Sincerely Logan #3

20 May

I actually have no outgoing mail of Logan’s to share this time around. Sure, I’ve sent some of Logan’s artwork to my dad, but Logan seems to have lost interest in sending “letters” to anyone. With any luck, he’ll still write S’Moore’s little guy once he’s willing and able. Maybe as we go places over the next few months I can encourage him to get/send postcards to his pen friend. *Fingers crossed*

Although Logan’s interest in sending mail has dwindled, he sure loves getting it still! Just yesterday the movie he thought his dad needed for his birthday– The Incredibles— came thanks to Gram Kracker and he, as he puts it, was “so esited!”

Several weeks ago Logan also received some exciting mail from April 28th to the 30th. On the 28th he got binoculars and a flashlight from my dad as he loved playing with those things when he was his grandson’s age. The next day he got Scooby Doo Mystery Incorporated from my mom… even though Netflix didn’t remove the Logan-favorite like they claimed. Then on the 30th this lanyard full of Disney pins came from my brother Doug and future sister-in-law:

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Note: I got a lanyard from Doug and Jessica too, but you’ll have to wait until the May Mail Call to see it :-P

I’d like to thank my family for being so sweet to Mr. Logan, and to everyone who might be waiting to hear from him, thanks for being patient! This, by the way, will likely be the last “Sincerely Logan” post. Between him not writing much and me having other ideas for the second half of the year, it makes sense for me to bid it farewell. Who knows though, I may find other places to fill you in on him and his mail.

Sincerely, Kate ~!~

The Pursuit of SKrapiness

15 May

Last month I told you about my Junk into Treasure offer. In a nutshell, I said that if you were to send me scraps like bits of scrapbook paper or stickers, I would make you at least one ATC (Artist Trading Card) in exchange. If you want to still send me things you’re more than welcome to do so– I’d love it actually. So far the winner of The Year of the Sheep contest and two of my pen pals were the only people to send me stuff to use over the past month…

These ATCs were made for Jenn (the first two) and Ashley (the last one):

These were the prizes I made for Lisa; the third was the one made via scraps she sent:

While I’m sharing my crafty pursuits, I thought I’d share with you some other things I’ve made over the past couple months…

Prior to making Conner and Dominic (shown here), I made a new batch of traveling squirrels for the LEP:

And now I’ve been making a couple Pocket Pages– protectors for trading cards filled with individual components in lieu of a traditional letter:

In a few days I’ll be starting a Pocket Page for a fellow LEP thanks to a swap Jenn is hosting, though at the moment I’m messing with one for my mom. Technically it’s not a belated Mother’s Day present/ early birthday present, but given the timing, let’s pretend!

Oh, and while I’m sort of talking about time, there is still a little over a month left for you to turn in your Gnome Work!

All the best with your own pursuits, whether they’re for me, yourself, or someone/ something you hold near and dear :-)

Sincerely, Kate ~!~

Pen Pal of the Month- May

10 May

I was both excited and worried when I pulled Allison’s name out of the drawing I had to find May’s PPOTM. Excited because we’ve been pen pals for almost 10 years, and worried because she had hundreds of pages worth of grad school work to do before the semester wrapped up. Fortunately for us though, she not only accepted the accolade, but took advantage of her mood to have fun with some of the questions…

11180097_10153430783809180_563450185_nSK: How do you feel about being Pen Pal of the Month?

Allison: I am the chosen one.

SK: What has been your favorite thing about pen palling?

Allison: I’ve moved around a lot, and sometimes quite far to places where I knew no one. Pen palling has provided me with a consistent connection to friends, even in the times when I didn’t have any nearby.

SK: What, if anything, is your least favorite thing about it?

Allison: I hate when you start writing a new pen pal, and you think they’re going to be awesome, and they turn out to be a representative of the demon Azzirogh instead. So annoying.

SK: Why do you like writing me?

Allison: Well we’ve been writing for forever now, and still no signs of Azzirogh, so you’re probably clean. Plus, you have a super admirable ability to make all of your pen pals feel special and loved and interesting.

SK: And what do you like about May?

Allison: This would probably be different for every year that I’ve been alive. A few years ago, my favorite part of May would have been the awesome Beltane celebrations we were having. This year, it’s going to be getting a much-needed break from grad school.

This isn’t the first time Allison has been my Pen Pal of the Month; she first received the honor in April of 2013. In that post I said how it’s been an absolute pleasure writing her, and though that was and is true, I feel like that’s such an understatement. I can’t imagine we would have been writing for so long if we wouldn’t have generally connected. We support and encourage each other, and are always willing to help each other to the best of our abilities. She’s not just “nice to write,” but one of my favorite confidants.

Perhaps it’s sad that most of the people I’m close to are ones I’ve never met, but for a girl who expresses herself best in writing, I don’t think a better hobby exists. Though blogging is nice ;-) See you on the 15th!

Sincerely, Kate ~!~

Postcards from Wonderland #5

5 May

In case it’s not obvious enough, I am a huge fan of snail mail and Alice in Wonderland. I absolutely love how many postcards exist that combine these favorite things of mine; I’ve shared several that I’ve received before– #1, #2, #3, #4— and the time has come for me to share the most recent five I’ve received.

I actually sent this (among others) to Emily to send back to me.

I actually sent this (among others) to Emily to send back to me.

I sadly don't recall the LEPeep who sent this to me blank, but Othella resent it to me filled in March.

I sadly don’t recall the LEPeep who sent this to me blank, but Othella resent it to me filled in March.

This postcard also came back to me via The March of Postcards with Othella.

This postcard also came back to me via The March of Postcards with Othella.


A LEPeep by the name of Erin was awesome enough to make this for me.

This postcard came to me courtesy of a postcrosser from Lithuania.

This postcard came to me courtesy of a postcrosser from Lithuania.

Thanks for going down this rabbit hole with me, bleaders! Until next time!

Sincerely, Kate ~!~

April’s Mail Call

30 Apr

April seems like it has been a pretty slow month for mail for me, though March was nice enough to end on a high note…

March 30th: I received letters from Jody, Jenn, and Kristy as well as a postcard from Othella. Also in the mail was an Easter egg for Logan courtesy of Ashley.

April may not have had a lot of mail for me with the exception of last week, but what I have received is still definitely worth being shared via these Mail Calls of mine…

April 1st: More Easter goodies for the Loganator came as his dad and I decided in lieu of an Easter basket, we’d get him the Cars playset for our Disney Inifinty.

April 3rd: The first of the mail I received this month were postcards. Kayla sent me one and two postcrossers sent me the others.

April 8th: Finally a letter! I love being able to expect something from Jody each week.

April 10th: Four of Othella’s postcards turned up which made us both pretty happy.

April 11th: A couple more postcrossing-friendly postcards came today along with a little letter from Jennifer O.

April 13th: More postcards for me– one from Krista, one from Frida, and four from Othella.

April 14th: Erika’s letter was nice enough to come today.

April 15th: The weather was nice enough I took a walk to see Pablo for the first time. I was so relieved to A) find 4 postcards and a letter from Whitney and B) be given a ride home from my aunt-in-law!

April 16th: I was thankful to get another letter from Jody.

April 17th: Manolo had the below for me, and Pablo also had some “reading material” for me (two letters and a postcard)


April 18th: I absolutely love getting letters from Justine, and the one I received last was no exception.

April 20th: Since Manolo had nothing fun for me, I retrieved a few postcrossing cards and a couple “Gnome Work”  submissions from Pablo.

April 21st: Ashley’s letter came today– she’s been including scraps with each of her letters per my “Junk into Treasure” request and that makes me a happy tater tot.

April 22nd: Manolo had a letter from my former roommate for me, and Pablo had a letter from a LEPeep named Sadie.

April 23rd: Two more letters came via Manolo– Allison’s and Kristy’s.

April 24th: Yet another letter from Jody and also my pocket letter from Jenn.

April 25th: My mail from Pablo seemed to have a certain theme…


April 27th: No mail today. At least not anything remotely considered “happy mail.”

April 28th: Logan got a package from my dad and I, via Pablo, got a letter from Charmaine.

April 29th: There was another package today, though this one was from my mom and it had something for Logan AND me.

Though there hasn’t been as much mail as I would have liked, it just made me love what I received that much more. It also encouraged me to send more via postcrossing, so anticipate some postcard-friendly posts in May ;-)

Peace out, April!
Sincerely, Kate ~!~


Footnotes: April Edition

25 Apr

Much like the January edition of Footnotes, this post is going to be my pen pal-friendly take on “If we were having coffee.” You see, I have several things I’d like to share, though they don’t necessarily need their own posts. At least not yet ;-) So without further ado…

Logan & His Little Cousins

The Loganator is officially registered for preschool. While I don’t think I’ll ever like the fact that my little guy’s no longer little, I am coming to terms with him growing up. It helps having a little nephew and another one on the way. Around the same time Logan will be starting school, my brother Tom and his wife will be starting their own ride with their own little boy. And let’s not forget about my nephew Christian. Exactly one year ago I posted this in his honor– it’s hard to believe he’s already one. Last year I said that the three of use were always going to be in his corner, and that’s still as true as ever. Over the past year he’s been through more than any baby should, but he has been so resilient. I hope that the little soldier holds onto that attitude as he grows up!

Gnome Work

On the same day that Christian turned one, I announced the new theme for my sporadic mail art contests via the post Gnome Work. The contest entails either making or decorating an envelope (or postcard if you’d rather) with gnomes on it and sending it to my P.O. box. I will share all the entries I’ve received on June 25th, which means you still have two months to participate if you haven’t done so already. Along with the entries there will be a poll where people can vote for their favorite. The winner will be announced in the following post (June 30th) and they’ll receive homemade prizes soon after :-)

The Con/Dom Gnomes

Speaking of gnomes, I thought I’d make two to send among my pen pals. They turned out a bit phallic so I decided to name one Conner and the other Dominic– the first syllables of each name are the syllables of the word “condom,” haha.

Conner will be paying Emily a visit soon, but first he spent time with Justine. She took a bunch of pictures so I’ll share a couple favorites along with her captions:

As for Dominic, he is still with his first host family. Jenn has yet to share any pictures, but given how much her daughter was enjoying the little guy, I’m expecting to see some cute ones very soon. Here is a picture I took of him before he left my humble abode with his travel journal:


The Pocket Letter

DSCF8041As I was sending Dominic to Jenn, she was sending me this pocket letter. In a nutshell, a pocket letter consists of a page protector with 9 slots (typically used for baseball cards) that have components tucked into them. The components can be anything from ATCs to a folded note to a small candy or tea bag. Jenn went the ATC route, though there are little notes tucked behind each one. The one I’m currently making for her will also feature ATCs. I really need to work on it some more… especially if I’m going to be making another next month ;-)

The March of Postcards

Last year I sent a postcard to Othella every day in March and she did the same for me. I originally explained it here, and once I got all of her postcards I shared them here. Othella and I enjoyed this so much we decided to do it again last month. She has had all 31 of mine for a while now, but many of the ones she sent me still have yet to arrive. Ordinarily I’d be convinced that things have been lost, but the ones I have received trickled in so damn slowly I’m not assuming anything. In May, at some point, I will post whatever managed to march to Michigan from Oklahoma since I’m getting especially impatient. This is the obsessive blog of a compulsive pen pal after all!

Well, I think that was everything I wanted to share this time around. Take care!

Sincerely, Kate ~!~

Books and Crannies #2

20 Apr

Welcome back to this bi-monthly series, bleaders! I am happy to report that when I wasn’t writing letters (or blog posts about writing letters), I not only finished reading Love, Rosie but another three books as well. It probably would have been more if I wouldn’t have gotten stuck on Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, but I’m not complaining. Like my previous post, I will take a break from writing about my pen pal hobby to tell you about the books I’ve read per my secondary hobby.

Love, Rosie– Cecelia Ahern. I have had this book for well over a year without looking at it, and if I wouldn’t have seen the trailer for the movie on youtube, much more time would have passed. I think I was intimidated because the book’s almost 500 pages long, but I now know not to judge a book by the space between its covers. The story is told through letters, emails, and instant messaging, so it’s definitely not the daunting read I was anticipating. If anything that concept just made this book appeal to me more considering how I love getting my own letters so much. The main correspondents in Love, Rose were Rosie (obviously) and BFF Alex. Their feelings for each other grew as they both grew up, though life had a way of making them never act on them. There’s part of me that thought it was a sweet read as they finally caught their break after so many missed opportunities, but there were a lot of things that were a bit bitter. That break, for example, came at the very last page of the book, so though I know what happens, I don’t know what happened. Despite that bittersweet feeling I’ve been left with, I’d recommend this book and am glad my copy’s no longer collecting dust but traveling among fellow members of the LEP.

Shoot the Moon– Billie Letts. Justine sent this book to me, and I’m glad she did because it was a good mix of self discovery, a budding romance, and whodunit. Within the first few chapters I already had my suspicions of who was responsible for Gaylene’s pregnancy, and who was responsible for her death. I am pleased to report that I was right about one thing (the former), but wouldn’t have considered the other. It was one of those things where I had an “I guess that makes sense” reaction while also thinking Letts just wanted to throw a curveball. Regardless, I liked it and would gladly watch it like Broadchurch and Secrets and Lies if it were to ever become a TV show.

Mr. Kiss and Tell– Rob Thomas and Jennifer Graham. Though I didn’t discover Veronica Mars until the show was off the air, I still consider myself a huge fan. I was so incredibly excited when the bulk of the cast reunited to make a movie last year, and the books that have followed have been just as worthy of my excitement. Click me to see the first book’s review. Just like the book that came before it, Mr. Kiss and Tell reads just like you were watching an episode. You can practically hear what would have been Kristen Bell’s voiceovers and see Enrico Colantoni’s facial expressions. It’s obvious that Rob Thomas, the show’s creator, really takes pride in this franchise, and has had fun finding ways to bring back characters who were insignificant before on the show along with other Easter eggs. If you like the show, I’m confident you’d like the books. You might even like ’em without the show, but I think you should watch the show first– you’d definitely enjoy the books more.

Under the Light– Laura Whitcomb. This book is the sequel to A Certain Slant of Light— a novel I reviewed in my first Books and Crannies post. Though I was hoping Under the Light would include what happened with Helen and James, I was not disappointed that the story focused on Jenny and Billy. Jenny and Billy, you see, were the people possessed by Helen and James when the ghosts fell in love, and when their souls intertwined, something happened with Jenny and Billy’s spirits. Even better yet, Helen, who stayed behind to make sure Jenny was okay, didn’t narrate the entire thing, but just what Jenny couldn’t very well describe. With James up in heaven, Helen was back to her stick in the mud tendencies, but that aside this book lived up to the one that came before it, so if you liked the first I think you’d like this too.

I am still slowly but surely making my way through Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, but I’m confident I’ll be finishing it before the month is over. *Knock on wood.* The next Books and Crannies post will happen in June, though you may see a book review or two before then ;-) Happy reading!

Sincerely, Kate ~!~


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