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Dear September

5 Oct

Thanks for meeting me as if we were having coffee– my apologies for needing a raincheck until now. Not only did Logan have minor (and successful!) dental surgery done the day we were supposed to meet, I had not one but two consultation appointments regarding my own upcoming surgery that week, too.

Allow me to elaborate. For over a year now there has been many a night where I’d get this horrible pain in my right side that would wake me up and then keep me up for several hours until it began to subside. When I went to the ER in August for what turned out to be a ruptured ovarian cyst, there were multiple tests done, and at my follow-up appointment I found out thanks to one of those tests I had gallstones. I have since been referred to a surgeon (consultation #1) who will in fact be removing my gallbladder, but she then referred me to a gynecologist (consultation #2). Why a gynecologist? Because of the recent ruptured cyst I mentioned, the surgeon thought it’d be in my best interest to get my ovaries and tubes checked out while they were exposed. But wait; there’s more! Between the gynecologist already being there and him being able to use the same incisions, I’ll be getting my tubes tied at the same time as it’s something I have wanted done for years now. This will all happen on October 25th.

But back to September! We had quite a few fun weekends starting with the Labor Day one. Certain traditions were continued like getting an elephant ear and winning a stuffed animal at the Michigan Bean Festival, and eating at Marilyn and Jennifer’s daily, hehe. The following weekend Logan and I went to my mom’s for the night before we saw his cousin Jack (who just turned 3!) but after we saw my grandpa (who also was a birthday boy). Then the weekend after that¬†the boys and I went to the Firemen’s Memorial Festival in Roscommon. Logan said his favorite part was the swing ride, Gabe said the parade, and I liked all the vendors the best. Our weekends since then have not been as exciting, but they’ve still been good. Between Logan being in school and Gabe being busy with fall harvest, I’m grateful for whatever time with them I can get.


Pre-Parade Selfie

On the flip side of that, though, I’m also grateful to get a bunch of time home alone. I have been doing transcription work fairly regularly again and have time leftover to watch my shows that have been returning now that fall is here. Also, I have finished reading The Gallery of Unfinished Girls and the To All the Boys I Loved Before series since we last met for coffee.

I think that catches you up on last month– I’ll save talking about this month until we meet on the 20th. Cheers, bleaders!

Sincerely, Kate ~!~