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Hail the Snail 2.40

15 Nov

November 2nd: Considering I’m sending daily postcards this month, restocking on the postage to do so seemed like a good idea.

November 3rd: It wasn’t the letter I was expecting, but I still got some random odds and ends from Frankfort with Love.

November 4th: So, umm, not only did Pablo have the last batch of October’s Little Cards, he also had several things meant for Manolo like Sarah’s letter. If you need a refresher, Pablo is my P.O. box, and Manolo is our regular mailbox.

November 6th: Getting nothing but catalogs last Monday reminded me of one of my earliest blog entries here, lol.

November 8th: Some of the mail meant for Manolo still seems to be showing up with Pablo, but at least Jody’s letter showed up at all, right?

November 9th: Allison’s letter came! And to our regular mailbox, too!

November 10th: Okay, things still aren’t quite right with the mailboxes because in addition to Pablo having a batch of Little Cards (normal), he had Krista’s letter (not normal).

November 14th: Pablo might have had a couple of our bills yet, but Manolo had Kayla’s letter which is much more important, lol.

Despite how peculiar things have been with my mailboxes, I’m happy for the letters I’ve received all the same. I’m still receiving everything I’m supposed to, so I really can’t complain! Looking forward to seeing what Manolo and Pablo still have in store for me this month, wonky or otherwise, especially now that Christmas presents I ordered should be trickling in, hehe.

Later, gators!
Sincerely, Kate ~!~


NaBloPoMo Remix #2

14 Nov

When I posted last Tuesday, I told you that in lieu of posting on Sincerely Kate every day for NaBloPoMo, I’m going to “post” daily postcards instead– this is a pen pal blog above all else, after all! I promised weekly updates so here are the latest 7 postcards I sent:

The first few postcards were a continuation of the random ones I started sending last week. Now I’m in the process of using 5 of the postcards I still had/have from when my mom taught at Ming Chuan University in Taiwan.

Since I told you why I was sending daily postcards last time, this time around I thought I’d share with you an example of what one of my daily messages sounds like:

Dear Ashley,

Man, oh man, am I tired. I’m starting to forget what sleeping through the night/ sleeping in feels like, but Logan’s flu bug can’t last forever, right? When I’m not making sure he has drinks, or trying to make him eat just one frickin’ doughball, I’m still trying to do the things I would have accomplished if he went to school. On Monday, for example, I used some of the Bambi pages from my calendar to make my Woodland Critters cards. And, of course, I’m still rocking this postcard challenge– I hope you get a kick out of this one!

Sincerely, Kate

As a pen pal and even fellow adventurer via Little Cards, I’m sure Ashley will appreciate the postcard and its sentiment. As for someone who might have just stumbled upon Sincerely Kate? I’m sure they now understand why I didn’t think posting here daily would be my forte, haha. Whoever you are, though, thanks for tuning in!

Sincerely, Kate ~!~

P.S. Logan is doing much better since I sent that postcard to Ashley last Thursday 🙂

NaBloPoMo Remix

7 Nov

If you read many a blog, you likely know that November is NaBloPoMo– National Blog Posting Month. If you don’t follow many blogs, or just don’t follow trends, what this means is bloggers who are up for the challenge write a blog post every day in November. To be honest, this idea never really appealed to me since sometimes my old posting schedule already felt tedious enough. A daily challenge I can get behind, though? Sending postcards. Especially since this also means downsizing my stash 😛

Before November started I asked my pen pals who wouldn’t be annoyed by getting multiple postcards throughout the month, and five of them said they were game. Now that November is here, I have started sending postcards to them, rotating who I write to each day. These were the seven cards from this past week:


I chose the Route 66 ones for the first rotation because there’s a song called “Get Your Kicks on Route 66,” and I love me some kicks and giggles like this. Next I started using more random postcards I think my participating pen pals will each get a kick out of. I have other postcards on deck for a variety of other reasons, and while I might not blogging daily, I have every intention to post weekly updates.

If you’re participating in NaBloPoMo or something similar, I wish you the best of luck; and to everyone else, I wish you well. Until next time!

Sincerely, Kate ~!~

Hail the Snail 2.39

1 Nov

October 16th: My last mail call ended with me expecting a letter from Allison and a box from Sarah. The former came today.

October 18th: Sarah’s box took a bit of a scenic route to get here, but it was the next to arrive all the same.

October 19th: I recently finished one set of address labels, and I’m less than 10 labels away from using up another. It’s because of this I got a new set of address labels via vistaprint 😀

October 21st: The stamps I ordered followed next, but they weren’t alone! I also got letters from Ashley and Jody plus a postcard from Wonderland.

October 23rd: As of last Monday I had half of the Little Cards per October’s Tricks &/or Treats theme.

October 28th: And Little Cards were all I received last week– Pablo had two more batches!

October 30th: Logan came home with his first batch of Scholastic books in first grade, and thanks to Jody, Kayla, and Krista, I got a bunch of reading material, too.

October 31st: Logan got everything in the picture below last night(!), while I got a treat in the form of Justine’s letter.

I hope your Halloween was happy one, bleaders, and that your November is full of many things to be thankful for.

Sincerely, Kate ~!~


Hail the Snail 2.38

16 Oct

October 7th: Not only did I get a batch of Little Cards and Logan his first letter from Emma, we received his firefighter uniform (for Halloween/ kicks and giggles). How amazing is this?!


October 10th: After the long weekend, my patience was rewarded with a letter from Kristy.

October 11th: Though there was no happy mail on Wednesday, I did get another pair of leggings thanks to Jen, hehe.

October 12th: I got a letter from Sarah next, and she sent me a Halloween card, too.

October 13th: I finished responding to Sarah just in time to receive Jody’s letter.

October 14th: I received the last of the Little Cards per the American Horror Story theme– tune in tomorrow to see the little set 😉

This mail call may be shorter than these posts usually are, but there was still quite a bit of happy mail, eh? This week should have even more between recent orders (like new address labels!) and mail Allison and Sarah told me to anticipate, hehe. Hope the rest of October has fun treats in store for you, too!

Sincerely, Kate ~!~

Hail the Snail 2.37

6 Oct

September 16th: My first and last letter from the week of the 11th, Krista’s, came that Saturday.

September 18th: The following week, however, I got Sarah’s letter right on Monday.

September 19th: Then Jody’s letter arrived the very next day.

September 20th: Logan got some of his own “reading material” next thanks to the book The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds.

September 22nd: I now got the book Curiouser and Curiouser by Melanie Karsak. I also got Kayla’s letter and Sarah’s latest Little Card.

September 23rd: Back to Logan! Today’s delivery was There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Bat by Lucille Colandro.

September 25th: Logan’s happy mail continued in the form of pictures from my dad, while I got this cute LaPapierre stationery:

September 26th: It’s always a good mail day when I hear from Justine!

September 27th: Joining my little reply pile were letters from Jody and Krista.

September 28th: My dad now sent Logan an odd puppet. If you want to see how odd, by all means google Boglin Slobster, lol.

September 29th: Logan also received his first issue of Boy’s Life— a scouting magazine.

*Here is where I should have wrapped this up like a Christmas present, but I forgot to do so on Sunday, and then assumed I still did it the following days– whoops! Oh well; that just means I can add this week’s fun haul… 😉

October 2nd: If I would have started the next mail call here like I was supposed to, it would start with this wonderful surprise Allison sent along with her letter:

October 3rd: My dad sent me half a sheet of postcard stamps. A bit peculiar, but I’ll take it!

October 5th: Yesterday was full of so much happy mail! Logan got a postcard from his teacher and a letter from a friend, while I got letters from Jody and Kayla, Halloween leggings via Jen and her mailbox, and this awesome stuff from Ashley:

I hope you enjoyed seeing everything half as much as I liked getting it all, because then you still would have liked this a lot! 😉 I love the group of pen pals I have acquired, and how they make me feel like I’m hanging out with close friends even if I’m completely alone– which happens quite a bit this time of year. That said, it’s about time I go “hang out” with Kayla. Take care and tune in next time!

Sincerely, Kate ~!~

Hail the Snail 2.36

15 Sep

September 1st: Though a letter from Sarah wasn’t nearly as amazing as her delivery last September 1st, I was happy to get it all the same!

September 2nd: I couldn’t resist ordering these stamps… now if I could bring myself to use them, haha:

September 5th: Justine’s letter and Jenn’s batch of Fairs & Festivals Little Cards were worth the wait after the long holiday weekend.

September 8th: More Little Cards came from Jenn (the Disney Sidekicks set), and we got some artwork from our nephew, Jack, too.

September 9th: Logan received books from his Grandma Kraklow while I got “reading material” from Jody.

September 11th: Even more books came for the Loganator.

September 13th: …And yet another one.

Hopefully by the time this week is over, I will have gotten at least a letter or two, but if Logan just gets more books I certainly won’t complain– ESPECIALLY if they’re as cute as The Interrupting Chicken by David Ezra Stein is, hehe. The first half of this month has been treating us as nicely as that book did, by the way. Labor Day weekend was full of some great times and great food, the following Saturday included a trip to the Children’s Zoo, and as I write this, Logan is having an awesome time camping with his paternal grandparents. Looking forward to seeing what the rest of September has in store for us, and for my mailboxes of course!

Sincerely, Kate ~!~