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Thank You Notes ’17

20 Nov

For almost as many years as I have been blogging, I’ve been doing posts I call “Thank You Notes” in honor of Thanksgiving. The point of this annual-ish series is to acknowledge each of my current pen pals, letting them know why I’m thankful for their companionship. Like the very first time I did this, I’m not going to use names or a specific order because the hope is I will have done each person enough justice they’ll know which paragraph is theirs once they find it. So without further ado…

~ Although you’re about to have your own little boy, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that you won’t need that “Get Out of Jail Free” card I offered you. Sure, your letters will become even more sporadic than they already were, but I think they’ll be even more worth their wait with us having something so huge in common. You have been such a loyal pen pal over the years, and even if you stop sending seasonal cards, enclosing postcards from Wonderland, or writing in general, I know you will remain a loyal friend.

~ You are also expecting a (newly confirmed!) little boy, however I can’t imagine living in a world where you and I are not pen pals! Since your earliest letters to me you were automatically a favorite since you’d write to me as if we were sitting across from each other at Chipotle, dishin’ over dishes. Now, a plethora of letters later, I still consider you a favorite because we can tell each other anything and vent about anyone, lol. I have no doubt your son will be awesome, and grow to admire you like I certainly have.

~ Despite writing sporadically for several years now, I don’t feel like we know each other any better now than we did a year ago which is a bit of a bummer! Maybe in 2018 we can make a resolution to write more often, especially now that you’ve trimmed down your to-write list so much with some assistance from yours truly. Any maybe I can make a point to enclose more Change Cards since you like ’em both in person and via Instagram. Between all the coffee shops and libraries I see you post pictures of, you definitely have opportunities to leave them places, hehe.

~ Not going to lie, I almost didn’t include you in this since I no longer consider us pen pals really– we’re not even postcard pals in March anymore. Since I can’t seem to remove you from my Facebook group though, here you are! I suppose there’s a part of me that hopes I will still get postcards, if not letters, from you; plus I have a soft spot from when you visited and “extraordinary” things occurred. In the meantime, I hope you like my random postcards via my NaBloPoMo shenanigans.

~ Although all of my pen pals are thoughtful &/or generous, you definitely seem to be on a whole other level. For example, in my FB group if I so much as say “who would be interested…” I know I can count on you to be all in like when you’ve joined both of my ATC-friendly groups or sent Logan his mystery box. And that’s not even the half of it considering all the wonder-ful things you surprised me with like my very first LitCube. Even without the presents though, you make me feel special and like I’m as close a friend to you as people you know in real life. Or maybe it just seems that way since we’re both a couple of kids at heart with the same taste in things like television shows, hehe.

~ In a past Thanksgiving post, I wrote how I loved living vicariously through you while you were living in San Francisco, and even though you have since moved to Kentucky, I still want to live vicrariously through you because you have kittens! Lol! In all seriousness though, I know we don’t write very often, and I even offered you one of those “Get Out of Jail Free” cards before, but you refuse to give up on me and our slow-burn of a correspondence. Knowing that makes me feel just as special as I would if I heard from you monthly, so I mean it when I tell you no rush!

~ To be honest, this paragraph is tricky for me to write since I recently told you I don’t think we’re as close as we used to be, and that I feel like you have put me on the back burner. I know that was never your intention, but it is what it is. So let’s pretend it’s last November, back when you’d bump me to the top of your reply pile on Sundays, and write about how you didn’t want to wait until the following Labor Day weekend to visit me again, making and leaving more of our own kind of random acts of kindness while you were here. I hope we can get back on the same page in the not-so-distant future, because the thought of us not still being pen pals by the time I post “Thank You Notes ’18” is a very depressing one.

~ I bet I could just say “clockwork” and “extra stationery” and you’d know I was talking about you! With a hobby called snail mail, no one every really expects to have a pen pal they can expect weekly letters from, but here we are after a DECADE, still responding to each other multiple times each month! It’s too bad so many of our shared shows are going downhill because being able to talk about them from week to week was something I looked forward to as much as the shows themselves. Thank you for being so much more consistent than the writers I constantly seem to bitch about, lol.

~ Can you believe we’ve been writing each other for a dozen years? Sure, some years were more on the quiet side, but every letter has always been worth its wait and full of fun stories! I have told you on more than one occasion that I love to live vicariously through you, but something else I love? That you never make me feel like my stories from my less exciting day-to-day life aren’t just as worth sharing. You, Lady, are more than just the pen pal I’ve been writing to the longest, but the one I have the largest affinity for.

~ When we first started writing I often wondered about the longevity of our correspondence, assuming we’d eventually taper off. It’s been a couple years now though, and– unless you use your “Get Out of Jail Free” card– we’re still at it, each using a mixture of note cards and lined paper, hehe. For what it’s worth, I hope we’ll keep writing; not only do I love seeing the note cards you’ve acquired, I enjoy hearing about your life and want to hear more about that little girl who has entered it– congratulations again!

~ I said it before, and I’ll say it again: even though we’re friends in real life, it’s so sweet that you send me mail just because you know I love it so much! Like, how many 30-year-olds can expect postcards each time their friend travels for work?! I don’t mind that sometimes you use plain paper or will flat-out type, or that sometimes your letters are short because you want to bang it out. To me, getting anything from you in any way, shape, or form is still very much happy mail.

Phew! It’s hard to believe I used to have even more pen pals than this to acknowledge because these 11 thank you notes alone were quite the undertaking! At least the mail I receive from this lot is usually pretty staggered so there’s rarely more than 5 letters in my reply pile ūüėõ Anyway! Whether you’re a pen pal of mine or just someone who enjoys reading my blog, I’ve very thankful that you’re here. All the best from my screen to yours, and if you celebrate it, Happy Thanksgiving!

Sincerely, Kate ~!~


Thank You Notes: Pablo

30 Nov

On the 20th I posted a blog post telling my pen pals via Manolo– my regular mailbox– why I am thankful for each of them, and now it’s time for me to do the same with my pen pals from Pablo, my P.O. box. Like before and in Thank You Notes past, I won’t use names. The goal is that each person will be able to identify which paragraph applies to them.

~We started writing as we’re fellow Michiganders. I remember you being a bit apprehensive about having a pen pal you’d hear back from so regularly, but growing to dig it. It’s been a while since our exchanges have been all that regular, but as long as you like being hit up by my posse I’ll make sure there’s still things from me in your mailbox.

~ When I first got my P.O. box, I asked for a handful of LEPeeps to help me break it in and you were happy to oblige. Since life happens there haven’t been too many letters from you in there, but when you have been able to write, you make sure I know about what’s been going on with you which I really appreciate.

~I think a letter went missing somewhere since we’ve both been pretty good about staying on top of our reply piles. That said, if you’d want me to send you a new letter so we could start over I’d be happy to do so. Between us having a similar interest in shows and books, and having little ones about the same age, it’s been a real joy having you to exchange letters with.

~Not long after acquiring my P.O. box, I knew I wanted to acquire an inmate as a pen pal. I always imagined prison feeling so isolating, so if a pen pal could make someone feel as if they have a friend and/or an outlet, I wanted to provide that. And I know with you I am. Knowing where you started and how far you have come has been an absolute delight to read about, and I know you’re only going to continue to grow. I can see us continuing to write long after your sentence is over.

~I had a book I wanted to pass along to a LEPeep, and you jumped on my offer. I knew we’d share our thoughts after you read the book, but I wasn’t expecting us to become pen pals and to start offering books to each other so regularly. I am so excited this has been the case though, and I’m also so pleased we were paired up in that pocket letter swap so I could see how creative you are as well.

~You were also someone who wanted to help me break in Pablo, and have been the person from that initial group I’ve heard from the most. I adore how you mix and match stationery, and I admire the strength you have both when it comes to school and when it comes to your health. I hope you’ve been feeling well, and that Pablo will continue to bring me many a letter from you.

~It is because of this blog of mine that you found the LEP– how could I not start writing you once I heard? Sure, we haven’t written a whole lot since you have a little bundle of joy, but I have still enjoyed your letters as you’re very chatty. I love having a pen pal whose letters read like you’re having a conversation face to face.

~Although you weren’t among the original batch of LEPeeps to help me break in Pablo, when I wanted another pen pal you were more than willing to write lil’ ol’ me and doodle on the envelopes. Have I told you lately how much I LOVE your doodles? Your creativity is so inspiring, and your letters a joy to read. I bet if I heard you play the violin I’d be even more in awe of you.

~You are not only my newest birthday twin, but my newest pen pal. I may have only gotten one letter from you so far, but I’m already so excited for more considering how many shows we have in common, mainly Jane the Virgin since I don’t have that in common with any of my other pen pals. It’s like you came into the picture exactly when I needed you to, hehe.

~There have only been a few letters between us since you agreed to help me break in Pablo, but your letters are oh so chatty. I knew we’d hit it off as we both have boys, but when I heard that you have sons named Logan and Christian, it was like we already had a deep bond. I look forward to hearing more about your guys as our letters progress.

~I’m so appreciative that you agreed to be my postcard pen pal so we could try to keep each other in line when it comes to writing our tentative books, hehe. My book has completely fallen through, but I’d gladly keep exchanging postcards with you, and if there is anything I can do to make sure your book is a success, let me know.

~You’re a new pen pal of mine so I can’t really say much about you yet, though I do hope things have gone well with pushing your little one out of the nest! I’m thankful that you wanted to be pen pals so we could share our experiences as our kids start school. The first week of preschool was definitely the hardest for me, though it still makes me happy to know that if I ever need to vent about the transition you’re there and you get it.

~You’re also a new pen pal of mine, but because you moved back to the mitten and not because you have a little one who started school, hehe. I’m already enjoying getting to know you and the road that led you back to Michigan, and if there is ever another Michigan LEP meet up I know I’d enjoy getting to talk to you in person.

~I actually don’t remember *why* we became pen pals, but I am glad we did. Hearing about your life in San Fran is so fascinating to me, and I find myself wanting to live vicariously through you when you talk about the events you host. The more we write, the more it is clear to me you’re going to be a loyal pen pal. I hope that despite not remembering why we started writing, you feel the same way towards me.

~Though this is the last paragraph, you were also among the first to write me when I got my P.O. box. It always makes me smile when people use note cards and notebook paper when they write¬†me as that’s been my usual for over a year, but what has made me ecstatic is that you jumped on my idea to write a story together, 20 words at a time. I’ve done this with¬†a couple¬†Manolo pals, and you bridged the gap.

And like with my Manolo pals, I am so incredibly thankful for all of the people who write me via Pablo. You definitely have made having a second mailbox worth my while, and have given me an outlet I didn’t realize just how much I needed. Thanks for reading this outlet of mine, by the way!

Sincerely, Kate ~!~




Mail to be Thankful For

25 Nov

November 15th: Thanks to Pablo, I heard from my newest birthday twin, and also got two batches of little cards per my ATC group endeavors.

November 16th: Last week started with letters from the pen pal I’ve been writing to the longest and the LEPeep I’ve been writing the longest.

November 18th: Even more little cards came today– four batches to be exact! I also got “Now That’s What I Call Disney Princess,” bwahaha.

November 19th: Not that I think my oldest brother reads my blog, but what I received is confidential as it’s his Christmas present.

November 20th: Though I didn’t get them in the mail, my aunt-in-law hooked me up with some new address labels, featuring Harper as a puppy, hehe.

November 21st: Jody and Ashley’s letters came via Manolo, and Angie’s via Pablo.

November 23rd: This week started with a letter from Erika.

November 24th: And this post is ending with this picture of the awesome foodie gift my Aunt Ruth and Uncle Randy surprised us with:


Happy Thanksgiving, Bleaders!
Sincerely, Kate ~!~


Thank You Notes: Manolo

20 Nov

The time has come for me to tell my pen pals why I’m so thankful for them. Well, some of them. In this post I will address the pen pals who send letters to my street address, and on the 30th I will tell those who send theirs to my P.O. box. I won’t use names in either post in the hopes, like in years past, I did each person enough justice they know which paragraph applies to them.

~Though I haven’t gotten letters from you in a while, I still think of you often and am delighted when you send me postcards to let me know that you were thinking of me. They are the postcards I gave you to send after all! I think we really need to become postcard pals, and that I need to pay better attention to your blog because I have missed our nerdy exchanges like paleontologists miss dinosaurs.

~I beat myself up that I don’t try to see you more considering how close I live to your university, but I know you’re keeping busy. I do hope that you’ll be able to write me over your holiday break and that you’ll fill me in on the new boy when you do. We may not talk often, but when we do it’s like no time is ever really lost and even in pen palling, that sort of friendship is rare and therefore extremely appreciated.

~It’s funny. The last time I did one of these Thank You Notes post, I said “You truly are a crafty maven and I think we should try more collaborations in the future.” I could not have asked for a better partner when it comes to our little cards. You’re supportive, encouraging, and inspiring, and this endeavor has brought us even closer. I will always enjoy writing to you, but these days I’m grateful to be messaging you so regularly.

~Whenever I write about you I say how if we lived closer, I am positive we would hang out, and now this paragraph is no exception. Your letters are so chatty, and written as if you’re sitting across from me, talking out loud. Even when it feels as if you could fall apart, you keep your sense of humor and a level head, and I am in constant awe of you. I admire your strength and your dedication, and of course I admire your taste in TV shows as it mirrors my own, hehe.

~I’m not going to lie, it definitely feels like we’re fizzling out as pen pals, but I have enjoyed our correspondence, whether it was between you and me, or Leslie and Michael. I may not have excelled as a character pen pal, but it just made me appreciate the craft that much more. Keep writing, even if it’s not to me, and when you have a story to share I’ll be happy to read it.

~It doesn’t seem that long ago that we were living together,¬†but I’m glad that I was able to introduce you to pen palling back¬†then and that you rediscovered it now. I’m also glad you have a little one of your own now as it gives us that much more to talk about. I have always found this hobby incredibly therapeutic and I imagine it does for you what it has for me. I certainly want you to feel like you can talk to me the way you did when we were roommates, whether it’s out loud or like when we passed each other notes.

~My expectations were low when you asked me to be your pen pal after registering my postcard via postcrossing, but you have become an incredibly loyal pen pal. I like that you¬†also enjoy utilizing notecards like me, and how¬†if I even mention a recipe of yours sounding good you’ll¬†enclose the recipe. You strike me as the type of person that would give someone the shirt off your back, and I enjoy exchanging stories with you.

~It makes me smile to know that it was a mutual pen pal who brought us into each other’s life, and now I’ve introduced you to the LEP. It’s as if I’ve paid it forward in a way. Your letters may have had a lot of venting as of late, but I still think you have as warm and bubbly of a personality as ever. I’m truly grateful for the letters, postcards, and greeting cards you’ve sent over the years, and for the ones I know are still to come because that’s the friend you are.

~In last year’s entry I said “You had me at Veronica Mars,” and though that’s true, I can’t believe how far we have come since I read your LEP intro. We bonded then over crafts and Kevin Smith, and now we’re even closer as we’re transitioning to having our babies in school and I’m (occasionally) filling my days with Arrow, mainly because of you. I love that you seem to have your writing mojo back, because the flow between us has been an absolute delight.

~It’s been a while since I’ve heard from you, though with you I never mind because I know that when you do decide to write me you’ll make sure that letter is worth my wait– you always do. I’m looking forward to hearing how you like the new place and how the furbabies have all adjusted. I’m also looking forward to the day when I can tell you about my Disney trip with the boys come January because I know out of all my pen pals, you’d be the one to appreciate the details the most.

~There have been quite a few paragraphs above this one, but the only number I think of when it comes to you is 1 as you are the first of all these people I started writing to. It’s hard to believe that it’s been 10 years since we started writing each other, though I’m well aware you have a large roll in me loving this hobby as much as I have during its reign as my favorite. I tell you constantly how I live vicariously through you/ your letters, yet you never make me feel as if I’m any less interesting.

~It makes me happy whenever I see a letter from you in my mailbox, because unlike the majority of my pen pals, you write me because we’re such good friends in real life you want to send me snail mail in addition to our usual exchanges. I’m really excited about seeing you next month and meeting your new boyfriend, and hearing even more about him in the meantime. Hope he’s ready to help you break in some new Monopoly games!

~I’d be lying if I said I haven’t been collecting postcards to use for our next march, and even if you’re not interested in participating¬†I still have every intention to send them to you. I absolutely love writing you, and yearn for another day where we can sit at a table and write together– frozen hot chocolates optional. I hope you’ll find yourself in Michigan again, and that my mailbox finds more postcards (and letters?) from you.

~I said it before and I’ll say it again– I love the fact that you respond to letters as quickly as I do; it’s amazing to have a pen pal I can expect letters from weekly. Even better yet is having several shows in common so we can talk about each of them as each letter arrives. And then of course there is the extra sheet of stationery we’ve been enclosing with our letters for years. You’re a rare find, and I intend to keep you as my pen pal for many more years.

~You were my very first birthday twin, and remain the one I’m closest too. You’re certainly the person who makes sure my Marsh Mailow stamp wasn’t made in vain, hehe. I love that in addition to sharing our birthday, we also have boys around the same age. However, it’s because of all the ways we’re different that I find your letters so fascinating. The Winnie the Pooh quote comes to mind when I think of you… “You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.” I wish you the best in all your endeavors.

~As you well know by now, it’s because of your last name I was drawn to you, and now I’m jealous of you now that you’re living in Washington. I hope you’re settling in well and finding homes for things like your vast assortment of stationery. Looking forward to seeing the pages you mix and match when you write me next.

~Every time I think I might not here from you again, something miraculously shows up in my mailbox– most recently those Postcards from Wonderland. It might have been a while since we’ve actually written, but I can only imagine how much you’ll have to tell me once you get a chance to write again. In the meantime, I hope life is treating you well and that getting special¬†Christmas stamps isn’t too much of a challenge, hehe.

~You’re currently my Pen Pal of the Month, and like I said in that post, we bonded quickly over things like Once Upon a Time, though now I’m confident that our friendship could survive without our regular reviews. You’re so sweet to not only think of me when you go somewhere, but of Logan, and even when you’re a homebody, you’re participating in things like my random swaps. I’m currently expecting a letter and some ATCs from you, and I absolutely can’t wait.

~I have not looked for another match via The International Geek Girls Pen Pal, and that’s because I don’t think I’d get as lucky with them as I have with you. Sure, we don’t write very often, but your letters make up for lost time and the things you enclose always bring a smile to my face.

Phew! I didn’t realize how many “Manolo Pals” I had these days until I started writing this! If you made it this far, thanks for reading, and if you’re one of said Manolo Pals, thanks for giving me such awesomeness to read and for being awesome in general.

Sincerely, Kate ~!~





Thank You Notes ’14- Part 3

25 Nov

Here is the third and final installment of this mini-series where, without using names for kicks and giggles, I thank each of my current pen pals for being so awesome and sending such awesome mail. So without further ado…

~ If someone would have told me this time last year I’d send daily postcards for a month to a new friend and then meet her six months later, I would have thought it’d be awesome, though I’m not sure I would have believed it. You are as lovely in person as you are in print. Not every one could say so much on the limited space of a postcard resulting in a lasting friendship, but you, when you’re able, make it seem so effortless.

~ Out of all the pen pals I currently have, you’ve been mine the longest. In¬†a different blog post I said that I don’t mind experimenting with my letters to you because I haven’t scared you off in 9 years, and though that’s as true as ever, it’s also easy for me to do those things because of how supportive of them you are and because¬†I know¬†I can trust you. Thanks for trusting me with your own things as of late, by the way!

~ You, my dear, had me at Veronica Mars. It was because of you I found out the book following the movie existed and heard that “Mr. Kiss & Tell” will be released early next year. It turns out, however, that we have much more in common since 1) you have a daughter close to Logan’s age and 2) we get all excited about new crafts only to get easily distracted. I may not use the adorable mini stamps you acquired for me very often, but I still adore them, though I adore you (and your handwriting) even more.

~ I mentioned the others who shared our March 1st birthday in my last post like this, and now it’s your turn to shine (and yes, I said that because of your cosmic last name). We have yet to exchange very many letters, but I’m sure we will get there one day. And if the boys and I ever get the lab puppy we’re wanting, you can bet my letters will include questions, stories, and maybe even pictures.

~ You, or at least one of your characters, were one of the first people to write me since my induction to The League of Extraordinary Pen Pals. At no fault of yours we hit a few bumps like when my character lost interest in continuing writing, but you were more than willing to try writing me as yourself, and we found an awesome way to still incorporate your characters with my love of asking questions. Thanks for sticking it out!

~ Like the previous person, you were among the first LEP members to write Wonder Katerz, and for that alone I’m grateful! I really enjoy seeing the art that has come my way whether it’s your contribution to a dossier, a page for my deconstructed deco book, or the envelopes you send things like the above in. You truly are a crafty maven and I think we should try more collaborations in the future ūüôā

~ Last, but certainly not least, is someone who started off as a nerdy acquaintance here on wordpress who evolved into a genuine friend. I don’t know if you ever considered pen palling prior to finding this blog, but knowing that you thought highly enough of me that you wanted us to send each other mail is still very flattering. I can’t see things like dinosaurs or Hello Kitty without thinking of you and considering how well things would ship, and I also can’t help but think how I’d love to meet you and show you these things for yourself. Or we could just watch Supernatural— I’m not picky!

Well pen pals, it has been awesome exchanging letters with you regardless of how long it has been, and I hope to be thanking all of you again in the years to come. Without you, this would not be a favorite hobby of mine and I doubt I would have an outlet that does for me what anti-depressants have accomplished in the past. I may have only met a couple of you in person, but I still consider you all true friends and wish you nothing but the best. Happy pen palling, and Happy Thanksgiving, too.

Sincerely, Kate ~!~

My Fourth Not-so-Mad Tea Party

24 Nov

Not to beat any dead horses, but these posts are this Alice in Wonderland lover’s take on the “If we were having coffee” posts, just like here, here, and here.

First and foremost, Happy Thanksgiving! On Thursday afternoon the boys and I will be having turkey and the fixings over at my in-laws’, us with a cornbread dish in tow. No, we won’t be shopping afterwards or the following day. I went with my friend Krista one year and decided never again. Nothing she got, in my opinion, was worth the early hours, long lines, and rude people. This Thanksgiving, just like the last four, I’ll be thankful for all the extra time I’ll get with both my favorite guys in the comfort of our home.

I’m not sure when we’ll start decorating for Christmas. It used to be something we held off doing until the Sunday before Christmas, but now that we don’t have to worry about Gabe’s cat trying to eat it and knocking it over, we could really put it up any time in December. We still have some shopping to do yet, but the bulk of our Christmas presents have been purchased and I almost got some Frozen wrapping paper while I was grocery shopping yesterday. Before you get envious of how much I seem to have accomplished, we actually don’t buy gifts for many people. Pictures and Logan’s artwork seem to make our relatives joyful enough.

Speaking of relatives, back on the 2nd my maternal grandparents threw a party in honor of their 60th wedding anniversary, and almost all of my family was there. I loved being able to see everyone, especially my brother Erik and his wife who came up from Florida, but the crowd seemed to be too much for the Loganator. Fortunately my youngest cousins were able to get him to play, and later on he was much more social towards his aunts and uncles than when the festivities first began. Afterwards we went to my grandparents’ so Logan could spend some more time with them, Erik and Mindy, and my cousin Joey (and his mom).

Things actually haven’t been too eventful since that weekend, but I still haven’t found the time, or more accurately motivation, to do more than write letters. I have yet to do a single Vari-Kate-ion this month and the only time I even attempted to read was when Logan and I rode with his daddy as he hauled sugar beets. I blame the “catastrophe” for this melancholia for the most part, but I keep thinking any day now I will genuinely want to do these things… especially now that I ran out of Gilmore Girls to watch ūüėõ Oh! You know what’s¬† an awesome show? How to Get Away With Murder. The wait until it comes back in 2015 is going to be excruciating! I want to see the aftermath from “murder night,” dang nabbit!

I know I’ve vaguely mentioned the cat thing a couple times already, but I suppose a little update is warranted. My cat has still been really friendly towards me and Logan, but he still knows it’s best to stay away from Gabe. Gabe and I looked at grave markers the other day, but everything just seemed so gaudy– all we were really interested in was finding a decorative stone. Gabe doesn’t want to keep looking though, so I’m not going to force it.

Oh, quick story that you probably have to know me (and my brothers) as kids to appreciate, but the other day when Logan was at his grandparents’ they ordered pizza per his request. Logan would NOT touch it because it didn’t have black olives on it, something we recently started getting on our pizza here once we realized he liked them. They got some black olives, dumped them on top of it, and Logan then ate it and not just the olives on top. That’s my kid, all right ūüėõ

Well, I should get going– I have another blog post to work on tomorrow featuring 7 more pen pals I’m incredibly thankful for. Until then!

Sincerely, Kate ~!~

Thank You Notes ’14- Part 2

15 Nov

As promised, here is the 2nd installment of this month’s mini-series. Missed the first one? You can find it here, but all you really need to know is that I’m telling my current batch of pen pals why I’m thankful for them without using any names for kicks and giggles.

~ I still get a kick out of your last name because of how similar it is to my maiden one, and I also get a kick out of how you mix and match stationery and make festive envelopes (wink, wink). You sometimes will say how you’re behind with your reply pile, but personally I haven’t noticed so cut yourself some slack. Good pen pals will be patient.

~ You are the newest LEP member to share my March 1st birthday, and though I have only received one letter from you so far I can’t help but feel like us birthday quadruplets are deeply connected. I wish international postage wasn’t so ridiculously expensive because I think the traveling journal idea we once spoke of would be amazing. We’ll just have to keep sending letters… and maybe birthday cards in a couple months ūüėČ .

~ This time last year I had a different postcard pen pal, but she stopped sending me postcards. Being in the LEP made me decide on trying another one, and you not only “signed up” right away, but sent me so many postcards I couldn’t keep up with more than 4 in my smashbook. I hope you’ve been enjoying the postcards I sent you– I will send out another one today!

~ It makes me laugh when I think about why we became pen pals– you had the Wicked Witch from Once Upon a Time as your profile picture. Out of all the shows that returned this fall that has been my favorite so the more people I have to chat with the merrier I am… even if the Snow Queen’s the villain now. Anyway, it turns out we have more than the show in common, and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want to try to see you in Florida next year.

~ I stumbled upon your blog here on wordpress, and knew I had to write you even if you wouldn’t be able to respond as often as either of us would like. To be honest, I did think you weren’t going to be writing anymore, but then I got your package the other day which restored every drop of confidence I lost. I’m so excited for you and the adventure that you’re on, and I’m looking forward to reading more about that whenever you’re able.

~ I couldn’t have asked for a better match via the International Geek Girl Pen Pals Club. I feel like we have enough in common that we always have something to talk about, but yet we’re so different things never get dull. I appreciate you answering all my potentially prying questions, and how when I send you things like ATCs you return the favor. If I were to try another match via the IGGPPC I don’t think they’d live up to the expectations you’ve set, so I don’t think I’ll ever bother.

~ Before you joined the LEP I never wrote to someone who shared my March 1st birthday, so thanks for being my first birthday twin! And for motivating me to keep using my Marsh Mailow stamp, hehe. I love that you have a son around the same age as Logan– only a few of my pen pals have kids but none of them have boys, little or otherwise. I can see our relationship being a godsend one day, though I already appreciate it immensely.

Like I said last time, though this is only a portion of my pen pals, I am truly thankful to everyone who takes the time to make my mailbox a happy one. And to those who have stumbled onto this blog of mine and have taken the time to read about this hobby of mine. All the best!

Sincerely, Kate ~!~

Thank You Notes ’14- Part 1

5 Nov

Normally it’s closer to Thanksgiving when I do my annual post where I tell my pen pals why I’m thankful for them, but this year I decided to turn it into a mini-series, with the 2nd and 3rd parts to follow on the 15th and 25th of this month. For the record, all of the paragraphs will be regarding pen pals I currently have exchanges with, though one-time swaps and similar things don’t count. Oh, and I also don’t use names because my intention is that I do each pen pal enough justice that they know which paragraph is about them.

~ I was not interested in any more pen pals when you joined the LEP, but when I saw that you not only attended a nearby university but were a psychology major, I couldn’t not take you on. I was soon completely hooked when I saw how quickly you responded, and though your schedule’s keeping you too busy to write right now, I’m still hooked and look forward to the day we can meet up again, cupcakes optional.

~ I’m not sure if you’ll see this as we have not been writing very long, but I really appreciate the fact that you were up for becoming unconventional pen pals where we focus more on what we make than what we write. You incorporated confetti onto your envelope and an Alice in Wonderland quote in the contents which makes you the ideal person for me to do such an experiment with. I can’t wait to get your next creations, and everything after, of course.

~ I can’t help but feel if you and I lived in the same city, you and I would hang out regularly– lunches at Chipotle, talking books and TV shows at cafes, gossiping about anyone and everyone over drinks, etc. etc. If we get along so well on paper, I can only imagine how much we’d get along in person. I know how busy you are between your husband, your job, even dog fostering, so I’m so thankful you’re able to write me as often as you do. And I still love that you make a list of what you want to tell me on the envelopes from my letters.

~ To be honest, I don’t feel like we’re as close as we used to be. I don’t blame you for that; I think if I was recently married and about to lose my job I wouldn’t be feeling all that normal either. Always know though, that you can talk to me about anything and everything. We’ve been writing for too long for me to lose interest just because you’re riding an exceptionally big roller coaster in the amusement park that is life. I wish you the best of luck with everything, and look forward to the day where you’re sending festive cards for more holidays than just Christmas again.

~ First of all, congratulations on your recent marriage! Though to me it feels like you and yours have already been married for quite some time considering how long you’ve been together. And how many babies you have, even if those babies all have four legs. It was¬†so fun reading about your wedding plans, both on your blog and in your sporadic letters, and I’m so incredibly flattered that you invited me and Gabe– I wish we could have gone! Not going to lie, I’ve been imagining the next letter you send will be so thick that the most you’ll be able to fold it is once. Your letters may not come incredibly often, but you make sure that I’m caught up entirely on what you’ve been up to since you were able to write me last. I look forward to the day where us meeting, whenever the heck that is, can be among your bullet points.

Though this is merely the first batch of these paragraphs, I am truly thankful to everyone (besides bill collectors and the like) who takes the time to send me mail. And to those who have stumbled onto this blog of mine and have taken the time to read about this hobby of mine. All the best!

Sincerely, Kate ~!~

Thank You Notes ’13

25 Nov

Much like last year¬†I thought I‚Äôd say a few words about the pen pals I have who I’m very thankful for in honor of Thanksgiving. Once again I won’t use any names in the hopes that I’ve done each current pen pal of mine enough justice that they can find the paragraph that pertains to them. If for some reason, pen pals of mine, you can’t find one keep in mind that those below are all pen pals I’ve heard from within the past five months and¬†more than five times overall.

~ You may be one month younger than me, but you, my friend, are wise beyond our years. I don’t mind writing to you because not only do you respond to all of my thoughts, hopes, and concerns, you’re so insightful about anything and everything. I love your enthusiasm whether it’s for your relationships, your piracy, or my silly little FB games. We’ve been writing for several years and I see us writing each other for many years to come.

~Earlier in the year I got the idea to acquire a postcard pen pal and you were sweet enough to indulge my request– you’re just pretty sweet in general. Not only have I loved writing you all sorts of blurbs about me and reading yours, I had so much fun collecting postcards from each state to send your way, though collecting them and sending them is still a work in progress. Watch your mailbox because I just sent you a postcard from New Hampshire!

~ You and I started writing letters this year thanks to a mutual pen pal of ours. Although I don’t feel incredibly close to you (yet), I have found it really easy to talk to you about my son since you’ve experienced raising two children of your own. Occasionally I will feel like people without kids sort of gloss over what I say about Logan, but you seem to remember all of those things which is a big deal to me.

~ Originally I went to become pen pals with someone you write with, but from the second I saw your last name– a name extremely close to my maiden one– in her friends list, I knew I’d rather be writing you. I may not be the Block-head or Twilighter you are, but I’m still enjoying finding other similarities between us.

~ We might have gone 2+ years without talking, but nothing could ever change the fact that you’re still my very first pen pal! I sent you a letter late last year after our “hiatus” and though we haven’t written a lot since then I’m happy you’ll send me letters when you can as well as Logan friendly things– it reminds me of when we first started writing and you enclosed little letters for the the little girls I watched ūüôā

~ What can I say to you that I haven’t said already? I love that you write me so often and that we’ve exchanged extra pieces of stationery.¬†I love that you’ll send me silly little postcards, stickers, and souvenirs.¬†I love how we not only talk about Glee but the¬†Once Upon a Time series¬†now, too. Etc. Etc. Thanks for being the quality pen pal someone we know claimed you weren’t.

~ We started writing each other before you found your significant other (again), and now here we are, both a Mrs.! I always love hearing from you whether you’re carrying on about your relationship, crazy girls, or one of the several shows we have in common. The last time I did a post like this I told you I admired you and that’s just as true as ever.

~ I was really hoping to meet you this past summer, but if anyone knows “life happens” as much as me it’s you! I appreciate you sending me postcards between your long, chatty letters and giving me a bunch of tips when it comes to this site you’re currently on. You may not send me letters very often, but I always find them worth the wait and full of goodies, proverbial or otherwise. I hope the binder I recently decorated for you makes up for everything you’ve given me!

~ You’ve been quite the busy bee so you’re taking a break from pen palling now.¬†However¬†you think so much of lil’ ol’ me that if/when you go on trips you’re still planning to send me blank postcards and little letters to go with them. You sent me postcards and some other odds and ends before and it’s a comfort to know that I haven’t seen the last of them or heard the last from you.

~ You and I are still getting to know each other, and I can’t help but think that as our son’s get older they might get to know each other a bit too. I enjoy hearing about your little guy and the fact that you seem to enjoy asking questions as much as I do.

~ I have been really happy to be hearing from your pretty regularly again, and I’m also happy that our letters now include zentangles! You’re a good friend and in one of these¬†Thank You Notes¬†things I’m hoping to call you a good mother, too! I know with everything you’ve been going through it may be hard to feel all that thankful, but some things you have to be thankful for include (but aren’t limited to) a supportive husband, a big heart, and an awesome taste in TV shows, hehe.

~ You may not officially be my pen pal, but you’re certainly a great friend! Not everyone would write a person just because they know how much they like getting mail. I love that we’ve been sending monthly postcards to each other for the past year and I just flat out love you. After all, I don’t write just anyone notebooks full of randomness, and not just anyone would sit through it if I did. I hope that one day you’ll get to visit us– Tomfoolery needs a sequel!

~ I think it’s as nice to get your letters as your daughter thinks it is to get my extra stationery, hehe. Considering everything your family’s going through as of late I rarely expect to hear from you yet you still find the time to write me– I find that admirable. All the best to you and yours!

~ First of all, thanks again for the save-the-date– it’s the most super one I’ve ever seen ūüėČ Second of all, thanks for everything else you’ve sent me over the past few years! Your letters and cards are always so upbeat and I hope my mailbox will keep ’em coming!

~ You also might not technically be a pen pal, but you still write me from time to time anyway and I love you for that! It’s kind of crazy knowing we met through a pen pal of mine and wound up writing each other years after the fact. I knew you were amazing when I met you six years ago, and with each passing year I believe it even more. I hope you get to meet the boys I’ve been telling you about one of these days.

Not that my pen pals needed proof, but I hope this post shows them how thankful for each of them I am, While I’m at it, I’d like to thank¬†everyone who has been reading these¬†blogs of mine over the past 14 months– that means you!

Sincerely, Kate ~!~

Thank You Notes

20 Nov

In honor of Thanksgiving I thought I’d say a few words about the pen pals I have who I’ve been so thankful for over the years. ¬†I’m not going to use any names in the hopes that I’ve done each current pen pal of mine enough justice they can figure out which paragraph applies to them. The paragraphs are not in any specific order so please don’t think I like the people I wrote about first any more or less than those I wrote about last. And not to sound ungrateful, but I’m only going to acknowledge those I’ve heard from over the past six months and those who have written me more than three times.

~ I don’t hear from you as often as I’d like, but the length of your letters more than makes up for the lack of ’em- quality over¬†quantity, right? I’m flattered you write me at all considering your schedule though, and I feel even more special because I’m the¬†only person you write. I enjoy bouncing ideas off you as much as I enjoy seeing your own ideas come to life in your blog. You’re very creative and you inspire me to get creative, too.

~ You are the pen pal I hear from the most and it’s awesome being able to expect your letters like clockwork. I love that exchanging extra sheets of stationery has become a tradition of ours and that we have¬†Glee in common. Actually, I talk to a few pen pals about¬†Glee¬†but because we write so often we’re able to talk about the show week after week and I look forward to that as much as the show itself.

~ My mom introduced me to a few potential pen pals from Ming Chuan University in Taiwan, but you’ve been the only one I’ve heard from throughout the year over the past couple years so thank you for that and thank you for showing my mom where to find cute, lined paper. I adore all the artwork you have enclosed with your letters and think they’ll look great hanging up in our family room. If you ever make it to the States you can see it for yourself ūüôā

~ You are probably the pen pal I know the least about, mainly because we didn’t talk for over a year, but I’m glad you recently contacted me, wanting to start writing letters again. I hope you and that boyfriend of yours are happy at your new place and that you get a bunch of mail there too- and I don’t mean bills!

~ Sometimes it feels live I’ve been writing you for as long as I’ve been pen palling. I like that we never need letters to respond to for us to start writing each other- I even have a letter started for you right now, haha. I know you’d like to have more pen pals and I hope you’ll get them since you’ve been such a loyal pen pal to me over the years.

~ In case I haven’t congratulated you enough in the last couple letters I wrote you,¬†congratulations on your engagement! Reading your letters has been like reading a book about your life and I’m so excited for the chapters about your wedding and trip to France. And the next installment, of course ūüôā

~ For personal reasons you’ve given up pen palling, but there’s a part of me that’s keeping my fingers crossed that I haven’t seen the last of your colorful letters since we have been writing more years than you have dogs. All the best to you and yours; I hope you’re all doing okay!

~ As I thought about what I wanted to write about you, I considered how I’ve sent you shoes and a sweatshirt, how you got Logan his much-loved baby blanket, and how you are responsible for me finding three of my other pen pals. We may not write all the time, but everything else considered you’re still pretty fantastic!

~ We have known each other for years before we ever started writing to each other, and now your letters (and monthly postcards) are just one more thing I love about you. When it comes to my pen pals I’m an open book, but you are the one person I feel like I can really tell¬†anything to and that means the world to me. Thank you for being such an amazing friend.

~ You and I met long before we added letters to our¬†repertoire, and through a former pen pal of mine no less. You’re one of my favorite people and you writing me now only solidifies that. I hope we’ll be able to see each other again and that we’ll always stay in touch, letters or otherwise.

~ From the very first time I received a letter from you I considered you a favorite because I just love your chatty letters. I never told you this but I admire the heck out of you. You’re two months (to the day) younger than me yet so mature and independent. That fiance of yours is a lucky man, and I’m lucky to have you as a pen pal. Oh, and don’t be surprised if I try making my own envelope(s) sometime in the not so distant future, haha.

~ I don’t hear from you as much as I used to, but I know you and your husband have had a full plate and are hoping it gets even fuller soon. You deserve so much happiness because you have such a warm heart- so warm I find it funny you’re the one to introduce me to¬†Revenge¬†ūüėČ

~ And out of all the pen pals I currently have, you’re the one I’ve been writing to the longest despite the state of FL trying to get in our way back in ’06, haha. Any time I see anything pirate-esque I think of you as well as any Geico commercials. You’re a lady I hold very near and dear to my heart and I hope we stay pen pals for many years to come, even when all the gel pens are dried out.

As you can see I’m thankful for all my pen friends for all sorts of different reasons, and I’d like to thank¬†everyone¬†who has written me over the years or read this blog over the past few months. Special thanks go to my mom for all the stationery she has acquired for me, to my husband for all his post office runs, and to my son for giving me so much to write about and being so behaved that I can write it.

The guys I’m the most thankful for

Happy Thanksgiving!

Sincerely, Kate ~!~