veronica Mars, and each have a ball before working on the Little Cards some more until the boys came back.

We finished watching season one of Veronica Mars the following morning as we feasted on brisket omelets and American fries Gabe’s aunt delivered. Afterwards we were off to the parade to see Logan in one of the firetrucks (among other things). The boys and I spent a bit of the afternoon up at the fairgrounds while Sarah showered and prepared for her trek back home. The four of us hung out a bit more upon our return, only for her to leave soon after.

That was a little less than two days ago and I already miss that girl tons. Three hours away may not be too far, but it’s not close enough either! I’m even more thankful for FB and our letters, because now that I know we get along just as well in person as we do in print, the more I want to talk to her– to “hang out”– in any way I’m able.


Sincerely, Kate ~!~

Hail the Snail 2.16

30 Aug

August 15th: I was happy to hear from Ashley and to get Sarah’s Little Cards.

August 16th: Though there was no mail to be happy about, I was happy to finish reading The Queen of Zombie Hearts!

August 17th: I got even more happy mail thanks to Sarah– her letter and our story!

August 18th: Then Jody’s letter came along with an Open House announcement for Logan’s school– we’ll check out his classroom tomorrow!

August 19th: I got a lil’ Etsy order, but I’m supposed to forget about it until I get my Christmas stocking, hehe.

Also! This was the third day this week Gabe attempted to check Pablo when he got out of work at 5, only for the door to be locked! #BahHumbug

August 20th: My other Etsy order came– LaPapierre stationery!

August 21st: No mail on Sundays? No problem! I finished The Mad Zombie Party, the fourth and final book in The White Rabbit Chronicles. I absolutely loved this series. They might not have mirrored Alice in Wonderland very much, but when the author, Gena Showalter, did tie in things– like a deceased loved one sort of appearing to the Ali(ce) character much like the Cheshire cat– my adoration for the world she created only grew. It’s a rabbit hole I’d very much recommend going down for anyone who likes YA books.

August 22nd: The post office mystery has been solved! Because of a power outage on the 14th, the timer on the door malfunctioned. Though it isn’t fixed yet, I got the 7 pieces(!) of mail from the week before. Four pieces were ATC trades, two were batches of Little Cards, and one was something from my dad.

August 24th: I ordered business cards to stick onto my cards for ATC the Change, and they came today!


August 26th: In addition to Charmaine’s letter, all of August’s Favorite Hobby ATCs are in! When I get all of the DC Comics ones as well, you’ll get a blog post with all of this month’s Little Cards.

August 28th: Not mail related, but Logan and I did go to this guy’s party– just one year ago since he was his own kind of special delivery❤


August 29th: I got a letter from Jody and a box with some ATC-friendly supplies from mother dearest.

Just two more days until Sarah herself comes #FromFrankfortWithLove, so A) I’m sort of glad there hasn’t been too many letters as of late, and B) I’m grateful for the supplies from yesterday because we will definitely be putting them to use! My next blog post will likely be about her visit– she’s the 5th pen pal I’m meeting, after all!

Until next time!
Sincerely, Kate ~!~

Little Cards: May – Now

17 Aug

Earlier this month I finally started sharing the ATCs I received from Little Cards on Big Adventures this year, and now it’s time to show you the rest that I’ve acquired so far!




Alice in Wonderland:



Junk Food:


Required Reading:





Summer Blockbusters:



I actually don’t have any Favorite Hobby or DC Comics sets to share just yet, as the swaps are still underway. Once all of this month’s Little Cards have made it to me, I’ll be sure to share the pictures right away this time.


I’m so grateful to Jenn for all her help in creating this treasure trove of ours. Little Cards on Big Adventures may not have a lot of members, but who we have are awesome as they make so many great ATCs. I really will strive to share the sets more frequently here so there will never be any doubt how much happiness this happy mail in particular has given me.

Sincerely, Kate ~!~

I Can ATC the Change

16 Aug

Since sharing the origin story behind the group ATC the Change, I have made a bunch of ATCs for the cause. I made at least two ATCs for every weekly phrase Sarah posted, and I used some other phrases I adore, too– here is a hodge podge of both:


The pictures I really want to show you, though, are the ones that have been left for people to find!

Here are the four from July:

And here’s what I was up to this past weekend while Logan and I were out and about with my mom:

There are other ATCs I have left behind (including two I gave to my mother to use), equaling 15 ATCs of mine currently out in the universe. More if you count the ones I donated to Sarah’s arsenal since I wanted her to have a plethora to use, as this movement in the making wouldn’t exist without her.

So far, the trickiest part for me has been leaving them somewhere nonchalantly enough that someone won’t notice me doing what I’m doing, especially since I’ve been snapping pictures while I’m at it. Tables and bathrooms have definitely been the easiest way to go, though I’m also a fan of hiding them in libraries. I haven’t been caught yet, though I have gotten some eye rolls out of the husband and one of his aunts, hehe.

I’m definitely looking forward to spreading more kindness like confetti, especially while Sarah is visiting me over Labor Day weekend. I hope whoever finds the ATCs, whether they were made by us or by people helping our cause, is touched by the words we left for them!

Have suggestions for phrases you think we should use? By all means leave them in the comments!

Take care, bleaders! And remember, you can shine no matter what you’re made of.

Sincerely, Kate ~!~