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Little Cards: April

3 May

I actually had the following ATCs by the time April was over, but A) I wanted to give the other adventurers time to get their sets yet, and B) my minor OCD tendencies liked the idea of posting this exactly a week after when I shared my Little Cards from March, haha. Without further ado…


Romantic Comedies:

This hobby is like a box of chocolates– you never know what you’re going to get! I’m excited to see what comes via our Childhood Memory and Pirates themes, and letting you see them, too, when the time comes! Happy May!

Sincerely, Kate ~!~

Little Cards: December through February

5 Apr

Much like with the postcards from yesterday, I have some catching up to do via Little Cards…


North Pole:

Christmas Carols:






Boy Bands:

With any luck I’ll have Enchanted and Dr. Seuss ATCs from last month to share with you soon, along with the motivation to do so. As for this month, there are 7 of us currently making Bunny ATCs, and 3 of us making Rom-Com ones.

Oh, and if you’re wondering about the “ATCs” from the Inchies set above, Jenn wanted to do an Inchies swap where we all made 4 even little-r cards that were 1 inch by 1 inch. I stuck each batch to a regular white card so I A) could keep ’em separated by artist, and B) put ’em in my binder with everything else I’ve acquired from our little group.

I love this little group, by the way; the joy I’ve gotten from these cards in the mail, whether I post them or not, has been nothing but little!

Sincerely, Kate ~!~

Hail the Snail 2.25

30 Jan

Much like my last mail call, this is a bit messed up since I should have posted some of the following on the 15th. Blogging just hasn’t been a priority over the past month or so, but hopefully as the year progresses I can begin to prioritize Sincerely Kate a bit better again. Well, without furter ado…

January 5th: I got a couple ATCs from a trade I made, and Logan got one, too 🙂

January 6th: We got a belated Christmas card from my brother Erik and his wife, an early Valentine-friendly package from Sarah, and some of the birthday presents I ordered for the Loganator.

January 7th: Another package from Sarah came today– meet the Gnomlins!


January 10th: Just stories from Sarah this time, but there were packages from Amazon and LulaRoe. And Pablo had a couple ATCs, too.

January 12th: Jody’s letter accompanied another Amazon box.

January 13th: The last of the birthday presents we ordered for the Loganator arrived along with stickers via Pipsticks, an ATC per a private trade, and a letter from Charmaine.

January 17th: The Loganator got a present from Sarah as well as a birthday card, while I got the set of Christmas Carols Little Cards and the postcards I ordered.

January 18th: Both of the boys received postcards– Gabe’s was from my pen pal, Justine, and Logan’s was from me!

January 19th: Another five birthday cards came for my (now) six-year-old, and a bunch of ATCs came for me.

January 20th: Thanks to Kira I received two Postcards from Wonderland.

January 21st: Sandwiched between birthday festivities for Logan were letters from Jody, Kari, and Kristy.

January 23rd: The birthday boy got some happy mail from Ashley, while I got a letter from Whitney, a Disney Pocket Letter from Jenn, a few ATCs, and more stickers via Pipsticks.

January 24th: Logan and I had even more happy mail between Sarah, Nicole, Krista, and Ashley.

January 26th: I got another turn with the stories Sarah and I have been writing together.

January 28th: A letter from Sarah came today along with the last of the Little Cards per my Zodiac theme and another miscellaneous ATC.

I think that’s everything, though I might have forgotten a birthday card for Logan here and there since I’m not used to tracking his mail. He definitely has appreciated everything he has gotten though, so much so Gabe and I picked out a couple Valentine’s Day cards we’ll be sending him soon, hehe. Thanks to everyone who sent any of us anything– you flop our mops ❤

Sincerely, Kate ~!~




Little Cards: November

7 Dec

After making ATCs per Little Cards from one October to the next, Jenn and I decided we’d mix it up a little last month since our fellow adventurers deserved a break. We had a sole anniversary theme where everyone who wanted to participate could revisit any theme we’ve done in the past.

As of last week, here is what I had!

Apparently Junk Food was a popular theme because not only did two people revisit it, there’s even a square with french fries on my ATC in the bottom left corner. And yes, that Water card is actually index size, but that mermaid is awesome enough I’m letting it slide this time, hehe.

Looking forward to seeing the 7 North Pole ATCs and the 6 Christmas Carols ones December will have in store for us, and sharing them with you here.

Sincerely, Kate ~!~



Little Cards: October

2 Nov

You know what I had by the end of October? All of last month’s Little Cards! I’m really proud of our members for getting their ATCs to Jenn and I around the time we wanted to have them by, and now I’m the proud owner of two new sets!

Dia de los Muertos:


Disney Villains:


I’ll tell you now that my post for November’s Little Cards will be a bit different. After going on these “big adventures” from last October until last month, Jenn and I decided we’d do a sole swap where anyone who doesn’t want a break can revisit any of the themes we’ve done before. In addition to us, there are three people who are going to be making ATCs this month so my post will likely come fast, but it will be smaller than usual. We’ll cross that bridge when we get to it, though!

Have a great month!
Sincerely, Kate ~!~


Hail the Snail 2.20

31 Oct

This should have been posted yesterday, but Sundays are my one guaranteed day with Gabe this time of year so blogging was the last thing on my mind. #SorryNotSorry.

October 15th: Manolo had Erika’s letter, and Pablo had Rose’s along with a postcard from Nancy.

October 17th: I not only got another letter from Sarah, but I got her first addition to our second story. This one is the origin story for one of the stuffed animals we adopted, hehe.

October 19th: The Loganator got popcorn per my cousin’s fundraiser, and I got a letter from Jody.

October 20th: Thanks to Pablo I got Charlotte’s batch of Little Cards.

October 21st: The Harry Potter set of Little Cards arrived now along with my latest stamp order.

October 22nd: A Toys R Us catalog came and was hidden before the Loganator could find it, hehe.

October 23rd: Pablo had another batch of Little Cards for me, but from Linda this time.

October 24th: This week started on a high note. Logan got his latest Which Way USA magazines while I got FOUR things from Sarah and ONE postcard from TWO pen pals– Kari and Rose.

October 25th: I now got Jenn’s batch of Little Cards. (One to go at this point!)

October 26th: The original story came back from Sarah now.

October 27th: While Logan got a Halloween-friendly package from my mom, I got letters from Jody and Kayla thanks to Manolo. As for Pablo, I got the last of the Dia de los Muertos ATCs per Little Cards and these ATCs per a trade:


October 29th: I heard from Ashley, and got a bunch of Halloween stickers in the process!

October 30th: Pablo had more ATCs from trades for me, and a letter from Whitney, too.

I hope your Halloween is a happy one, and that Manolo has more treats than tricks for me today, hehe.

Sincerely, Kate ~!~


Little Cards: September

24 Oct

As promised in my Orange You Glad post, here are my Little Cards from last month now that I have them all!



Harry Potter:


The total amount of Little Cards I have is now 206, though once I have the 7 Dia de los Muertos ones and the 5 Disney Villain ATCs, that count will be up to 218! Hopefully I’ll have them all soon and can show you them soon after.

Sincerely, Kate ~!~