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Dear March

20 Mar

Since the last time I wrote as if we were meeting for coffee, I completed my 31st trip around the sun. We did a few things to celebrate the occasion over a few days, and though nothing on its own was much of a production, when everything was said and done it certainly felt like one. I appreciate everything our families did for me/us, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel relieved when things went back to normal on the 5th. Heck, I even told a couple pen pals that since my 32nd birthday will be on a Friday, it would be tempting to just get a motel room for myself and have pizza delivered, lol.

Right now, however, I’m thinking less about my birthday(s) and more about this upcoming weekend. Since my mom and I both had such an amazing time on our overnight adventure in Troy, MI last year, we decided to go back. Our itinerary includes seeing some kitties at a cat caf√©, doing some light shopping at the Somerset Collection (home to Build-a-Bear Workshop), and going back down the rabbit hole that is Mad Hatter’s Bistro. Twice. It should be a lot of fun, and in my mom’s case it’s well-deserved. P.S. I’ll tell you how many Change Cards we leave next Wednesday.

Oh, that reminds me. I need to tell you that Logan’s class unfortunately won neither the Box Top contest nor the Penny War, but the latter was really close! The good news, however, is that following the Penny War, Logan’s name was chosen in a drawing so he got to throw a pie at the teacher of his choice, haha! Logan’s newest mission on the school’s behalf has been raising money for Jump Rope for Heart/Hoops for Heart per the American Heart Association. Originally we set out to just raise $50 so Logan could earn a t-shirt as well as a couple keychains, but he easily acquired double that so we tackled the requested $250 goal and met that, too.

In other school-related news, March is National Reading Month so Logan’s school has been indulging in some fun novelty days. Yesterday, for example, the kids were encouraged to wear their pajamas and bring in their favorite bedtime story– check out Logan and Bridget:

Murder on the Orient Express, just so you know, is not my favorite bedtime story but the latest book I’ve read. If I wouldn’t have been reading it with my pen pal Kristy, however, I’m not sure I would have finished it. More often than not the novel felt as if it was written in a foreign language then poorly translated into English; to say I was put off by that would be putting it mildly. I found myself wanting to skip ahead to find out whodunit and just watch the movie, but I hung in there because of Kristy. I still don’t think the book was anything special, but that just makes it more rewarding to have it done with. I’ll be reading Untamed by A.G. Howard next; it’s the companion book to the Splintered series I read in January so I’m going to tackle it before moving on to more retellings of Alice in Wonderland.

For the record, I do still plan on watching the newer version of Murder on the Orient Express one of these days. It may be a nice break from Coco and Ferdinand, the latest additions to our Blu-Ray collection, lol. Something that’s not a nice break? Top Chef, This is Us, and How to Get Away with Murder being done until next season ūüėõ At least A) they all wrapped up nicely–though I still wish Carrie won TC, and B) spring premieres are underway like Rise, The 100, and several other shows that will keep me from being too bored when the boys aren’t around.

The boys, by the way, have been good, though I think Gabe would be better if he didn’t still have fish fries to tend to. The end of Lent is coming, though! I’m not sure what exactly we’ll be doing for Easter quite yet, but I do know my in-laws have some big gifts in store for two little boys. It should be a good day; it certainly will be more celebratory than our St. Patrick’s Day was, lol.

I think that’s everything that has been going on around here, but come April 20th I’m sure I’ll have plenty more to tell you over coffee. Until we meet again!

Sincerely, Kate ~!~

Dear February

20 Feb

Hey! Thanks for meeting with me as if we are meeting for coffee. Right now I’m mainly just awaiting my 31st birthday in a little over a week. Thanks to the fire department’s upcoming fish fries, my Gabe-fixes have been a bit few and far between lately, but we’re making sure to set aside some time to celebrate the anniversary of my birth properly. The evening before, for example, his aunts will be having us over for steak and potatoes, per my request.

Speaking of birthdays, I’m pleased to report Logan’s was a happy one. On the day of he not only got things like monster trucks and the Pull My Finger game, but his Papa brought in pizza for his class treat, and two of his friends from school got to come to our family get together that evening. The main highlight for our 7-year-old, though, was going to Monster Jam at Ford Field a week and a half later. Before the main event we attended the Pit Party. Meeting Ryan Anderson of Son Uva Digger was a must for Logan, as was building his own wooden Grave Digger. Come the actual show, Son Uva Digger and Grave Digger did NOT disappoint! The latter even won the overall event after crushing Two-Wheel and Freestyle. Here are a few of my favorite pictures from our adventure:

After coming home from Detroit, Logan had fun via Coming Home at his school, haha. Sure, the first day of Spirit Week, Pajama Day, was thwarted by a snow day (oh darn ūüėČ ), but Logan– as well as my Build a Bear buddy Bridget– still enjoyed dressing up the duration of the week, as you can see:

Several other things happened at Logan’s school this month, starting with the annual Box Top contest and Penny War– we should know who won what sometime next week. Come Valentine’s Day Logan and I attended “Muffins with Mom” in the morning, and that afternoon he had his class party where he, unsurprisingly, gave out Monster Jam valentines to his classmates, haha. I know it’s not school related, but it seems worth noting that the boys and I went out to eat at the little restaurant here in town that evening; not only is Logan a big fan, Gabe and I didn’t want to go anywhere too crowded. But back to the little viking! Thanks to the balanced calendar, he has this week off and–dentist appointment this afternoon aside–he is a very happy kid.

With any luck I’ll be able to keep making a dent reading Spellbook of the Lost and Found by Moira Fowley-Doyle even though I don’t have the house to myself as much right now. For the record, I finished the Splintered series by the end of January, and I read Queen of Babble by Meg Cabot since then. As for my own writing, my resolution withered and died like many that came before it. I still intend to work on my book idea as motivation strikes, but the schedule thing just didn’t work well for me.

Also not working very well for me? Most of my shows being on a brief hiatus due to the Winter Olympics ūüėõ The three episodes of Jane the Virgin between Dear January and now were NOT enough, especially now that “Jafael” is rekindling. But at least I still have Ink Master and Top Chef, right? In case you’re wondering, I’m rooting for Deanna on the former and Carrie on the latter. As for the Olympics, I don’t follow them all that much to root for anyone. #SorryNotSorry.

Much like television in the evenings, I don’t have anything entertaining to offer you anymore, lol. I will leave you with a little request though if you’re the praying type. Gabe’s great aunt passed away suddenly over the weekend, so his dad’s side of the family could use whatever thoughts and prayers you’re willing to send their way. We appreciate them, and I appreciate you reading this monthly update of mine.

Until next time!
Sincerely, Kate ~!~


Dear January

20 Jan

It’s a “Birthday Month Smorgasbord!”

Though this month has had quite a few things I would change (like Logan’s recent eye junk), compared to how the boys and I rang in 2017? I think so far the new year has been a happy one for us! Before the Loganator came along, January was just a cold-ass month we had to get through, but this month has become something the boys and I look forward to. I mean, we celebrated Logan’s 5th birthday at Disney World! This time around the three of us have plans to go to Monster Jam in a couple of weeks, and our wannabe monster truck driver could not be more psyched!

Originally Gabe and I were hoping that by Logan’s birthday we’d have the basement all set to be his new playroom, but it turns out we were a bit too optimistic. Maybe by Logan’s half birthday in July? ūüėõ At least with some help from some family members, Gabe got the drywall up and the mudding process underway. Though it was no mild heart attack like what he experienced on NYE last year, Gabe had some dental issues come up over the past few weeks and taking care of that became the top priority.

My maternal grandparents, unfortunately, have also had some health issues as of late. Their business is not mine to share, but I will tell you that my grandma is now getting the care that’s best for her, and my grandpa is working towards gaining his strength back. As much of a relief it is to have these updates, I wouldn’t wish either of their experiences on anyone, and hate that they had to go through them. My mother deserves many a kudos for going through this ordeal with them no matter how physically and emotionally straining it became.

But back to happier topics! In addition to already reading the first three Captain Underpants books with the Loganator this year, I have read the first two books in A.G. Howard’s Splintered series. Howard has created such a twisted version of Wonderland as well as a worthy suitor for each side of Alyssa, and I’m in a cocoon I don’t want to find my way out of once the books come to an end. As for shows, I’m anxiously anticipating the return of Jane the Virgin in about a week, and am grateful This is Us and How to Get Away With Murder are already back to help tide me over, hehe. Other shows I’m watching this month include the sophomore season of American Crime Story and competition shows like Ink Master, Top Chef, and Hell’s Kitchen. I promise I sound like more of a couch potato than I really am.

For the record, things are going pretty well with my resolutions. Sure, there are things I mentioned before that I haven’t gotten around to for one reason or another, but a year is a marathon not a sprint, right? Anyway, I not only have been reading every day I have the house to myself for a few hours, but have been writing some fiction of my own on those days, too. For the most part I have been using prompts from the book Write the Story to familiarize myself with my characters a bit and have as source material should I need it. The very first short story I wrote, for example, may very well wind up being reworked into the second chapter of my book so I hardly feel like I’ve been doing this in vain. Thankfully!

While we’re on the subject of writing/hobbies, I want you to know I won’t be talking about my incoming mail nor the ATCs I affectionately call Little Cards and Change Cards in this “Dear…” series. Those things are already prominently featured on Sincerely Kate so I want to focus on other aspects of my life when I talk as if we have met up for coffee. Thanks, by the way, for indulging me! Please let me know what you thought of this post, and I’ll touch base with you again– same time, same place– in February!

Sincerely, Kate ~!~

Reading Material: August 15th-25th

25 Aug

August 15th: This mail call’s starting off on a high note because I got a package from Ashley, a letter from Krista, a thank you from Mr. and Mrs. Volz, and 3 postcards via postcrossing.

August 17th: Though I got a postcard from Rachel and a letter from Whitney via Pablo, it was Gabe who got some lovin’ from Manolo:


August 19th: As happy as I was to get more postcards from my dad, the highlight of the day was finishing The Good Girl, a book I started just a few days before…

The Good Girl— Mary Kubica. As someone who really enjoyed reading Gone Girl, I took Justine’s recommendation to heart about this book and started reading it as soon as I was able, even if that meant stopping another book I just wasn’t into. I was not disappointed I did this, and now find myself wanting to read even more books like this where you’re not sure where it’s going, but each page reassures you that it will be worth it. I love how The Good Girl is told through three perspectives, and that the two perspectives from back home¬†alternate¬†between before Mia was found¬†and after she returned from the cabin. I do wish things could have worked out better for Mia– she came so close to finally having everything she ever wanted. But alas, finding out this “before” and “after” stuff is what kept me turning pages.

August 20th: Between both mailboxes I got a postcard from Macie and letters from Jody and Rose. Logan also got something from my dad, and it contained this picture:

Notice the shirt? :-D

Notice the shirt? ūüėÄ

August 21st: I got a really fat letter from Allison and some awesome mail-friendly stickers from Mayra, a LEPeep.

August 24th:¬†I was rewarded for finishing Allison’s letter over the weekend by getting letters from both Justine and Erika.

Although I’m not looking forward to taking Harper to the vet this morning (just a new puppy check up), I am looking forward to seeing what else the mailboxes may have for me this week, and what book may catch my attention next.

Sincerely, Kate ~!~

Books and Crannies #3

20 Jun

The time has come once again to take a break from my pen pal hobby and talk about the books I’ve read over the past couple months. Well, sort of. This time around doesn’t feel like much of a “break” as one of the two books is about the friendship that blossomed as two kids began to write each other, hehe. Prior to that book though I finally finished¬†Miss Peregrines…, so let’s get to it!

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children— Ransom Riggs. I wanted to like this book so much more than I did. In hindsight I should have discarded it, but the plot sounded so intriguing and I loved the incorporation of peculiar pictures. Unfortunately this book just lacked oomph and there wasn’t a single character in it I rooted for; it was too easy for me to put down and then get distracted by other things– even cleaning! If someone were to decide to read this book I would not discourage them because with a movie in the works, especially a Tim Burton one, it’s possible I’m just in the minority. That said, the pen pals I’ve talked to who have read it all have made me feel like the book did drag along, and I don’t think they seem all that interested in reading the sequel either. Do with that information what you will.

I Will Always Write Back– Caitlyn Alifirenka and Martin Ganda with Liz Welch. This was such a sweet read. I knew I would like it because it was about the exchange between two pen pals, but I wound up loving it because it was about so much more than that. Though Caitlyn and Martin started writing to each other because of school, they quickly thought of each other as family. To know the few dollars she, an American, sent to him in Zimbabwe helped him and his family so enormously¬†touched my heart, and I even¬†found myself grateful when¬†Kaitlyn and her family began to support Martin’s family and education. To see him climb out of poverty was absolutely amazing, but what really made this an endearing read was seeing how much Caitlyn grew as she¬†wrote Martin. The subtitle of this book is “How One Letter Changed Two Lives,” and not only is that appropriate for this book, it’s appropriate for how much the letters I have received have impacted me.

I was hoping to have finished Postcards from Wonderland by the time this post came around, but I’m no where close to finished with that book. What I will tell you about it though is that¬†its author, Rona Simmons, found me after stumbling upon my blog posts here by the same name as her novel, hehe. I sort of feel like I shot myself in the foot with these Books and Crannies posts of mine. Two months sounded like I’d have plenty of time to read, but in actuality the deadlines made reading feel too much like work. Because of this, this bi-monthly series shall too be retired. I’m still planning to review books in the second half of the year, though it’ll be even leisurely yet.

Happy reading! And/or writing ūüėČ
Sincerely, Kate ~!~


Books and Crannies #2

20 Apr

Welcome back to this bi-monthly series, bleaders! I am happy to report that when I wasn’t writing letters (or blog posts about writing letters), I not only finished reading Love, Rosie but another three books as well. It probably would have been more if I wouldn’t have gotten stuck on Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, but I’m not complaining. Like my previous post, I will take a break from writing about my pen pal hobby to tell you about the books I’ve read per my secondary hobby.

Love, Rosie– Cecelia Ahern. I have had this book for well over a year without looking at it, and if I wouldn’t have seen the trailer for the movie on youtube, much more time would have passed. I think I was intimidated because the book’s almost 500 pages long, but I now know not to judge a book by the space between its covers. The story is told through letters, emails, and instant messaging, so it’s definitely not the daunting read I was anticipating. If anything that concept just made this book appeal to me more considering how I love getting my own letters so much. The main correspondents in Love, Rose were Rosie (obviously) and BFF Alex. Their feelings for each other grew as they both grew up, though life had a way of making them never act on them. There’s part of me that thought it was a sweet read as they finally caught their break after so many missed opportunities, but there were a lot of things that¬†were a bit¬†bitter. That break, for example, came at the very last page of the book, so though I know what happens, I don’t know what happened. Despite that bittersweet feeling I’ve been left with, I’d recommend this book and am glad my copy’s no longer collecting dust but traveling among fellow members of the LEP.

Shoot the Moon– Billie Letts. Justine sent this book to me, and I’m glad she did because it was a good mix of self discovery, a budding romance, and whodunit. Within the first few chapters I already had my suspicions of who was responsible for Gaylene’s pregnancy, and who was responsible for her death. I am pleased to report that I was right about one thing (the former), but wouldn’t have considered the other. It was one of those things where I had an “I guess that makes sense” reaction while also thinking Letts just wanted to throw a curveball. Regardless, I liked it and would gladly watch it like Broadchurch and Secrets and Lies if it were to ever become a TV show.

Mr. Kiss and Tell– Rob Thomas and Jennifer Graham. Though I didn’t discover Veronica Mars until the show was off the air, I still consider myself a huge fan. I was so incredibly excited when the bulk of the cast reunited to make a movie last year, and the books that have followed have been just as worthy of my excitement. Click me to see the first book’s review. Just like the book that came before it, Mr. Kiss and Tell reads just like you were watching an episode. You can practically hear what would have been Kristen Bell’s voiceovers and see Enrico Colantoni’s facial expressions. It’s obvious that Rob Thomas, the show’s creator, really takes pride in this franchise, and has had fun finding ways to bring back characters who were insignificant before on the show along with other Easter eggs. If you like the show, I’m confident you’d like the books. You might even like ’em without the show, but I think you should watch the show first– you’d definitely enjoy the books more.

Under the Light– Laura Whitcomb. This book is the sequel to A Certain Slant of Light— a novel I reviewed in my first Books and Crannies post. Though I was hoping Under the Light would include what happened with Helen and James, I was not disappointed that the story focused on Jenny and Billy. Jenny and Billy, you see, were the people possessed by Helen and James when the ghosts fell in love, and when their souls intertwined, something happened with Jenny and Billy’s spirits. Even better yet, Helen, who stayed behind to make sure Jenny was okay, didn’t narrate the entire thing, but just what Jenny couldn’t very well describe. With James up in heaven, Helen was back to her stick in the mud tendencies, but that aside this book lived up to the one that came before it, so if you liked the first I think you’d like this too.

I am still slowly but surely making my way through Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, but I’m confident I’ll be finishing it before the month is over. *Knock on wood.* The next Books and Crannies post will happen in June, though you may see a book review or two before then ūüėČ Happy reading!

Sincerely, Kate ~!~

Books and Crannies

20 Feb

Welcome to my bi-monthly series!¬†Anyone who¬†knows me rather well¬†can tell you that when it comes to me and my hobbies, I will always choose writing letters¬†over reading for fun. Though that’s not to say I never read! These blog posts will be the occasional chance for me to tell you about the books I’ve read– the nooks and crannies between all of the pen pal-friendly stuff you usually find on here.

For some, the thought of this year’s resolutions are already long gone, but I have done something I set out to do since early December: reading at least one chapter each day Logan went to his grandparents’. Although there were some days I was a bit lax about this, I’m happy to report that I’ve read three books. Four if you count the book I would have finished¬†already if it wasn’t for making this blog post (Love, Rosie by Cecilia Ahern). Fun fact: the three below were all sent to me by pen pals!

The Thirteenth Tale– Diane Setterfield. It is solely because of this book I made it a point to start reading on the days I was Logan-free. I think so highly of Othella that I knew she wouldn’t send me a book “just because” unless she thought it was better than good. It was such a relief when she agreed with me about the book taking a while to set up because, though it sucked that it took me so long, I feel like I was justified in not being enthralled until I reached the “Middles” part. The even bigger relief was telling Othella that the book exceeded my expectations. I was expecting Margaret to somehow be related to the Angelfields in a WTF kind-of-way since they really drilled the twin thing into our heads and that’s something that runs in families. Fortunately that wasn’t the case! I think there are things that could have been done differently and things that could have been left out completely, but overall I’m pleased with the book; so much so I passed it on to my friend Krista. Hopefully she’ll like that Aurelius found his family after all and that Margaret seemed to find something too.

A Certain Slant of Light– Laura Whitcomb. I wasn’t expecting this book to be an easy read, but I read it over three days and Logan was home on two of them. At first I thought Helen was going to be a bit of a stick in the mud as she referred to the people she haunted as “her knight” and “her poet,” and didn’t seem to mind spending her days reading over the shoulders of those who can actually turn pages. However, as soon as she talked to Billy James I wanted them together, and the more they were together the more I liked her as an individual. I don’t think I would have handled her “Jenny situation” as well as she did, so she definitely grew on me. I was left wanting to see what happened to both Helen and Jenny so I was so excited when Justine, the pen pal who sent me A Certain Slant of Light, said there was a sequel. I was also excited to read these two lines.

“This was becoming as curious as Wonderland.”

“I felt, just then, like the elder sister of Alice, sitting under a tree, watching her little sister lest she tumble down a hole.”

I’d definitely recommend this book and am pleased to announce that I’ll¬†be getting my hands on Under the Light within the next few days.

Juliet Immortal— Stacey Joy. It was Kristiina, the person responsible for Letters, Postcards¬†and a Cup of Tea, that sent me Juliet Immortal in exchange for my copy of The Last Little Blue Envelope. I had no idea “Juliet” was the Juliet Capulet when I made the trade, but of course that only intrigued me more. I feel like had this book been around my freshman year of high school, I would have appreciated Romeo and Juliet more knowing this “sequel” of sorts was to follow– perhaps it can still do that for 14 and 15-year-olds. In my opinion, Stacey Joy did an excellent job at creating a whole new story without doing any harm to the original. It’s because of that that I may look into her sequel, Romeo Redeemed, but at the moment I have no interest in learning what became of those who weren’t granted a happy ending in the first book.

I’d like to thank Othella, Justine, and Kristiina for sending these books to me– as you can see, they didn’t send them in vain! I’m always up for hearing book recommendations, though I do have a handful of books already waiting for me and a few more on the way, hehe. I’ll tell you about some, if not all, of them come April!¬†Take care, bleaders!

Sincerely, Kate ~!~

Book Review: Gone Girl

11 Aug

One thing that I talk to quite a few of my pen pals about is books, and the book that came up in several pen pals’ letters recently is Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. I decided to look into it online after it came up for the third time,¬†and not only did¬†I like¬†the plot¬†I read, but I liked the fact that Ben Affleck was going to be playing the sociopathic husband in the movie due out this fall. Originally I put the book into my wishlist, but I soon decided that instead of letting the dust settle on yet another book on a proverbial shelf, I’d just ask Justine, one of my pen pals, if I could borrow her copy since she has loaned me a book of hers before.

I was immediately drawn to the writing style– Nick told the story as it unfolded, his wife not only went missing but all of the signs were pointed at him despite his efforts, and the diary Amy wrote filled in the gaps of the events that led up to her disappearance. Normally I like when a book sticks with one narrator, but the two sides is really what set this book apart. Neither of them is¬†the victim they’d like to paint themselves as. If there’s one thing their animosity towards each other proves is that they’ve been perfect for each other. While neither of their actions is¬†justified, you still find yourself feeling sympathy towards both of them and if you’re like me, you even found a spouse to root for (Team Amy). A woman has to really love you¬†if instead of just divorcing you and leaving you with nothing, she devises a way– for over a year in advance– to get back at you for the hurt you did her. Especially in a way that will ruin you of anyone else but her. I mean, we’re talking faking a pregnancy by using someone else’s urine here in addition to the whole disappearing act. And if I’m rooting for her, Nick’s behavior must have been rather revolting as well.

I’m worried that my expectations for the upcoming movie are not going to live up to my expectations, but this trailer excites me.

I’d like to thank Justine for loaning me her book¬†and the other pen pals who mentioned it so I’d¬†ask her if I could borrow it. If we’re pen pals¬†and you haven’t read this book, I definitely recommend getting your hands on¬†a copy because not only do I think it’d be¬†an intriguing read for each¬†and every one of you, I’d love to have yet¬†another thing to talk to you ladies¬†about.

All right, this girl is gone. But just for a couple days ūüėČ
Sincerely, Kate ~!~

Book Review: Semi-Sweet

28 Jul

You want to hear something sweet, no semi? A pen pal stumbling upon a book while perusing through used books with her mother, and not only thinking of you but buying it to surprise you. Allison was neither familiar with Semi-Sweet or its author, Roisin Meaney, but because it was advertised as a novel of love and cupcakes she decided I needed it. For such a whim I am a very satisfied customer.

Semi-Sweet moved¬†along very well. It was narrated in the third person which gave each of the primary characters moments in the sun where you could see what they were¬†about¬†and not just what Hannah, the story’s catalyst, thought¬†about people like her ex¬†and the woman he impregnated while they were still together. I hardly found Leah, Mistress #1, likable but reading¬†about the hormones¬†and the doubt she experienced while expecting was very much relatable. It was reading things like that¬†and¬†about the death of¬†a 4-year-old boy (spoiler¬†alert ūüėõ ) that kept me turning pages, curious to see how the stories would unfold, each of them individualized in these character blurbs yet¬†all seamlessly connected. My spoiler¬†alert, for example, was not only the nephew of the young woman who worked for Hannah¬†at her cupcake shop, but he was hit by someone who worked with her father. Every character in this book serves¬†a purpose. My only grievance was that there weren’t¬†any Wally blurbs until closer to the end. I get that Meaney was being¬†a meaney¬†and intentionally wanted you to think one certain person was going to end up with¬†another certain person, but I don’t think using him¬†a few times more would have had to give¬†anything¬†away; it would have just been¬†an opportunity for him to grow on the reader.

In honor of this novel of love and cupcakes and our 4th anniversary this week, I shall leave you with some sweet pictures (taken by a former pen pal!) from July 30th of 2010.

Sincerely, Kate ~!~

Book Review: Feed

2 Jun

Several months ago I got a letter from Kära where she told me about Feed by M.T. Anderson.

It’s like the Brave New World or 1984 of our generation. It’s¬†a science-fiction¬†about life in the future. The Feed is like the ultimate facebook/blogroll/news feed… it shows people entertainment, information handles banking… everything. So, it’s¬†about what happens when things go wrong with the Feed. It’s¬†a bit of¬†a commentary on the consumerism of our society. It’s told from the perspective of¬†a teenager,¬†and in their voice. It’s different since no one writes or reads¬†anymore, so the language is sort of declining¬†and you can tell that in the writing.¬†Additionally, there are a bit of new slang words. It takes a few minutes to get used to but it’s interesting, page-turning and a pretty easy read.

I liked what she said so I looked into the book… only to have¬†a heck of¬†a time getting through it. I started Feed on February 24th, reading¬†all Part 1 that day, but it wasn’t until May 23rd that I finished it. I would put it down¬†after reading it for¬†a bit¬†and just NOT want to pick it up. I thought the plot was great, but the way Titus narrated his story was incredibly off-putting. I get that his language skills, or lack thereof, is kind of the point– why learn to speak well when the Feed can basically speak on your behalf?– but I feel like Feed could have benefited from being narrated via third person.

Like I said though, the plot was great; I can’t go out to eat without seeing someone’s fingertips glued to their phone so¬†a future where people have¬†a smart phone in lieu of¬†a mind of their own hit home. I think if I wouldn’t have grown up with that technology like Violet did I would have been messing with it just like she did. She’d go from store to store trying on random clothes she’d never consider buying or¬†asking¬†about sports equipment when she had no intention of playing it just to throw the system for¬†a loop. It’s too bad that led to her downfall.

It’s¬†a thought-provoking book, though I’m not sure I’d recommend it.¬†At one point Link, Titus’ best friend, said “This is null. This sucks.” and I thought that on several occasions myself. To each their own, I suppose, but my mom tried¬†a sample¬†and couldn’t get through it.

001In other news, since finishing this book I started something else… decopauging this clipboard with “Dear Kate”s from letters I’m no longer holding onto.¬†A few blank spots but I still like it bunches. Now THAT I’d recommend!

Sincerely, Kate ~!~