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Two Cents: May Edition

30 May

The purpose of this Two Cents series is to have a monthly “show and tell” per ATC the Change—a RAOK cause I cofounded. Each edition will feature some of the Change Cards I’ve made, along with other things I’ve done to make the world better one Change Card at a time. Change. Cents. Get it?

I’ll get to the dozen Change Cards I left since the last show and tell momentarily, but first, I’m pleased to report that I made 20 of the things on Memorial Day! Between Gabe working and Logan going to the beach with his grandparents, it was a good opportunity for me to drop everything and craft. These were the first 7 Change Cards I finally got around to making:

Since I just made the above on Monday, I haven’t abandoned any of those with love yet. I did leave 12 older ATCs, though! These were mainly ones I have been holding onto since last summer (for now irrelevant reasons). Four of those 12 Change Cards were left when my mom and I hung out the day after her birthday, like these two at Barnes and Noble:

Though I only “left” 12 ATCs, I also just sent a little over 30 to Sue as she bought up the last of the pre-made sets I had!

For the record, I won’t be making more sets to sell again due to a lack of interest. Now that the stash of Change Cards “on reserve” has been dwindled down, I can feel my motivation to make some more picking up a bit. That said, hopefully in the next edition of this Two Cents series I’ll have more creations to share, along with the highlights regarding the ATCs I share with others.

For now, though, I shall leave you with one last highlight from this past month; it’s not ATC-related, but it does pertain to my kind of kindness. At the restaurant the boys and I went to yesterday, Logan used the quarters I gave him to get a couple bouncy balls. Two of the balls wound up being identical, so he gave one to the little boy who was watching him at the machines ever so intently. The boy was ecstatic, thanking Logan on more than one occasion. It was a nice moment as well as an adorable reminder that a little kindness can go a long way.

If you feel so inclined, leave me a comment regarding the last time you bestowed a random act of kindness upon someone.

Take care and stay lovely!
Sincerely, Kate ~!~


Little Cards: Agriculture

26 May

While Gabe is busy with spring planting-related things this morning, I thought I should (finally) show you the set of Agriculture ATCs I received thanks to the most recently completed swap in my group, Little Cards on Big Adventures.

But before I do that, let me show you what I wrote when I first announced this theme in April:

It’s only a matter of time until the planting season starts for my husband, so lately it’s been a bit of a hot topic around here. That said, I started thinking “agriculture” could be a fun theme to use via LCOBA since there are so many directions you could go like tractors, crops, farm animals, etc. etc..

Six people, myself included, wound up making six farm-friendly ATCs each. Once I received all of the Little Cards, they were made into sets so the participants got one ATC from every person who participated. Without further adieu, this is the set I personally acquired:

I’m personally responsible for the scrapbook paper barn this time around. The next order of business for me is attempting something with a Volkswagen, lol, since the current theme is The 60’s/70’s. There are four of us participating in that, for the record.

Well, I hope you enjoyed seeing the Agriculture set a quarter as much as Gabe is ready to be done with spring planting right about now 😛

Sincerely, Kate ~!~


Two Cents: April Edition

25 Apr

The purpose of this Two Cents series is to have a monthly “show and tell” per ATC the Change—a RAOK cause I cofounded. Each edition will feature some of the Change Cards I’ve made, along with other things I’ve done to make the world better one Change Card at a time. Change. Cents. Get it?

The main highlight since my last show and tell is that our Facebook group reached 100 members! I tried to have some giveaways in honor of the occasion, and though both sets were spoken for, it’s because only two people tried to claim them. Not going to lie, it’s a bit disheartening that we have 100+ members but still only a small amount of people who can “ATC the Change.” I’m at a loss of what I can do to make the movement spread.

And I think it’s because of this loss that I haven’t done a whole lot over the past month or so. Sure, I have left a handful of Change Cards out and about, but I started making an Easter-friendly batch right before April started, and I have yet to get around to finishing them because the motivation to do so just isn’t there.

Anyway, here are the pictures of the ATCs I left, mainly in restaurants, over the past month:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I think my mom and I are going to have to do something for her birthday next month so May’s Edition will not only be more fun for you to see, but fun for me to put together. April showers bring May flowers, right?

All the best from my screen to yours.
Sincerely, Kate ~!~

Little Cards: Fairies and Friends

17 Apr

In case this hasn’t become obvious over the past two-and-a-half years, I run a Facebook group for monthly ATC swaps, Little Cards on Big Adventures. For March the theme I chose was Fairies and Friends, and this was what I posted when I announced it (the day after my birthday):

Though I didn’t get any gnome-friendly presents for my birthday yesterday, they are something I have gotten quite a bit in the past! I bring this up because once upon a time Arlene suggested “Elves, Dwarves, and Fairies” as a theme, and it seemed like a great fit for both my birthday month and the return of spring to do something with whimsical creatures.

Four people, myself included, chose to participate in this theme, resulting in 16 ATCs all together since we each made four. The reason for this is so not only so we each get one that we made, we get one from each of the other participants, too. These are the four little cards I acquired from this adventure:

Just so you know, I’m responsible for the leprechaun. I may love me some gnomes, but considering St. Patrick’s Day falls in March, it seemed like too good of an idea to ignore.

And Agriculture must have seemed like a good enough theme this month since 6 of us are participating in that. I just finished my ATCs this morning at it has me thinking the set will be as fun to get as Logan thinks spring planting is, lol. I may not be looking forward to seeing so little of my farmers once spring planting starts, but I am looking forward to sharing more Little Cards with you in the not-so-distant future.

Sincerely, Kate ~!~


Two Cents: March Edition

28 Mar

The purpose of this Two Cents series is to have a monthly “show and tell” per ATC the Change—a RAOK cause I cofounded. Each edition will feature many of the Change Cards I’ve made, along with other things I’ve done to make the world better one Change Card at a time. Change. Cents. Get it?

Over the past few months I haven’t had too many highlights to share, but between my birthday festivities and spending this past weekend with my mom, March has thankfully been a good month to ATC the Change. Here are the highlights since February:

1. The birthday festivities I mentioned? On and around March 1st I left 7 Change Cards while I was/we were out and about. This one, for example, found a rather appropriate place to hang out at Target after I found new note cards to use via pen palling, hehe:

2. Two other ATCs were left on two non-birthday occasions.

3. I made sure to make a few Wonderland-friendly Change Cards to take with me when mom and I went out to eat this past weekend, mainly at Mad Hatter Bistro. As you can see, I managed to leave ’em, too:

4. I left 9 other cards while we were around the Troy area like at Barnes & Noble and in the lobby at Red Roof Inn. I would have liked to leave even more this past weekend, but because of how poorly mom and I slept at RRI we didn’t make any stops after brunch on Saturday morning.

A dent is a dent, though! Since selling sets of Change Cards didn’t really work out, I have all of those ATCs for my own use now. Maybe I’ll make it my goal to leave another 20 between now and April 25th, but no promises, lol. As long as I have a few more highlights to share I’ll be happy.

Until April!
Sincerely, Kate ~!~

Little Cards: Disney Couples

22 Mar

For almost two-and-a-half years I have hosted ATC swaps via the group Little Cards on Big Adventures. Every month I post a theme, and February’s was Disney Couples. When I announced this theme at the beginning of February, I said this:

I don’t know about you, but I can’t think about February without thinking about love thanks to Valentine’s Day being smack dab in the middle of the month. This year I thought it would be fun to do something featuring the kind of couples I first saw as a child and still watch now that I have a child of my own. Though if I’m being honest, Gabe and I would still watch ’em even if we didn’t have Logan, lol.

No one is ever required to participate, so the people who wanted to make ATCs featuring a Disney couple then had a couple days to sign up. From there, the 6 of us who signed up had the month of February to each make 6 ATCs and send them my way. As of last Tuesday I had all of the batches, so I assembled them into sets so each person would get an ATC from each participant (themselves included). This is the set I personally acquired:

Maybe it’s just because I’m a big fan of Disney, but with a set like this I feel like the more ATCs there would have been, the better the set could have been. So many couples weren’t featured unless we count the others I used for my particular batch:

But at least I have this picture of the couples I didn’t get to keep, right? 😉

There are only 4 of us participating in the Fairies and Friends theme this month, and whether they’re all vastly different or everyone decided to make leprechauns since it’s March, it should be a fun batch. Sláinte, bleaders!

Sincerely, Kate ~!~

Two Cents: February Edition

28 Feb

The purpose of this Two Cents series is to have a monthly “show and tell” per ATC the Change—a RAOK cause I cofounded. Each edition will feature many of the Change Cards I’ve made, along with other things I’ve done to make the world better one Change Card at a time. Change. Cents. Get it?

Like last month, I don’t have many highlights to share, but I like what I do have so it all works out. 😉

1) Using discarded Valentines, I made these 4 Change Cards, and by the following weekend I left them all for people to find:

2) I abandoned two other ATCs with love, and have at least 20 more in my purse for when I celebrate my birthday with my family this weekend. Most of them were actually unearthed when I cleaned my desk earlier today, haha.

3) But those aren’t the only Change Cards of mine that have been left this past month! Krista left one in Maryland, and my mom and her friend left 7 or so during the latter’s recent visit to Michigan.

4) Not only did someone find one of the ATCs Mom and Sue left in a coffee shop, that “someone” is a girl I babysat when she was younger! This was the picture Hailey posted via Instagram:

With any luck, March will have even more fun moments of Change to share with you, though if the moments are few but awesome like the ones above, that would still be pretty lucky.

All the best from my screen to yours!
Sincerely, Kate ~!~