Little Cards: May – Now

17 Aug

Earlier this month I finally started sharing the ATCs I received from Little Cards on Big Adventures this year, and now it’s time to show you the rest that I’ve acquired so far!




Alice in Wonderland:



Junk Food:


Required Reading:





Summer Blockbusters:



I actually don’t have any Favorite Hobby or DC Comics sets to share just yet, as the swaps are still underway. Once all of this month’s Little Cards have made it to me, I’ll be sure to share the pictures right away this time.


I’m so grateful to Jenn for all her help in creating this treasure trove of ours. Little Cards on Big Adventures may not have a lot of members, but who we have are awesome as they make so many great ATCs. I really will strive to share the sets more frequently here so there will never be any doubt how much happiness this happy mail in particular has given me.

Sincerely, Kate ~!~

I Can ATC the Change

16 Aug

Since sharing the origin story behind the group ATC the Change, I have made a bunch of ATCs for the cause. I made at least two ATCs for every weekly phrase Sarah posted, and I used some other phrases I adore, too– here is a hodge podge of both:


The pictures I really want to show you, though, are the ones that have been left for people to find!

Here are the four from July:

And here’s what I was up to this past weekend while Logan and I were out and about with my mom:

There are other ATCs I have left behind (including two I gave to my mother to use), equaling 15 ATCs of mine currently out in the universe. More if you count the ones I donated to Sarah’s arsenal since I wanted her to have a plethora to use, as this movement in the making wouldn’t exist without her.

So far, the trickiest part for me has been leaving them somewhere nonchalantly enough that someone won’t notice me doing what I’m doing, especially since I’ve been snapping pictures while I’m at it. Tables and bathrooms have definitely been the easiest way to go, though I’m also a fan of hiding them in libraries. I haven’t been caught yet, though I have gotten some eye rolls out of the husband and one of his aunts, hehe.

I’m definitely looking forward to spreading more kindness like confetti, especially while Sarah is visiting me over Labor Day weekend. I hope whoever finds the ATCs, whether they were made by us or by people helping our cause, is touched by the words we left for them!

Have suggestions for phrases you think we should use? By all means leave them in the comments!

Take care, bleaders! And remember, you can shine no matter what you’re made of.

Sincerely, Kate ~!~

Hail the Snail 2.15

15 Aug

August 1st: From Pablo I got a postcard from Charmaine as well as ATCs from a trade, and from Manolo there were packages from both of my parents and a postcard from my Nicole.

This, by the way, was in the box from my mom:


August 2nd: I got two letters; one was from Jody and the other was from the Loganator!

August 3rd: Though I didn’t get any fun mail, I did get A) the opportunity to finish Alice in Zombieland by Gena Showalter (SO GOOD), and B) the opportunity to make more cards for ATC the Change.

August 4th: Manolo had an ATC from Sarah for me, and Pablo had even more ATCs as you can see PLUS letters from Whitney and Rose.


August 5th: Joining my little reply pile from the day before was a letter from Kayla.

August 6th: Manolo finally had the story I’ve been co-writing with Sarah, and Pablo had a couple more ATCs.

August 7th: I’m really down into the rabbit hole that is The White Rabbit Chronicles. I finished Through the Zombie Glass, the sequel to the Zombieland book.

August 8th: I heard from Sarah again today, but as a letter this time.

August 10th: Thanks to Manolo I heard from Jody, and thanks to Pablo I got a batch of Little Cards. I also made more cards per ATC the Change using the newest phrase, “This too shall pass.”

August 12th: Logan got a bit of happy mail thanks to my mom.

August 13th: Pablo had a bunch more ATCs for me again today, and Manolo had Justine’s letter– I’ll finish responding to the latter once I finish this!

There has definitely been a lot of happy mail this month already, and I know there is more of it to come. I’m so grateful for the pen pals who write me, the fellow ATC makers who want to trade &/or swap with me, and for the parents who spoil me and the Loganator.

And for you for reading this mail call of mine. Until next time!
Sincerely, Kate ~!~


Little Cards: January – April

3 Aug

I’ve been meaning to share all of the ATCs I’ve gotten from my group, Little Cards on Big Adventures, this year for months, and now this month will be the month I FINALLY catch you up! Below you’ll find the sets from January through April, and later this month you’ll be able to find the rest!




Disney Parks:



Puppy Love:


Celebrity Crush:



The 80s:





The Past Six Months:


Favorite Sitcoms:


Aren’t they awesome? Little Cards was and is going better than I ever anticipated. Some members have come and gone, but ultimately we’ve been running like a well-oiled machine. Now if only I can get in a good rhythm for sharing the sets here!

Until next time!
Sincerely, Kate ~!~


Hail the Snail 2.14

30 Jul

July 15th: Not only did I get a mini letter from Sarah, but she enclosed a bunch of ATCs along with it.

July 16th: Another letter from Sarah came today but it was full length this time. Also in the mail was a letter from Jody.

July 17th: A batch of Little Cards was waiting with Pablo for me.

July 18th: I got a letter from Justine a postcard from Kayla, and a bunch more Little Cards thanks to Jenn.

July 19th: Today’s letter was from Kristy, and Logan got a bit of happy mail, too.


July 20th: Because of Pablo I got another letter today, and it was from Whitney.

July 23rd: In addition to Erika’s letter I also received a handful of ATCs. A few of the latter were via private trades, and ones like these were made by Sarah:


July 24th: I finished Alice Takes Back Wonderland, the book I received in the LitCube back in May. As a fan of Once I appreciated the twists on characters and their stories, and I know some pen pals of mine would feel the same.

July 25th: The copy of Fantastic Alice I ordered had impeccable timing! Along with the book were some odds and ends from my dad.

July 26th: Pablo had ATCs for me; one was per a trade and the others per Little Cards.

July 27th: No happy mail led to me making these cards for ATC the Change— they feature this week’s phrase:


July 28th: Manolo hooked me up with the stamps I ordered, and Pablo the last batch of Little Cards for the Water theme.

July 29th: The address labels I ordered now came along with a letter from Sarah and a package for Logan from his Grandma Kraklow.

The mail has yet to come today, but I already got something amazing… 6 years as Gabe’s wife! These years together have positively flown by, but you know what they say: time flies when you’re having fun. He is my best friend, and together we have made the best little kid. Looking forward to many, many more years together!

And more mail, of course, hehe.

Sincerely, Kate ~!~

ATC the Change

27 Jul

The other night I woke up to messages from Sarah, my newest pen pal and confidant.

“The world is so hell-bent on breaking people down after they’ve finally built up enough to be okay… I want to start something that gets people building others up.”

“…I want to start a revolution–or something– where we, as humans, can tell others they’re pretty without being judged. Tell someone to keep on keeping on. Tell some stranger we are proud of them for getting out of bed because we know how hard it is anymore. Tell people they are worth something. That even if they are having a bad day, good days will be coming their way!”

My 1:04am response to the Gospel According to Sarah? “Perhaps you can make up ATCs with some sort of phrase. You can hand them out, or leave them places for people to find.”

Sarah liked the idea, and soon after we were officially up and at’em, “ATC the Change” was very much underway. I suggested a Facebook group and weekly phrases to provide inspiration to whoever decided to spread the love with us. While she made the group, I started making a plethora of ATCs!

Some of my favorites:


ATC the Change is rather simple. You can either use the phrases Sarah provides or your own positive messages and create ATCs with “#ATCtheChange” written on the back. Once the ATCs are made, they can be left somewhere for someone to find– tucked inside a library book, for example. Should pictures of the covert missions be posted in the group, Sarah will enter the person responsible in a monthly raffle. She really just wants to spread the love, even to those who help her!

Think you’d like to make ATCs that could make someone else’s day? Join Sarah and I at ATC the Change!

Please and thank you!
Sincerely, Kate ~!~

Out of a Bind

20 Jul

The theme this month has definitely been “Keep Moving Forward.” In addition to moving on from things like former blog series, I decided I no longer need to keep a majority of letters I have received. Sure, there are a handful of letters that will remain in their binders for one reason or another, but for the most part, I’ve realized I’m not going to read the others again so why bother keeping them?

You may be thinking, “Kate! Don’t you still love all your pen pals and the happy mail they’ve sent you?” and the answer is of course! However, a stack of 3 inch binders really piles up, so while I cherish the friendships I have built through the written word, it’s just time to stop building such an extensive collection of letters. I’ve been pen palling for almost 11 years, after all!

Rest assured, though, I haven’t just been trashing these tokens of affection. As I would go through the binders, I’d sort the ones in question into two piles– one to shred, and one to salvage the artwork from for craft purposes. Here are a handful of ATCs I have made since this undertaking:


And I still have many more “SKraps” I can utilize!

As dorky as it sounds, this change has renewed my excitement about getting mail because now I don’t only get a letter to respond to, but the opportunity to make even more ATCs! Kristy’s letter yesterday, for example, led to these five ATCs, using other scraps as well:


I intend to let my pen pals claim some of these creations for themselves, as the cards wouldn’t exist without them. This hobby of ours is all about the give and take, hehe.

Keep moving forward, Bleaders!
Sincerely, Kate ~!~

P.S. If you have an idea of text I should add to the ATC with the toast, I’m all ears!


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