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Two Cents: January Edition

31 Jan

The purpose of this Two Cents series is to have a monthly “show and tell” per ATC the Change– a RAOK cause I cofounded. Each edition will feature many of the Change Cards I’ve made, along with other things I’ve done to make the world better one Change Card at a time. Change. Cents. Get it?

Some months will have more highlights than others, but this, unfortunately, is not one of those months. Between the resolutions I made and then getting sick, I didn’t make much let alone leave much. My game plan for February is to modify one of my resolutions, so instead of writing every day I have the house to myself, I have “Writing Wednesdays.” With less obligations during my free-time, it should– *knock on wood* –give me more opportunities to get my crafty on.

But we’ll talk about February on 2-28! Here are the few highlights since 12-27:

1. I left 7 of the Change Cards I made back in December.

2. Using a handful of the Christmas cards we received, I repurposed them into these Change Cards I’ll be able to leave come this December,

3. I also made some Wonderland-friendly ATCs after making backgrounds with my Spirograph, and I have been putting my dreamcatcher stamp to use, too.

I told you there were only a few! Oh! But if I wouldn’t have liked how my Pandora’s Box cards turned out via the Legendary theme per Little Cards, I would have written “Better an ‘oops’ than a ‘what if?'” on ’em and used them for ATC the Change instead, haha.

Well, whether I make a lot or a little in February, I’m looking forward to seeing what the next month has in store. And if you’re a pen pal of mine, you’ll be able to look forward to seeing ATCs tucked in with my letters like Valentines. Cheers!

Sincerely, Kate ~!~



Little Cards: December

17 Jan

As soon as I have all of the Little Cards per January’s Legendary theme, I have a slightly different way I’m planning to blog about the ATCs I receive on this adventure. The cards from the Clothing/Accessories theme from last month, though, are still from last year so I’m not changing things up like they’ve gone out of style quite yet, haha.

Vikki recently suggested that we should do this fashion-friendly swap, by the way, and in December we were 2 of the 5 people who participated in it. These were the 5 ATCs I personally acquired:


My contribution, for the record, is the one that says “Get your merry on,” and Vikki’s is the purple one on the top left! In hindsight my ugly sweater might have been too odd of an idea compared to some of the others, but overall the cards are all fun in their own ways– I still can’t believe Heleen knit teeny tiny sweaters!

I’d just like to take a moment, by the way, to thank the members who have been as reliable as a favorite sweater over the past couple years. I thought my recent post drummed up some new interest, but it wound up being as frustrating for me as it was fleeting for them. Their loss, right?

I, for one, love all of the Little Cards I have received on this adventure, and I know the ones to come this year will be loved a lot, too.

Sincerely, Kate ~!~

Two Cents: December Edition

27 Dec

The purpose of this Two Cents series is to have a monthly “show and tell” per ATC the Change– a RAOK cause I cofounded. Each edition will feature many of the Change Cards I’ve made, along with other things I’ve done to make the world better one Change Card at a time. Change. Cents. Get it?

Usually these posts go on to share my highlights since the one that came before it, and if I would have written this last Wednesday, there would have been nothing to share aside from using up ATCs from before December started. I was worried that that might still be the case this week, but after making new cards this past Friday, this edition felt worthwhile after all.

On that note, here are my highlights–however few–since November.

1. Like I mentioned above, I left several older Change Cards. When Gabe and I saw Coco a couple weeks ago, I officially used the last oldie in my arsenal.

2. Using a treat bag Logan got from school, I made these 5 ATCs and managed to leave a few when we were out “getting our merry on.”

3. Other ATCs I managed to make this month include 4 with Thanksgiving-friendly phrases, 9 that say “Give your dreams the wings to fly,” and these 4 using note cards I recycled:

4. Though I sadly haven’t sold any more of the sets I’ve made, I have given several Change Cards away. Sets, for the record, are groups of 9 cards each that I make for people unable to make them themselves for whatever reason.

Whether I’m more successful selling sets in the new year, or I just make Change Cards for my own use from now on, I’m excited to see what 2018 has in store for ATC the Change. Personally I think I’m going to steer away from using weekly phrases, and just make whatever speaks to me– maybe then instead of January’s Edition being a whisper, it will be a bang.

Happy New Year, Bleaders!
Sincerely, Kate ~!~

A Little Interested in Little Cards?

21 Dec

If you like making ATCs (Artist Trading Cards), or have been wanting to give them a try, why not make joining ATCs: Little Cards on Big Adventures one of your resolutions? 😉

A little taste of each of our active members’ work.

If you are, in fact, a little interested in Little Cards, here is what you need to know as we move into 2018:

-To participate, you must be a member of our Facebook group.

-On the first day of each month, I will post a theme. I do this as an event that only members are invited to.

-If you’re interested in making ATCS per the respective theme, you have a 48-hour window to click that you’re attending the event. This isn’t an in-person event, for the record, but an online one.

-If you don’t care for a certain theme, or there are months you just don’t have the time to make anything, you’re under no obligation to participate. Close out the event window and that’ll be that!

-When the sign up period is over, the number of people attending the event is the number of ATCs each participant will make. For example, the 5 of us who signed up for the current Clothing/Accessories theme are each making 5 ATCs.

-ATCs are 3.5 x 2.5 inches. We don’t require your cards to be identical each month, but we do want them to be of similar quality to keep things fair.

-Once your ATCs are made, they are all to be sent to me so I have them by the end of each month. My address will be available via the events.

-As soon as I receive all of the batches, I make sets so each person will receive an ATC from all of the participants, including one of their own.

DISCLAIMER: I don’t always get all of the batches by the end of the month, so please be patient. I will continue to send the sets as soon as possible!

And in case you’re wondering, the most ATCs we make per theme is usually around 7. The record is 12, but that was a long time ago and has since become a fluke.

Well, I think that is everything, but if you have any questions, you’re more than welcome to ask. Here is the link one more time for our Facebook headquarters. Hope to see you in there in the New Year, and to maybe find your Little Cards among the others in rotation.

Sincerely, Kate ~!~

Little Cards: November

19 Dec

Last time here on Sincerely Kate, I shared with you the mail I received during the first chunk of December, and now it’s time to share November’s Little Cards as the last two batches were among everything.

November’s theme? Woodland Critters!

I might not be one for hunting, but it’s hard to think about November without thinking of animals like deer and squirrels considering how many we’ve seen from our windows. This set did these woodland critters justice, and was even cuter than I expected it to be. Despite everything being so different from one ATC to the next, the 7 cards really came together–so much so I think I’ll have to feature more animals in future themes. For now, though, there are 5 of us participating in the Clothing/Accessories theme for December. When I had the members suggest themes for October, Vikki nominated it, and I think we’re both hoping that set will do her suggestion justice, too.

Tune in next time for even more details about Little Cards on Big Adventures. A new year is a great time for some new blood after all! 😉

Sincerely, Kate ~!~

Two Cents: November Edition

29 Nov

The purpose of this Two Cents series is to have a monthly “show and tell” per ATC the Change– a RAOK cause I cofounded. Each edition will feature many of the Change Cards I’ve made, along with other things I’ve done to make the world better one Change Card at a time. Change. Cents. Get it? Here are the highlights since last month’s post:

1. By Halloween I left all but 1 of my festive Change Cards.

2. One of said cards was left around the McDonald’s Play Place while Logan played, only to be found while we were still there. The mother told her daughters how it was like the Kindness Rocks they found before, and then asked me if I knew about those. I admitted that I’ve painted a few, and that I made that card, too. An even larger conversation and a photo op followed– how amazing is that?


3. Despite such a high, I experienced a lull the beginning of November. Around the middle of the month, though, I made up for lost time and made 24 Change Cards including these six in honor of World Kindness Day:


4. Since restocking a bit I left a dozen more cards, and have been wanting to see if one of my aunts and her friend will order any of the sets I’ve made. What’s a set? For $5, I am offering groups of 9 Change Cards that are ready to be left as Random Acts of Kindness. Please see this post if you’d like more information.

And if you’d like to join our Facebook headquarters, click me! Random FYI, but our group is currently 12 members away from 100 which is a bit of a highlight, too.

Well, the highlights may be few, but they were fun, and I think December should be a fun month for ATC the Change, too. Happiness, after all, doesn’t result from what we get, but what we give, and I want to give out tons of Change Cards 😀 Wish me luck!

Sincerely, Kate ~!~

Little Cards: October

10 Nov

It was in October of 2015 that I started the adventure that is Little Cards— a group where monthly themes are announced for willing participants to make ATCs for. It’s hard to believe it’s been two years since our first two themes, Orange and Halloween Movies, but the proof is in the 331 ATCs I personally have acquired.

In honor of the 2nd anniversary, I decided to let the members of our Facebook group have a say in what October’s theme should be using the following steps:

  • Step 1: Provide each member with the chance to nominate a theme
  • Step 2: Choose my three favorites from the nominees and create a poll
  • Step 3: Using the poll, let them vote for the ultimate winner

I’d just like to add quick that I’ll be using all of the nominations at some point, so no one participated in this process in vain 🙂

Anyway, it was no surprise when a third of the members, myself included, thought that Ashley’s Tricks &/or Treats theme was a great choice for October. 6 of us then participated in said theme, resulting in these 6 ATCs– the “I got a rock” one was my contribution, hehe:

I’d like to thank Ashley for nominating such a fun theme, and all the members who have made this group what it is over the past two years (especially Jenn, my former cohost). 7 of us are now participating in my Woodland Critters theme. I look forward to sharing that leg of our adventure with you, and the whole next year, too.

Sincerely, Kate ~!~