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Lady Allison’s Tarot Reading

10 Aug

Since not everyone is a psychic or can read tarot cards I’ll give you a bit of a back story. Gabe and I took the Loganator to the Mid Michigan Renaissance Festival back in June since “Pirate Invasion” was the theme one weekend. Between our little swashbuckler climbing aboard “his” pirate ship and finding an array of treasures, I didn’t have the opportunity to have a reading done. I did grab a flyer though because I thought my pen pal Allison would appreciate it.

Here are some excerpts from the letter that followed:

“I actually did a couple psychic faires with a Pagan group back in Iowa. I read tarot for them.”

“I was in Sanctuary and we hosted an event called ‘Tea and Tarot’ every month.”

“It works best in person, but I have occasionally done a reading per request over the phone and over Facebook.”

Know where this is going yet? 😉

10406710_10152749050964180_7516608765359062186_nOn Wednesday morning Allison and I were both online so a tarot reading happened, but no tea. The right side was very family oriented– strong yet happy marriage but stress may try to mess that up. The cards also implied quite the male influence for some reason 😉 I found the left side much more interesting (and blog-friendly!) Here are more excerpts, this time from our conversation:

(Allison is the bold print, mine is the print you’re currently reading, and should I have any commentary that will be in italics.)

So first we’re looking at the left side, and I’m seeing you charging headfirst into something that gives you a lot of pleasure.

I’m assuming the LEP meet up coming up– I was just responding to a postcard from Othella where she thanked me for the work I was putting into it.

Leave it to me to assume something pleasurable for me is in regards to pen palling, at least in some form.

Could be. I’m seeing one particular female and one particular male influence on this thing. Not sure if that still makes sense for the LEP thing.

One of the people coming is male, so maybe? Or maybe it’s Gabe?

I really doubt Andronic would should up in a tarot reading of mine. It’d just be awkward if he did 😛 

Is Gabe helping you out with it, perhaps? But I’m getting a ton of excitement and expectations. I was originally thinking maybe this was more writing-related, like maybe with your blogging and wanting to do more career-wise with writing, which could have Gabe there backing you up. It just seems like it’s bigger than a one-time thing.

That’s a possibility. If not Gabe maybe my brother– Doug surprised me with a computer and kept hinting around to maybe trying online classes. So maybe he and my mom are up to something? She knew about the computer but didn’t say a word– they’ve known my POS was my main reason for not trying online classes already.

That actually really fits, because the Queen of Pentacles card you see in the left spread usually would denote a woman who is older than you, or in an authority position to you in some way. Here’s where it’s going, though: There are a million different dreams and possibilities, and not all of them can be realized, as is the nature of life. So you might have something coming up, like something plotted between your mom and brother, or something you have to start on your own that they will support, but it won’t go exactly where you are hoping. That is not to say it won’t go anywhere, though. I’m not reading any dead ends in this, just that the reality doesn’t wind up matching the dream when all is said and done.

Speaking of "when all's said and done"

Speaking of “when all’s said and done”

With the fall semester quickly approaching, I doubt I’ll be enrolling in any classes this time around as my school still knows me by my maiden name and I haven’t even looked into financial aid. I may not be working towards a degree at the moment, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing for me to dive into… I just don’t know what that is yet. Regardless, I’m looking forward to seeing what the cards have in store for me, and receiving more letters from Allison, too.

Sincerely, Kate ~!~