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Obsessive Countdown Disorder

25 Nov

Have I actually been diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder? No. Am I beyond obsessed and compulsive when it comes to pen palling? Well, you’re reading this pen pal oriented blog, aren’t you? I decided to make a little countdown for those of you who still aren’t convinced or for those of you who just find my OCD charming.

#10. Not only do I save all my letters, but they’ve been saved chronologically in binders. I had six 3-inch binders filled with letters around this time last year so I downsized, getting rid of letters from people I no longer heard from with a few exceptions by the names of Metta, Julz, and Kate. I still have four binders full.

#9. In October I ordered Halloween knick knacks as well as a handful of Christmas ones and yeah, the Christmas packages have been ready to send ever since. I’m just as bad as the stores I mock!

#8. As you might have seen in the post The Notebook of an Obsessive Compulsive Pen Pal, I have a notebook where I keep track of everything from addresses to my address labels, birthdays to dates I get mail; I even keep track of the stationery I use.

#7. And why do I keep track of the stationery I use? So I can color coordinate the paper like in the picture below. I like how the rainbow colored stationery looks following the pastel blue notebook paper, and I think the smaller paper looks nice preceding it (even though this picture itself is not that nice…) 

#6. I recently purchased a planner and aside from putting birthdays and appointments in it I have an inventory of the blogs I’ve published, the Halloween packages I shipped, the postcards I sent via postcrossing.com, and Virtual Slam and SK Trivia questions from when my Facebook group began all the way up until the end of the year.

#5. As f0r next year, I have decided (over two months ago) that I’m going to implement “Stationery of the Month” in an attempt to use up paper I rarely use anymore- I’d hate for those trees to have died in vain. I’ve had the stationery picked out ever since coming up with this idea. There will be two exceptions to this upcoming plan of mine- Jody and Sadie.

#4. I have accumulated a lot of miscellaneous sheets of stationery over the years, mostly from Jody for reasons I’ll share in #3. A while back I started using these “scraps” when writing letters to Sadie and there’s still plenty where they came from plus more on the way. I’ve been keeping them in a little box, all color coordinated, of course.

#3. For years now, Jody and I have been enclosing an extra sheet of stationery with every letter we write. While that fact alone might have been enough to crack this top ten, the real OCD part is that I have the stationery (along with all the extra sheets for her) picked out for DOZENS of letters. 

#2. There are 7 blogs left this year and I already know what 6 of them are going to be about. Heck, two of them are practically finished already. It could be argued that me posting on the 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th, and 30th of every month is rather obsessive as well but oh well.

#1. Once upon a Facebook I stumbled upon a group called “2015 Penpal Gathering in Frankenmuth,MI” and invited all of my pen friends to it. Soon after I got the idea to go to vistaprint.com to make my own pen pal friendly business cards to pass out to prospective pen pals at an event that was 4 years away. Too bad I’ve moved since ordering these bad boys, eh? 

Yeah, I’m a pen palcoholic. God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, and the courage to admit I’m a fruit loop among cheerios.

Sincerely, Kate ~!~