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Family Fun

25 Oct

Though this post is a mail call, the main things I want to share are regarding my family so you’ll see some pictures in between…

October 15th: I received two batches of ATCs per a new group I’ve started– my next post will be about ’em ūüôā

October 16th: My dad had shown up in Michigan a few days before, so after Logan and I spent Friday with him, I checked both mailboxes. Jody’s letter was in one and Amanda’s was in the other along with Jenn’s ATCs and a Postcard from Wonderland.

October 17th: As happy as I was to get stickers from Othella, I was happier getting to meet my new nephew, Jack!


My dad and Logan were also very happy to get to meet the little guy…


October 19th: The set of postcards I mentioned last time started my week off, along with letters from Ashley and Charmaine.

October 21st: More ATCs for yours truly.

October 22nd: I was hoping letters would have came in time to take ’em to Florida with me, but I didn’t do any writing to or from, and I certainly didn’t do any while I was there ūüėõ

October 23rd: My trip to Florida is going to make great letter fodder, but for now, it’s a great excuse to share some pictures.

October 24th: I came home to a letter from Jody, and more ATC related goodness. I should probably go and respond to the former ūüėČ

Sincerely, Kate ~!~

Special Deliveries

5 Sep

August 25th: I may not have gotten any letters today, but what I can tell you about the 25th is that Harper’s appointment went very well. Not only is she a healthy puppy, she’s a spoiled one– everyone at the vet’s office was just¬†loving on her.


And of course I loved on her afterward.

August 27th: After two days without any letters, I was relieved to get Jody’s letter from one mailbox and Amanda’s from the other.

August 28th: It’s my sister-in-law’s due date! My nephew didn’t come yet, but Kristy’s letter helped hold me over.

August 29th: I was really excited to hear from Kari once again.

August 31st: August ended not with a bang but a whimper. I’m not complaining though, I love postcards from K√§ra.

September 2nd: Prior to heading over to Logan’s open house, I acquired a couple things from Pablo like Friendship Books from a LEPeep and a postcard from a postcrosser. His open house, by the way, went well and he quickly was interested in playing legos with the other kids.

September 3rd: After two days without letters I wound up getting two. Thank you, Jody and Kayla.

September 4th: I woke up yesterday morning and found out that my nephew was born the night before! Meet Jack!


I have yet to meet the little guy, but I adore him already. He was 6 days late, just like his cousin Logan, so those extra days really do make all the difference! I love the mail I acquired, but Jack might have been the most special delivery this past week, hehe.

Sincerely, Kate ~!~


Onward Christian Soldier

25 Apr

Twenty days¬†ago¬†another little guy came into my life when my nephew Christian was born. I have no intention of having¬†a second baby, but whenever I get my hands on Porky Gabe feels obligated to say “Don’t get¬†any ideas!”¬†And yes, we call Christian Porky, haha. In case you’re curious, the nickname has nothing to do with his weight when he was born as he weighed over a pound less than Logan did;¬†it was something my father-in-law called him since he was, as Logan puts it, “in Tia’s belly” and it stuck.


I may not want to make Logan¬†a big brother, but that doesn’t mean I’m not loving this¬†aunt business. It’s nice being¬†able to hold the baby¬†as much¬†as I want¬†and being¬†able to pass him off if/when he gets fussy. Logan’s¬†a fan of his baby cousin, too. The very first time ¬†he held the baby he said “I gonna take good care of you,”¬†and the first time he heard Porky cry he¬†announced “he needs chocolate milk!”


I can only imagine that the older Christian gets the more special he’s going to become to us; Logan¬†and Christian¬†aren’t going to just be cousins, they’re going to be friends.

In the meantime, I’m going to do what I (think I) do best¬†and write a little letter for the little guy…

Dear Christian,

It seems like I just found out your parents were going to have¬†a baby,¬†and now that baby is here! You might have come¬†as¬†a surprise to us, but never for¬†a moment was I not excited to finally get to feel¬†and¬†act like¬†an¬†aunt. The moment your mom told me they were having¬†a boy I was on my way to retrieve the tubs of baby clothes, going through¬†anything¬†and everything I wanted to pass¬†along to you,¬†and we¬†also have¬†a bunch of other baby-friendly things your parents know they’re more than welcome to. Your Tio Gabe¬†and I want you to be taken care of,¬†as does your favorite cousin.

Although Logan can’t wait until you’re old enough to play trucks and tractors with him, and the day crying’s not your only method of communication, your Tia Kate is loving you just as you are. Whenever I’m getting my Christian Cuddles I know I’d do¬†anything for you, whether it’s babysitting¬†anytime your parents need me or making sure your mommy feeds you¬†as much¬†as your little tummy desires. (Heard you just gained your birth weight back– way to go, Porky!) You’re¬†already¬†a bundle of fun¬†and I can only imagine how much more fun we’re going to have¬†as you grow up, though I’m sure we’ll face our own share of disappointments, too. I’m not saying that to be¬†a mean¬†aunt, that’s just the way the cookie crumbles sometimes.

Life isn’t easy whether you’re¬†a baby,¬†a young¬†adult, or¬†a senior, but just because something’s hard doesn’t mean it’s not worth it. Just know that no matter how much of¬†a soldier you have to be, you have¬†at least the three of us in your corner, now¬†and¬†always.

Sincerely, Tia Kate ~!~