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Postcards from Wonderland #14

6 Apr

As promised, here are more Postcards from Wonderland! And like the last three from the last time, these all originally came to me blank, only I’m the one who bought them this time, haha. I sent them to Sarah late February, and they’ve trickled back in since then.

Something else that showed up last month? This awesome journal from Ashley!

I obviously love Alice in Wonderland, and I love all my pen pals for being so wonderful. Here’s to another 60+ Postcards from Wonderland, and maybe another 60+ years of pen palling, too.

Sincerely, Kate ~!~


Postcards from Wonderland #13

4 Apr

The following postcards have been on this side of the looking glass for the past two months or so, but if you read yesterday’s blog post, you know I’ve been “down the rabbit hole.” Better late than never!

These first two were sent to me by Kira from Letters, Postcards, and a Cup of Tea:

How cool, by the way, were her additions to the backs?

The rest of these postcards came thanks to Othella. If the style looks familiar, it’s because they were from a set my dad gave me, and I wanted ’em back used.

More Postcards from Wonderland to come this week, so be sure to keep tuning into this mad tea party of mine.

Sincerely, Kate ~!~

Postcards from Wonderland #12

21 Dec

I’ve been meaning to post this post for a large portion of the month, but better late than never, eh? Besides, there are already eleven of these posts where, in each one, I show you at least five postcards relevant to Alice in Wonderland— that’s over 50 of the things! I’m grateful to everyone who has helped such a descent down the rabbit hole. The first three postcards you’re about to see were originally sent to me blank by my dad and then filled out by Justine, and Sarah is responsible for the other two, though Ashley sent me the last one blank first as well.






I said it before and I’ll say it again: I have the most wonderful enablers!

Sincerely, Kate ~!~

Hail the Snail 2.11

15 Jun

May 31st: After the holiday weekend, Manolo gave me the gift of letters from Kayla and Sarah, and the postcards I mentioned here.

June 1st: Another postcard came, this time from Frida.

June 2nd: The wonderful Erika hooked me up with some wonderful goodies:


June 3rd: Ashley hooked me up with another postcard, and I got some Little Cards, too.

June 4th: Surprise, surprise. I got a letter from Jody.

June 5th: Not mail related, but it should be said that I got to see Alice Through the Looking Glass

June 6th: A letter from Kristy came for yours truly.

June 7th: My dad also hooked me up with something wonderful:


June 8th: My pen pal Sarah and I are writing a story together for kicks and giggles, and on this day it became my turn.

June 9th: Along with her letter (and a postcard), Justine sent me these cute little tapes from Japan:


(Cont’d) Pablo sweetened the pot with some more Little Cards.

June 12th: When I saw Pablo I got Whitney’s letter and the first of June’s Little Cards.

June 13th: In addition to getting a letter from Rose, I also now have all of the Little Cards from May. Oh, and our fridge now has some goodies from Figis. Thanks, dad!

I was hoping more fun mail would come yesterday, but the mail carrier just drove by our house. *Sigh* With any luck, today will be better! Hope you’re having a great week!

Sincerely, Kate ~!~

Postcards from Wonderland #11

6 Jun

I meant to post this trip through the looking glass the other day, but the weekend distracted me. Especially since Gabe and I went to see Alice Through the Looking Glass, hehe. Ashley, you see, didn’t just send me the two postcards from Friday’s post, but all of the ones from the batch I gave her, plus a bonus card! She actually used them to respond to the last letter I sent her since, like Alice, she’s a clever girl 😀






I’m so grateful to Ashley for not only sending me these postcards, but for being game for anything and everything I ever inquire about. She’s one of the most generous people I have ever met, especially considering I never met her in person!

And that dad guy– he’s pretty generous, too!

Until next time!
Sincerely, Kate ~!~

Postcards from Wonderland #10

3 Jun

Much like the last time we went down the rabbit hole, the postcards you’re about to see were sent to me twice. My dad originally sent me a set of 20 Alice in Wonderland- friendly postcards, and I divided the 18 I didn’t already into three batches, putting my address and a postcard stamp on each of them. The batches were then sent to Ashley, Justine, and Othella, who have since started sending the postcards back to me! Ashley is responsible for the first and last postcard in this batch, and Justine for the three in the middle. Again, I have the most wonderful enablers!






We’ll go through the looking glass again tomorrow, okay? 😉

Sincerely, Kate ~!~

Hail the Snail 2.10

30 May

May 16th: If finally hearing from Jody again wasn’t exciting enough, this LitCube Ashley surprised me with certainly was!


(cont’d) Isn’t it wonderful? Ashley said when she saw what was being featured this month, that she just had to hook me up. I love it and her 😀

May 17th: A bit more mail came from Wonderland– one of my postcards via Justine this time.

May 18th: I got a letter from my newest pen pal, Sarah, today complete with some fun extras.

May 19th: Another postcard from Justine came back to me, and I got a letter from Allison, too.

May 21st: No letters since Thursday meant doing some reading… so much so I finished Cupcakes, Trinkets, and Other Deadly Magic by Meghan Ciana Doidge! *Throws confetti*

May 23rd: As random as the “free gift from Gilette” was, I still had a good mail day thanks to two batches of Little Cards and yet another postcard from Justine.

May 24th: Letters from Justine and Kari made for another good mail day.

May 25th: Jody’s letter was added to my reply pile.

May 27th: More little cards arrived thanks to Jenn, and because of Kayla I got this glittery postcard from Vegas:


May 28th: I’m grateful for the letter Whitney sent as it held me over through Memorial Day. I’m also grateful for the invite to Sarah’s open house 🙂

And now I’ll be grateful if/when some more good stuff comes tomorrow! Hope you’re enjoying your Memorial Day weekend.

Sincerely, Kate ~!~