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50 Postcards and Counting

5 Apr

I may never have traveled around the world and I probably never will, but I have had the world come to me thanks to postcrossing.com. This post is in celebration of the first 50 postcards I’ve received ūüôā


I have learned that in Belarus they love potatoes like Americans and hockey like Canadians.


I have seen some of the unique architecture Toronto has to offer.


Not only have I seen St. Augustine’s Church, but I have seen an adorable illustration and learned that pandas are their national treasure.


I have seen geese hunting, the picturesque city of Kristinestad in the winter, and the cutest little kitten, too.


I’ve seen Nantes and a more generic view of the Eiffel Tower, I also learned that Macaroni and Cheese is served over there- who knew?


I have been told that “a life without sweets is possible but senseless” and received a postcard ¬†that said “if they want your opinion they will give it to you.” I’ve seen the beautiful city of Aachen, Luftkurot Dahn, and Saxony Wine Street as well as a few other places of no where specific. I have also seen a cute dog, a silly alligator, and a hippo’s head inches from a zebra’s butt.

Great Britain

I have no idea how to describe this one, haha

I have no idea how to describe this one, haha

Hong Kong

I have now seen the view Hong Kong is famous for, and a random Hertz ad as well.


I have seen a holiday friendly view of Liepaja.


I have had “Love other people and they will do the same with you” ¬†translated from Lithanian.


I have seen Cameron Highlands, also known as “Malaysia’s Coolest Hill Resort”.


I have received greetings from Holland as well as Christmas wishes, I even saw a winter card complete with a bowl of pea soup. I have seen a few different views of Gorredijk and, though not technically “from” the Netherlands, a view of Barcelona.


I have seen a lot of scenic views from Portugal.


Not only have I seen the church in St. Petersburg, I have seen nesting dolls, found out there’s 8 months of winter in Nadym, and I received a postcard as if from Wonderland, too.


I have discovered that white horses have been bred in Slovenia for over 400 years.


I have seen the C.K.S. Memorial Hall in Taipei and have become acquainted with the Houtang Cat.


I received a birthday friendly card in honor of my birthday last month.

United States

My first postcard was from a girl from Alaska, but since then I have also received postcards from Oregon, Arizona, Florida, New Jersey, Montana,  Colorado, and Georgia.

My first 50 postcards

My first 50 postcards

I have now received my 51st postcard and am pretty excited for the next 49- 100 postcards here I come! If you haven’t checked out postcrossing.com I suggest you do so right about now ūüôā

Until next time!
Sincerely, Kate ~!~

On and Off Paper

10 Nov

I’ve had an assortment of pen pals over the years including students and mothers, believers and drug addicts. There was one time I even received a letter and poem from some man in Germany (creepy!). The first letter I ever got though was from a girl named Missie.

I wish I still had it, but unfortunately I cleaned out my letters during the 2+ years we weren’t talking, only keeping mail from the pen pals I kept. I may not remember much of what Missie and I talked about seven years ago, but I do remember bonding quickly and her even sending little notes to the little girls I was watching at the time. Not many letters went by before she started telling me about Jon, the guy from Kentucky who had stolen her heart. When Missie and Jon got engaged, I got asked to be a bridesmaid.

I’m sure some people may find it odd that she asked someone she never met before to be in her wedding, but being odd was something we had in common. I visited her in Indiana during her Spring Break in 2007 and in addition to her finding her wedding dress and me a bridesmaid dress, we found that we got along just as well off the paper.

In November I was back in the “Kentuckiana” area to be apart of Missie’s big day. The night I got there included cheesy board games and penis cake and the following day was the rehearsal for the day after that.

Missie and Jon’s wedding party

(cont’d) Due to poor planning on my part I stayed for a couple days afterwards while the newlyweds left for their honeymoon in Florida, but¬†I spent that time with Missie’s cousin (the blonde I’m next to above) and the cast of¬†Hairspray so no complaints!

By the following year Missie and I rarely wrote letters anymore because we texted and talked online so much that by the time we would have got snail mail we would have known everything anyway. I decided I wanted to visit them again when my 21ST birthday rolled around and so I did! Highlights of the trip included tasty raspberry Smirnoff, a deformed penis cake, a showing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show complete with a shadow cast, and my first tattoo. Random note: If you use funfetti mix, the penis cake looks like it has freckles.

My fourth trip was to celebrate Missie’s 21ST birthday with Jon, her siblings, and other friends. I remember spending time at Missie’s sister’s, eating at Olive Garden, and hopping around Fourth Street all before the photo op at the airport below.

If you would have told me my fourth trip would have been my last trip then I wouldn’t have believed you. During the first half of 2010 our friendship hit a bunch of bumps, taking a beating all the way up until the week of my wedding when I decided enough was enough. I’m not going to rehash the details here, but just know that it was two years before I finally really felt¬†over it. Early in October I decided it was time to start fresh and wrote her a letter like I did when we first started talking. I wished her and her family well, told her about mine, and said I’d be happy to hear from her should she decide to write me back.

I didn’t know what to expect. Even when I saw an envelope with her name in the left-hand corner I didn’t know what to expect. It wasn’t until I read the first two sentences- “I’m glad to hear from you! I always hoped we’d talk again.”- that a wave of relief washed over me. I wrote her back right away so let’s say so far so good. We both are moms now so visits are pretty unlikely if we ever got the other kind of close again, but her letters are welcome anytime.

And there you have it, the bond between a girl and her first pen pal. Missie has a lot to do with me becoming so fond of this hobby and for that I’ll always be grateful. Happy pen palling.

Sincerely, Kate ~!~