Postcards from Wonderland #16

12 May

I wish I would have had the following five postcards to share on the 5th, but if the White Rabbit can be late, so can this post 😉

Like many a postcard before, these all came to me twice. Prior to having a few of my pen pals send them back to me filled out, I received them blank– the first four via Etsy orders, the fifth from a member of LCOBA.

Though the designs on these postcards alone are fantastic, I have a fun story about #5. My pen pal Ashley is both a Floridian and Disney fanatic, so she makes it to Disney World several times a year. Knowing she was going to be seeing Alice at Epcot, she asked if I had any postcards she could have Alice sign for me. This was that postcard!

I’m so thrilled with Ashley for doing that for me, and with Allison and Krista for sending the others back to me, too. I said it before and I’ll say it again, I have the most wonderful enablers, hehe.

Sincerely, Kate ~!~


Hail the Snail #8

1 May

April 18th: My last mail call ended with a letter from Sarah, and this time it’s starting with one… plus her batch of Little Cards.

April 19th: Next to arrive was a letter from Jody. No LCs, lol, but I did get details about her recent vacation 🙂

April 20th: Pablo had a batch of Little Cards as we as a postcard that took 57 days(!) to get here from Poland.

April 21st: The next letter to arrive was one from Kristy.

April 24th: And the next postcard to arrive came for Logan thanks to my dad.

April 25th: Even more postcards arrived, but per an Etsy order of mine.

April 27th: Pablo had another batch of Little Cards while Manolo had these clothes for Bridget:

April 28th: The last official letters in April were from Allison and Jody, though yesterday…

April 30th: Supplementary materials arrived from both Allison and Kristy, along with some Arby’s coupons from my dad, lol.

As usual, I’m grateful for all of the happy mail I have received over the past month, and I’m looking forward to seeing what Manolo and Pablo have in store for me in May. Gabe might even get some happy mail, too, with his birthday happening next Wednesday, hehe.

All the best, Bleaders!
Sincerely, Kate ~!~

Two Cents: April Edition

25 Apr

The purpose of this Two Cents series is to have a monthly “show and tell” per ATC the Change—a RAOK cause I cofounded. Each edition will feature some of the Change Cards I’ve made, along with other things I’ve done to make the world better one Change Card at a time. Change. Cents. Get it?

The main highlight since my last show and tell is that our Facebook group reached 100 members! I tried to have some giveaways in honor of the occasion, and though both sets were spoken for, it’s because only two people tried to claim them. Not going to lie, it’s a bit disheartening that we have 100+ members but still only a small amount of people who can “ATC the Change.” I’m at a loss of what I can do to make the movement spread.

And I think it’s because of this loss that I haven’t done a whole lot over the past month or so. Sure, I have left a handful of Change Cards out and about, but I started making an Easter-friendly batch right before April started, and I have yet to get around to finishing them because the motivation to do so just isn’t there.

Anyway, here are the pictures of the ATCs I left, mainly in restaurants, over the past month:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I think my mom and I are going to have to do something for her birthday next month so May’s Edition will not only be more fun for you to see, but fun for me to put together. April showers bring May flowers, right?

All the best from my screen to yours.
Sincerely, Kate ~!~

Dear April

20 Apr

First of all, happy 420 if you’re into that sort of thing, lol. I’m not, though this could be a good segue into Wonderland-friendly things if we take controlled substances such as growth-altering mushrooms into consideration 😉 To talk about things pertaining to Alice in Wonderland, though, we need to also talk about the trip to Troy that happened since the last time I wrote as if we were having coffee…

On the morning of March 23rd, my mom picked me up and after stopping for breakfast, we were off on our overnight adventure near the Detroit area. Before checking into our room for the evening we went to Barnes & Noble, Trader Joe’s, a fabric store, and a place called Catfe Lounge where many a kitty hang out until they find their forever homes. Here are a few cute pictures from the latter:

After (finally) finding our hotel and recharging a bit, we went to dinner followed by the Somerset Collection. You may be wondering what any of this has to do with Alice in Wonderland, so allow me to break it down…

  • I got Alice and Red Queen, both by Christina Henry, at B&N.
  • The fabric store had fabric suited for a Mad Tea Party.
  • I found a mug with Wonderland characters on it at the Disney Store.
  • Dinner was at Mad Hatter Bistro!

Although the birthday party happening near us at Mad Hatter’s was positively obnoxious, mom and I still enjoyed ourselves and all of the yummy things we consumed. While we waited for our fish and chips we had a bit of a tea party, and after our entrees we shared a homemade cream puff. Each item solidified that we wanted to return for brunch the following morning.

It’s because of this we didn’t check out at 4am in the morning. We stayed at a Red Roof Inn and have since decided we’d never stay in one again. We could have dealt with the abrasive air freshener and overactive furnace, but some intoxicated idiot banging on our door at 3am was the last straw. You would have thought the building was on fire the way she carried on. It wasn’t until I opened the door that she finally realized she was knocking on the wrong damn door.

Anyway! Brunch at Mad Hatter Bistro was worth sticking around for. I had the Mad Hatter Breakfast Burger and loved the maple bourbon sauce on it so much I have already decided that I’d have the chicken and waffles the next time we go. From Mad Hatter’s this time around though, we just took a scenic route home since we were too full and too tired to want to make any unnecessary stops.

One last Alice in Wonderland related thing quick before we move on from that. I finished reading Untamed by A.G. Howard and am now working on a book Sarah sent me for Christmas called Bet On My Heart.

The weekend following the Troy Trip was Easter, and though it wasn’t nearly as action-packed for me, Logan sure was one “hoppy” boy. His paternal grandparents got him this go-kart while his parents got him the helmet to use with it:

It’s too bad this April has been more like winter than spring, eh? Just this past weekend  we dealt with an ice storm– yuck. We were prepared to lose power but fortunately we never did. I even got to finish season 2 of A Series of Unfortunate Events when I got the house to myself.

Speaking of TV shows, I’m both anxiously anticipating and dreading the season finale of Jane the Virgin tonight. The anxious anticipation’s due to their finales always being so well-executed; the dread is due to me just not being ready for it to be over until the fall. This season of Ink Master is also about to come to an end, and with my favorite gone I’m rooting for Juan/ Team Anthony. iZombie and Rise will have some big shoes to fill with some of my favorite shows ending for the season!

However, I actually haven’t been watching as much television as of late. Sure, some of that was due to the Loganator having a bit of a stomach bug this past week, but the main reason things like Shadowhunters and Jessica Jones are going unwatched is because I started doing some transcription work via the website Rev.

A few weeks back my mom told me about the site since she knows of people who are either working for Rev themselves, or at least applied to do so. Mom was like “I hear the test is hard, but you’re not out anything if it doesn’t work out.” Well, not only did I ace said test, I was doing so well during the training, that instead of being promoted from rookie after transcribing 60 minutes worth of audio, I became a revver after just 30 minutes worth. It hasn’t been easy work by any means, and it has only amounted to around $230 so far, but that’s $230 more than I have contributed to our expenses before so ultimately it feels worth it.

On that note, I really must be going since I have a file waiting for me, but know that the boys and I are doing well. All the best from our screen to yours.

Sincerely, Kate ~!~


Little Cards: Fairies and Friends

17 Apr

In case this hasn’t become obvious over the past two-and-a-half years, I run a Facebook group for monthly ATC swaps, Little Cards on Big Adventures. For March the theme I chose was Fairies and Friends, and this was what I posted when I announced it (the day after my birthday):

Though I didn’t get any gnome-friendly presents for my birthday yesterday, they are something I have gotten quite a bit in the past! I bring this up because once upon a time Arlene suggested “Elves, Dwarves, and Fairies” as a theme, and it seemed like a great fit for both my birthday month and the return of spring to do something with whimsical creatures.

Four people, myself included, chose to participate in this theme, resulting in 16 ATCs all together since we each made four. The reason for this is so not only so we each get one that we made, we get one from each of the other participants, too. These are the four little cards I acquired from this adventure:

Just so you know, I’m responsible for the leprechaun. I may love me some gnomes, but considering St. Patrick’s Day falls in March, it seemed like too good of an idea to ignore.

And Agriculture must have seemed like a good enough theme this month since 6 of us are participating in that. I just finished my ATCs this morning at it has me thinking the set will be as fun to get as Logan thinks spring planting is, lol. I may not be looking forward to seeing so little of my farmers once spring planting starts, but I am looking forward to sharing more Little Cards with you in the not-so-distant future.

Sincerely, Kate ~!~


Hail the Snail #7

15 Apr

April 2nd: April started with a batch of Little Cards in the P.O. box and a letter from Kayla in the regular one. Enclosed with the latter was one of my Con/Dom Gnomes, hehe.

April 4th: The next time I checked the P.O. box I was rewarded with this cute postcard:


April 5th: Pablo had yet another postcard while Manolo had Jody’s letter.

April 6th: Sarah’s letter arrived here next.

April 7th: Not only did Pablo have two more postcards via postcrossing, he had the last batch of Little Cards from March’s theme– I’ll share the set soon.

April 9th: Speaking of sharing, my dad sent Logan a Puzzle Buzz sample he originally received.

April 12th: A few days later Logan and I found this gem in the P.O. box:


Translation: “Dad? This is a high emergency case!”

April 14th: Yesterday was the only day this past week that I got any Manolo love, but it was in the form of letters from Kayla and Sarah so I suppose I really can’t complain 😛

Something I might complain about is if we become one of the places that loses power this weekend due to the winter storm we’ve been experiencing. But at least I have books to read and the letters from yesterday to respond to, though I’m sure I’ll keep writing Kayla and Sarah today whether we lose power or not, hehe.

Stay warm and think spring!
Sincerely, Kate ~!~

Another Post About Postcards (Part 2)

10 Apr

When I posted A Post About Postcards in February, I mentioned that I wanted postage stamps for Valentine’s Day and my husband didn’t disappoint… because he let me order what I wanted, haha. If you read Part 1 of Another Post About Postcards, you know that 32 stamps went to sending daily postcards during March. Should you continue to read Part 2 now, you’ll see how other stamps were put to use once I rejoined postcrossing.

Initially when someone signs up for postcrossing, they can send up to 5 postcards at a time. The more you participate, though, the more postcards you can have traveling at once. For example, I sent 275 postcards before becoming inactive in 2015, so postcrossing allowed me to send up to 14 postcards at a time. I won’t lie, when I switched my account back to active, I thought about sending 14 postcards right then and there, but two things stopped me. The first thing was not wanting to spend around $15 on postage right out of the gate; the second was liking the idea of having some vacancies on standby when there were days I didn’t have any happy mail to respond to.

Long story short, I sent 5 postcards at first as if I was a newb again. Below you’ll find what I sent in the order I sent them, as well as the reasons behind why I picked what I picked for each postcrosser. I also have included most of their responses in italics for kicks and giggles.


I wanted to send Juanita from Pennsylvania a postcard from Michigan because she lives in the US like me. In her bio she included “Tell me about your breakfast, lunch or dinner,” so I opted for this card from my road trip with my dad since it reminded me of all the advertisements for pasties we saw while we were in the UP.

Here is what she had to say when she registered it:

“Greetings my friend,’ muffins with mom’, sounds adorable. Multi view cards are my absolute favorites, I can visit many sites. Thanx much. Take care and be well. Namaste.”


Irina from Russia requested “postcards you’d want to receive.” Night views are something I included on my wishlist, so I decided to pick out one of the nicest postcards I had featuring one.

I’d provide her reaction if I could find it. Whoops.


Dirk, a postcrosser from Germany, strongly implied he just wanted to receive landscapes, preferably without any bells and whistles, and I thought this postcard from Yosemite National Park would fit that bill quite nicely.

This is what Dirk thought of it:

“Hallo Kate, thanks very much for your nice card. I liked the Yosemite Park when I visited California. Greetings from Cologne and happy postcrossing. Dirk”


Toma from Lithuania said she likes beautiful places and that churches particularly were her favorite. I immediately thought of this postcard my dad gave me once upon a time.

I received this message once she registered it:

“Hello Kate, Thank You for amazing chapel postcard. I hope, Your Valentines day was great. Warm greetings, Toma”


Lastly, Gabor from Hungary had a plethora of stuff on his wishlist including owls, bears, and donkeys. As soon as I stumbled upon the “board of directors” in my arsenal, I knew I wanted to send it his way.

I’m glad I did, too, because Gabor said:

“Helo! Thank you very much for the beautiful card 🙂 This is one of my favourite, I’m very happy 🙂 Gabor”


Since the five postcards above, I have sent about a dozen more via postcrossing and those recipients seemed to be pleased with my choices as well. Finding their messages in my inbox thanking me makes me almost as happy as finding my own postcards through this endeavor in my P.O. box.  These are my favorites out of the past 11 I received:

I’m looking forward to seeing what other postcards will arrive now that I’m using postcrossing again, especially if they’re from Wonderland, hehe. Hope you enjoyed these postcard-friendly posts!

Sincerely, Kate ~!~