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Little Cards: Agriculture

26 May

While Gabe is busy with spring planting-related things this morning, I thought I should (finally) show you the set of Agriculture ATCs I received thanks to the most recently completed swap in my group, Little Cards on Big Adventures.

But before I do that, let me show you what I wrote when I first announced this theme in April:

It’s only a matter of time until the planting season starts for my husband, so lately it’s been a bit of a hot topic around here. That said, I started thinking “agriculture” could be a fun theme to use via LCOBA since there are so many directions you could go like tractors, crops, farm animals, etc. etc..

Six people, myself included, wound up making six farm-friendly ATCs each. Once I received all of the Little Cards, they were made into sets so the participants got one ATC from every person who participated. Without further adieu, this is the set I personally acquired:

I’m personally responsible for the scrapbook paper barn this time around. The next order of business for me is attempting something with a Volkswagen, lol, since the current theme is The 60’s/70’s. There are four of us participating in that, for the record.

Well, I hope you enjoyed seeing the Agriculture set a quarter as much as Gabe is ready to be done with spring planting right about now ūüėõ

Sincerely, Kate ~!~



Secret Santa and the Mail Lady

25 Jul

I’m so glad I decided to post about my post more often. I find myself much more rejuvenated here at Sincerely Kate; I hope you see that below and in the mail calls that follow.

July 15th: My last mail call ended with a “Postcard from Wonderland,” and thanks to Emily this entry is starting with one.

July 16th: Nicole hooked me up with yet another Wonderland postcard, and Jody and Erika both hooked me up with letters.

July 17th: Pablo not only had Leslie’s letter for me, but two envelopes full of tea.

July 18th: Another two envelopes full of tea came today plus a letter from Sarah S.

July 19th: Despite there being no mail because it was Sunday, I still had a great day because the boys and I saw Minions. It was a fun movie, but I kind of feel it should have been straight to DVD and blu-ray rather than released in theaters. And the rich get richer…

July 20th: I got more tea (for reasons you’ll read about later) from both mailboxes. I got some from Kayla via Manolo, and from Charmaine via Pablo.

July 21st: A moving announcement was all that came, so I prepared the ATCs like these for the LEPeeps who hooked me up with some tea.


July 22nd: Neither mailbox had letters for me, but I did get some things I was expecting like tea, a gift for my almost-here nephew, and preschool hoopla.

July 23rd: Finally some letters thanks to Jody, Justine, and Stephanie. *Throws confetti* I also got a postcard from Ashley, and Logan got half a year older.

July 25th: Over the past few years, July 25th has been when I’ve done Christmas in July posts (Exhibit A and Exhibit B), and so I wanted to share some pictures from my annual Secret Santa¬†swap once again, though I only have these two so far:

Speaking of Christmas in July/ Secret Santa, Emily over at Nerd in the Brain borrowed my idea. I signed up, of course, and was given a wishlist that consisted of books, tea, and coffee. It is because of this I acquired all the tea I mentioned above, hehe. I told my pen pals and the LEP how tea was not a forte of mine but that I wanted to give her a variety, and a bunch of people came to my aide, as you can see:


For the record, I sent the person a book too, but I thought the tea would be an extraordinary extra. I have yet to receive either of my gifts, but I don’t doubt they’ll be worth their wait!

Thanks to everyone who sent me anything, and to my mail carrier for making sure I receive/d everything, hehe.

Sincerely, Kate

Christmas in July ’14

25 Jul

Much like with the swap I organized last July, I decided that the Christmas in July concept is the perfect excuse to host an exchange among my pen pals. Just like last time I told those interested to PM me a list of 3 general ideas to pass along to their Secret Santa, keeping in mind that no one should spend more than $10.

Sara, who asked for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, stationery,¬†and jewelry bezels, was the first to receive¬†anything… probably because I was responsible for her package, hehe.


Othella’s wishlist included¬†a used book, stickers,¬†and something homemade. The picture shows other things Othella received that day, but what was from¬†Allison had to have been pretty¬†awesome¬†as they¬†are FB friends now ūüėõ


Emily requested Hello Kitty stickers/ stationery, Dinosaur stickers/ stationery,¬†and¬†anything Tokidoki. I believe her exact words were “It’s the best Christmas in July evah!!!!”


Kari’s list consisted of stickers, stationery,¬†and washi tape,¬†and it looks like her package consisted of exactly that.


Allison’s three things were a used copy of a book her¬†Santa loves,¬†a used copy of¬†a movie they¬†also love,¬†and the-brighter-the-better stationery. This was what was waiting for her upon her return from New Jersey.


Justine, who asked for local candy, fruity tea, and touristy postcards, has yet to receive her package, but she should get it any day now according to her Secret Santa.

But then there’s me! Even if there was nothing remotely secretive about it I wanted to be involved this time around, giving my Maryland pen pal the list of refrigerator magnets, craft supplies she’d think I like, and¬†a used copy of¬†a favorite book.¬†I was hopeful it would¬†arrive in time for today’s post (along with Gone Girl, the book she is letting me borrow) but that shall be¬†a picture for¬†another time…

But wait, there’s more! When Emily, who you may know as Nerd in the Brain, saw my FB posts she was inspired to host a Secret Santa, too. I gladly signed up. The socks on the left (along with a bookmark I forgot to document) were sent to¬†a woman who¬†asked for funky ones,¬†and I was given the book on the right from¬†another woman.

Actually, I was given a few books as Othella surprised me with The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield and¬†Allison purchased Semi-Sweet by Roisin Meaney for me on¬†a complete whim. Tune in on Monday for my thoughts on the latter ūüėČ

Yeah, I’d say this Christmas in July has been a merry one. I will definitely continue to host these, hehe. Happy holidays!

Sincerely, Kate ~!~