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Dear October

20 Oct

Hello and Happy Sweetest Day! I appreciate you taking the time out of your day to meet with me here as if we are having coffee. Thanks to fall harvest Gabe and I won’t be doing anything all that sweet until tomorrow, but the more the farm does now, the more likely I’ll have my husband back by this time next month, right? I’m still getting some Gabe-fixes in the meantime– just the other day I rode along with him while they harvested soy beans.

Following our time in the field we were off to the school for parent/teacher conferences where we, unsurprisingly, heard that Logan’s teacher has no concerns about his academic performance. Logan, by the way, still says that Ms. Rousseau is the nicest teacher he has ever met, though whenever I ask him what his favorite part about school was his answer is always recess and never about her class, haha.

Oh! Earlier this month Logan had yet another Spirit Week and also went to the Homecoming game with his grandparents. Though I don’t have any pictures from the latter, what I can show you is what Logan and Bridget wore in honor of Viking/ Green and White Day:

Like I told you the last time we “met for coffee,”  when the boys aren’t around I have been doing transcription work, reading, and watching some TV. Though the Wizard of Oz novels I’ve been reading this month haven’t lived up to my expectations, most of the shows I’ve been waiting for all summer long have not had me waiting in vain. The shows I’m loving the most right now are Ink Master, Hell’s Kitchen, American Horror Story: Apocalypse, You, and Superstore.

The book You is based off, by the way, is next on my to-read list along with its sequel, Hidden Bodies. My mom just ordered them for me since we figure I’ll be lounging a lot following my cholecystectomy and tubal ligation this Thursday. If you’re the praying sort or will at least sent good vibes my way, I’d appreciate the well wishes. Sure, I’m excited now, but I’m sure as the 25th gets closer, the more nervous I will get.

With any luck, I’ll be better by the 31st since Halloween’s getting pretty close, too! Logan is planning to put his firefighter uniform to use again, both at his class party and via trick-or-treating. I’m not sure if we’ll do anything else in honor of the occasion (for the same reason we’re not really celebrating Sweetest Day today), but either way I think our Halloween will still be a pretty happy one. I’ll fill you in on that as well as my surgery when we meet for coffee next, okay? Okay!

Take care and enjoy the rest of your day!
Sincerely, Kate ~!~

Back from the Grave

8 Oct

I meant to post on Wednesday, but I was at a bit of a loss regarding what I wanted to write about. I still sort of am, but I realized it’s more because I had multiple topics swirling around in my head that I was kept from landing on anything. So, for one night only, I’m bringing back my Not-so-Mad Tea Parties— my version of the “If We Were Having Coffee” posts I did back in 2014. It is October, so what better time to bring something back from the dead?

The first thing I wanted to acknowledge is that Nancy, our mail carrier, recently retired. I have heard on multiple occasions how much she loved us and our mailbox, and the feeling was and is mutual. Considering what a lifeline pen palling has been for me, to have a mail carrier who’d stop even when I didn’t have incoming mail– and who was genuinely concerned when I didn’t have outgoing for a few days in January– meant the world to me. She delivered the retirement news to me in person, and it was such a bittersweet moment. Though she has undoubtedly earned herself a break, I’m worried her replacement will find my mailbox more annoying than adorable. *Fingers crossed*

Speaking of annoying, I am still tending to my “Posse Problem” from last month. I have sent postcards to everyone in my Postcard Posse who isn’t also a pen pal, asking them to each send me a postcard if they wanted to remain a member, and now I’m waiting for them to trickle in. I know it’s “snail mail,” but this has been slower than I anticipated. Unless, of course, I’m not going to hear from everyone. Sad, though finding out if people are still genuinely interested is the point. When October is over, I’ll consider my waiting period over, too.

But enough about postcards, and more about Artist Trading Cards (ATCs)! First! Little Cards on Big Adventures is officially a year old! It was in October of last year that myself and Jenn announced Orange and Halloween Movies as our first themes, and now Dia de los Muertos and Disney Villains are our 25th and 26th ones. Second! ATC the Change is alive and well. Sure, I probably have made more cards for the cause than everyone else combined, but just the fact that there are people who get what Sarah and I want to do, and are trying to help us do it, is what ATC the Change is all about. Though Gabe may tell you it’s about trying to embarrass him– he can’t take me ANYWHERE without me leaving an ATC behind. There are way more pictures than this (you can follow sincerelykaterz on Instagram), but here are some from the last four times we ate out anywhere:

The boys, by the way, have been doing well. Gabe’s keeping busy with fall harvest, and Logan kindergarten. The little viking has been doing just fine in school, though given how well he performed in preschool last year, I’m not really surprised. I actually need to start being careful when I write around him because he’s picking sight words and whatnot up quick, hehe. I’ll have to teach him “ninja” since that’s what he’d like to be for Halloween again this year. Yay for getting more use out of the costume! We can put that money towards his ever-growing Christmas list, haha.

I have a list of my own… shows I’m watching this fall! American Horror Story: Roanoke has been my favorite so far, and How to Get Away with Murder is a close second. Jane the Virgin remains the premiere I’m dying for the most, while This is Us has been the most Kate-friendly pilot. As for misses, I’m losing interest in Quantico, and honestly I feel as though Once Upon a Time has lost a lost of its spark as well. At least I can still count on The Big Bang Theory and Hell’s Kitchen for their silly antics.

Well, I think I’m out of ideas now, haha, so cheers!

Sincerely, Kate ~!~

My Second Not-so-Mad Tea Party

22 Sep

Like I said at my first tea party I’m not much of a tea drinker, but I am a fan of the “if we were having coffee” posts and even more so Alice in Wonderland so just roll with it 😀

The first thing I’d tell you is that my dad’s in Michigan, and that when this little party is over Logan and I will be spending time with him. We saw him for the first time yesterday. Logan was a bit shy at first, yet still seemed to steal the show both in my dad’s motel room and later at Big Boy. I showed my dad where he could stock up on Faygo during his stay in the thumb, and I see us getting even more of it today. That and a little shopping at JCPenney seems to be a tradition of ours each time my dad comes.

DSCF7327Oh, you noticed my purse. Or at least the pins on it. A little over a week ago I had a different purse, but for gross cat-related reasons it needed to be replaced. I knew that I wanted something this size and since the price was right I went for it, thinking the pins I had and wanted would cater to it well. I’m hoping to add to it over-time, but this works for now, don’t you think?

I recently had an epiphany regarding Vari-Kate-ions. Three out of the 5 projects I have put off doing since last month aren’t for pen pals but LEP members I feel like I owe something to. While I do still want to do something nice for the people who have done something nice for me, making something so specific for someone I don’t know is definitely an obstacle. Once I overcome this, I will start only doing these projects for pen pals. I also think I’m going to do no more than 5 a month since I feel like I bit off more than I could chew before.

I have not lost hope on crafty pursuits though! With Halloween around the corner, I see a lot of mail art on the horizon, and I am hoping to receive quite a bit of it at well. I already told my pen pals how I’m going to give them a theme to build an envelope around next month if/when they’re able. Should enough people participate I may put them all in a blog post, and maybe voting for a favorite will even be involved if I do.

I finally started reading something else since Gone Girl. Back in July Othella sent me a copy of The Thirteenth Tale and I read a couple chapters the other day. It’s hardly a dent, but considering how little I have read as of late it’s still very much an improvement as far as I’m concerned. But back to Gone Girl! I told Kyleigh about the book and it’s possible that she may start reading it and that we may see the movie together when it comes out next month. *Throws confetti*

I’ll actually be watching a lot of stuff soon as some of my favorite shows like Once Upon a Time and The Big Bang Theory are coming back this fall. Several other shows recently ended and that makes me a bit of a sad panda. I really didn’t want Courtney to win on MasterChef. Every time she’d mention how she worked at a gentlemen’s club two thoughts would come to mind: 1) that she wanted everyone and their grandmother to think she somehow deserves the win more than everybody, and 2) that she wanted to keep reminding the producers and whatnot that she’s comfortable with her clothes off. Perhaps that’s not a fair judgment, but with as often as she’d mention it I don’t think playing fair was a big concern of hers. As for the Finding Carter finale, I hate that I have to wait until next year to find out what happens next, especially since it seems like the woman who kidnapped her was once involved with Carter’s biological father prior to him meeting his wife. Witches of East End will be ending soon, and I think I’m going to hate waiting around for the next season just as much, especially if the finale ends anything like last week’s episode did.

All these shows aside, I’m still taking care of the family and the messes they make, haha. Fall harvest has begun for Gabe and Logan has already been along for the ride. The husband’s feeling a bit rough, but he likes what he does and once he sees the paychecks he’ll be liking it even more.

Well, I’m afraid I must get going, but have a great week!
Sincerely, Kate ~!~

For Your Viewing Pleasure

25 Oct

imageedit_17_8276308506I saved this post until now for a couple reasons: 1) because I wanted to include what I thought about all the premieres I was looking forward to in one post instead of in several, and 2) because now if I spoiled anything it’s your own fault for not watching any of the following by now, haha.

You may be wondering why I’m talking about TV on a blog that revolves around my pen pal hobby, but hardly a letter goes by where I’m not talking about a show so it’s time they got some recognition here as well. And much like how I’d talk to a pen pal, I’ll share how I became acquainted with each of the shows as well as my opinions on the first episodes of the new seasons in the order they aired.

I watched Nashville on a whim last year. I  liked Connie Britton in the first season of American Horror Story and haven’t seen Hayden Panettiere in anything I haven’t enjoyed (yet) so mix them with some music and you have yourself a pilot I’ll sit down to watch. Although I was never blown away by the show, usually catching up on episodes every couple weeks, the finale made sure I’d be watching again this fall. I thought the premiere of the second season lived up to the expectations everyone had for the show. Some things might not have happened the way I would have liked them to, but 1) it’s only the second season so there’s still hope for the couples I ship and 2) the writers haven’t left out anything like Glee did so I definitely appreciate that aspect! I probably won’t watch this season as the episodes air, but I’ll be watching it whenever that country mood strikes.

Thanks to a website that constantly streamed TV shows and movies, I stumbled upon The Big Bang Theory sometime after the second season wrapped up and I was/am so glad I did. I got hooked that day and I’ve been hooked ever since. One might think the show would go stale long before its seventh season, but I have yet to be disappointed. The cast, whether they’re from the beginning or joined several seasons later, all compliment each other and deliver the lines as if they’re really those people. There’s not a character who doesn’t belong on the show or an episode that hasn’t made me laugh out loud, the season seven premiere included.

I have been a fan of Glee since the pilot aired for the very first time. I watched it religiously, listened to the music faithfully on the iPod shuffle I had reserved just for the covers, and talked to anyone and everyone about this glorious show I was gleeked out on. Unfortunately, the show has gone down hill over the past couple seasons. I was (and am) one of the fans who thought it should have just ended on a high note back in season 3 since most of the characters were graduating. (There are a lot of things I think Glee should have done, but this is not the time or place for that list!) Even though I think the show should have ended a while ago, I am going to continue to watch it until it ends for real. Although we’re only a couple episodes into the fifth season, Glee has already been picked up for a sixth, and now that I’ve seen this season’s premiere I can tell you that I think that is a mistake. I feel as though the writers are out of ideas, or that the few ideas they do have mess up the continuity of the show. For example, they wanted Ryder around to be in the Beatles’ cover “I Saw Her Standing There”/ be a potential candidate for Tina to take to prom so they completely forgot that in the season 4 finale that he was going to quit the glee club after what Wade/Unique put him through. Granted, Ryder is my favorite of the characters introduced last season, but it annoys me that they didn’t address it. I hate the fact that unlike the other seasons, this one didn’t start at the beginning of the school year, so things like Artie and Kitty’s relationship suddenly intensifying seems really out of left field to me. I can go on, but I think I made my point. This season doesn’t look like it’s going to live up to the ones before it, and it’s because the writers refuse to try anymore, in my opinion.

I have been watching MasterChef before becoming a mother, so between that and now having a little guy who plays in his little kitchen on a regular basis, I was definitely intrigued by MasterChef Junior. These kids were amazing; the 12 we saw at the end of the premiere all could put most of the adults who have competed before to shame. They are these 8-13 year-olds who are making these extravagant dishes that I never would have touched when I was their age, let alone tasted. I’m definitely curious to see what these kids are going to do next and what Logan’s going to be up against in 6 years 😉

Once Upon a Time is such a creative show, so much so that I wish I would have thought of it or something like it, haha. The second season wasn’t as good as the first, but I still liked it, especially since we found out who Henry’s dad is. When I first watched the premiere for the third season it reminded me so much of the beginning even though it was different at the same time. I love that the main characters are now in Neverland and that this Neverland is unlike any other I’ve seen before it. It’s so creepy but so intriguing, like how the show ended with the Lost Boys ganging up on Henry and Peter Pan saying “Let’s play!” (see the final scene here). Again, so creepy but oh so intriguing! Out of all the premieres back in September this one was my favorite. Did I mention that liked how Henry’s dad is around now? Hehe.

The third season of Revenge is the one I was the most excited for after the finales last spring since Emily revealed to her childhood sweetheart that she was the real Amanda Clarke, Nolan was arrested, and Victoria’s first-born, Patrick, showed up at her doorstep. It was all rather epic. I wouldn’t say the premiere wasn’t what I was expecting, but nothing that I wanted to occur happened. I thought Patrick would be too pissed off about his history to go horseback riding and whatnot with his mother, that Nolan would spend some of the season in prison until Emily could get him out, and that Jack would join forces with Emily instead of giving her an ultimatum. This season may not have started the way I would have liked, but considering this is the last one I’m confident it will come to a satisfying conclusion.

My friend Nicole is responsible for introducing me to a lot of things I now love, and one of those things is The Vampire Diaries. I put off watching it for a while because I was convinced it would be a Twilight rip-off, but Nicole assured me there was more to this series than a lion falling in love with a lamb. The season 5 premiere, for example, had two vampire friends going off to college where their roommate was killed by another vampire, an immortal doppelgänger searching for another doppelgänger who used to be a vampire, and there are some gypsies travelers around now, too. The premiere seemed to have a little too much going on, but as the season progresses nothing feels unnecessary… minus Bonnie, but I never liked her 😛

The Originals is a spin-off of The Vampire Diaries, and though I was never too crazy about the “first family of vampires” on the original series, between a first look last spring and the pilot this fall, Niklaus and his siblings have finally grown on me. They went from being adversaries who just would NOT go away to a family that’s up against odds like extraordinary witches and a girl being pregnant with Klaus’ hybrid child. I especially like Rebekah more this time around since there’s more to her now than just being a thorn in Elena Gilbert’s side. I also like the witches in New Orleans more than the obnoxious one back in Mystic Falls who just needs to leave the show (Bonnie’s already dead after all!) SO! While this show definitely has its perks, I do think you need to be a fan of The Vampire Diaries to appreciate ’em.

The season premiere of American Horror Story did not disappoint. I love how each season is a completely new story line and Coven looks like it will live up to the stories that came before it. Jessica Lange has been perfect in each of the rolls she has been given over the past three years, and should there ever be a season without her that will be the show’s downfall. I’m glad Taissa Farminga is back after being gone during Asylum and I think Kathy Bates and Angela Basset are both welcome additions to the show– I can’t wait to see what they’re all going to brew up!

I have seen bits and pieces of Once Upon a Time in Wonderland thanks to an assortment of promotional clips, but the clips, however great, didn’t do the premiere justice. A lot of graphics could have been better, but the story was solid, living up to both the Wonderland franchise and the original Once Upon a Time series. Well, minus the Cheshire Cat. I know the creators want to put their own spin on characters, but that was ridiculous… and not in a good way 😉 At least Alice is as epic as ever– maybe even more so. I think it’s going to be a great season; like the rabbit said at the beginning of the next episode, Alice’s greatest adventure has just begun.

If you watched any of these shows I’d love to hear what you thought; you can also tell me if there’s a show I should also be watching this fall. Happy viewing &/or blogging!

Sincerely, Kate ~!~