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Little Cards: December through February

5 Apr

Much like with the postcards from yesterday, I have some catching up to do via Little Cards…


North Pole:

Christmas Carols:






Boy Bands:

With any luck I’ll have Enchanted and Dr. Seuss ATCs from last month to share with you soon, along with the motivation to do so. As for this month, there are 7 of us currently making Bunny ATCs, and 3 of us making Rom-Com ones.

Oh, and if you’re wondering about the “ATCs” from the Inchies set above, Jenn wanted to do an Inchies swap where we all made 4 even little-r cards that were 1 inch by 1 inch. I stuck each batch to a regular white card so I A) could keep ’em separated by artist, and B) put ’em in my binder with everything else I’ve acquired from our little group.

I love this little group, by the way; the joy I’ve gotten from these cards in the mail, whether I post them or not, has been nothing but little!

Sincerely, Kate ~!~

Little Cards: November

7 Dec

After making ATCs per Little Cards from one October to the next, Jenn and I decided we’d mix it up a little last month since our fellow adventurers deserved a break. We had a sole anniversary theme where everyone who wanted to participate could revisit any theme we’ve done in the past.

As of last week, here is what I had!

Apparently Junk Food was a popular theme because not only did two people revisit it, there’s even a square with french fries on my ATC in the bottom left corner. And yes, that Water card is actually index size, but that mermaid is awesome enough I’m letting it slide this time, hehe.

Looking forward to seeing the 7 North Pole ATCs and the 6 Christmas Carols ones December will have in store for us, and sharing them with you here.

Sincerely, Kate ~!~



Little Cards: October

2 Nov

You know what I had by the end of October? All of last month’s Little Cards! I’m really proud of our members for getting their ATCs to Jenn and I around the time we wanted to have them by, and now I’m the proud owner of two new sets!

Dia de los Muertos:


Disney Villains:


I’ll tell you now that my post for November’s Little Cards will be a bit different. After going on these “big adventures” from last October until last month, Jenn and I decided we’d do a sole swap where anyone who doesn’t want a break can revisit any of the themes we’ve done before. In addition to us, there are three people who are going to be making ATCs this month so my post will likely come fast, but it will be smaller than usual. We’ll cross that bridge when we get to it, though!

Have a great month!
Sincerely, Kate ~!~


Little Cards: September

24 Oct

As promised in my Orange You Glad post, here are my Little Cards from last month now that I have them all!



Harry Potter:


The total amount of Little Cards I have is now 206, though once I have the 7 Dia de los Muertos ones and the 5 Disney Villain ATCs, that count will be up to 218! Hopefully I’ll have them all soon and can show you them soon after.

Sincerely, Kate ~!~

Orange You Glad

19 Oct

As much as I would have liked to post September’s Little Cards today, I am waiting for the Harry Potter set yet, so an anniversary-friendly post instead it is!

It was in October of last year that Jenn and I started Little Cards on Big Adventures, and today is the anniversary of when the very first batches of ATCs were due. This was my blog post soon after, featuring much of our Orange and Halloween Movies hauls.

I am so glad for that first month. Not only did we find a variety of artists who got what we were trying to do, we learned what works and what could work better. Several of our original artists have left since then for one reason or another, but we continue to endure, finding others who get us and finding their Little Cards in our mailboxes. 196 ATCs, including one of my own each theme, is what I have acquired from Little Cards this past year so far, NOT including this October!

So basically I love this group and this anniversary is a happy one, hehe. If you’re a fellow adventurer, orange you glad you joined, too? 😉

I’ll post again soon with the Firefighter and Harry Potter sets!

Sincerely, Kate ~!~

Back from the Grave

8 Oct

I meant to post on Wednesday, but I was at a bit of a loss regarding what I wanted to write about. I still sort of am, but I realized it’s more because I had multiple topics swirling around in my head that I was kept from landing on anything. So, for one night only, I’m bringing back my Not-so-Mad Tea Parties— my version of the “If We Were Having Coffee” posts I did back in 2014. It is October, so what better time to bring something back from the dead?

The first thing I wanted to acknowledge is that Nancy, our mail carrier, recently retired. I have heard on multiple occasions how much she loved us and our mailbox, and the feeling was and is mutual. Considering what a lifeline pen palling has been for me, to have a mail carrier who’d stop even when I didn’t have incoming mail– and who was genuinely concerned when I didn’t have outgoing for a few days in January– meant the world to me. She delivered the retirement news to me in person, and it was such a bittersweet moment. Though she has undoubtedly earned herself a break, I’m worried her replacement will find my mailbox more annoying than adorable. *Fingers crossed*

Speaking of annoying, I am still tending to my “Posse Problem” from last month. I have sent postcards to everyone in my Postcard Posse who isn’t also a pen pal, asking them to each send me a postcard if they wanted to remain a member, and now I’m waiting for them to trickle in. I know it’s “snail mail,” but this has been slower than I anticipated. Unless, of course, I’m not going to hear from everyone. Sad, though finding out if people are still genuinely interested is the point. When October is over, I’ll consider my waiting period over, too.

But enough about postcards, and more about Artist Trading Cards (ATCs)! First! Little Cards on Big Adventures is officially a year old! It was in October of last year that myself and Jenn announced Orange and Halloween Movies as our first themes, and now Dia de los Muertos and Disney Villains are our 25th and 26th ones. Second! ATC the Change is alive and well. Sure, I probably have made more cards for the cause than everyone else combined, but just the fact that there are people who get what Sarah and I want to do, and are trying to help us do it, is what ATC the Change is all about. Though Gabe may tell you it’s about trying to embarrass him– he can’t take me ANYWHERE without me leaving an ATC behind. There are way more pictures than this (you can follow sincerelykaterz on Instagram), but here are some from the last four times we ate out anywhere:

The boys, by the way, have been doing well. Gabe’s keeping busy with fall harvest, and Logan kindergarten. The little viking has been doing just fine in school, though given how well he performed in preschool last year, I’m not really surprised. I actually need to start being careful when I write around him because he’s picking sight words and whatnot up quick, hehe. I’ll have to teach him “ninja” since that’s what he’d like to be for Halloween again this year. Yay for getting more use out of the costume! We can put that money towards his ever-growing Christmas list, haha.

I have a list of my own… shows I’m watching this fall! American Horror Story: Roanoke has been my favorite so far, and How to Get Away with Murder is a close second. Jane the Virgin remains the premiere I’m dying for the most, while This is Us has been the most Kate-friendly pilot. As for misses, I’m losing interest in Quantico, and honestly I feel as though Once Upon a Time has lost a lost of its spark as well. At least I can still count on The Big Bang Theory and Hell’s Kitchen for their silly antics.

Well, I think I’m out of ideas now, haha, so cheers!

Sincerely, Kate ~!~

Little Cards: August

8 Sep

With the help of a friend (and pen pal!) of mine, I created a group last year where, using designated themes each month, interested parties make ATCs to be swapped via snail mail, with Jenn and I as the cards’ hosts. Despite this being a blog all about my love of snail mail, this year I was pretty lax about sharing the ATCs– Artist Trading Cards– I received via Little Cards on Big Adventures. I finally got around to catching up last month, though I didn’t have August’s little cards to share yet. I do now 😀

Your Favorite Hobby:


In case it’s not obvious, the pen pal-friendly ATC is mine. It wasn’t the only ATC I made with the theme! Originally I made the one on the left in the following picture, though they didn’t live up to what I wanted them to be, so I enclosed them with the sets as a bonus card.


DC Comics:


Aren’t they awesome sets? September’s are sure to be great as well– there are five of us participating in my Firefighters theme, and nine in Jenn’s Harry Potter one! Looking forward to getting my hands on all of them, and sharing my Little Cards again with you.

Sincerely, Kate ~!~