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Sincerely Logan #3

20 May

I actually have no outgoing mail of Logan’s to share this time around. Sure, I’ve sent some of Logan’s artwork to my dad, but Logan seems to have lost interest in sending “letters” to anyone. With any luck, he’ll still write S’Moore’s little guy once he’s willing and able. Maybe as we go places over the next few months I can encourage him to get/send postcards to his pen friend. *Fingers crossed*

Although Logan’s interest in sending mail has dwindled, he sure loves getting it still! Just yesterday the movie he thought his dad needed for his birthday– The Incredibles— came thanks to Gram Kracker and he, as he puts it, was “so esited!”

Several weeks ago Logan also received some exciting mail from April 28th to the 30th. On the 28th he got binoculars and a flashlight from my dad as he loved playing with those things when he was his grandson’s age. The next day he got Scooby Doo Mystery Incorporated from my mom… even though Netflix didn’t remove the Logan-favorite like they claimed. Then on the 30th this lanyard full of Disney pins came from my brother Doug and future sister-in-law:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Note: I got a lanyard from Doug and Jessica too, but you’ll have to wait until the May Mail Call to see it ūüėõ

I’d like to thank my family for being so sweet to Mr. Logan, and to everyone who might be waiting to hear from him, thanks for being patient! This, by the way, will likely be the last “Sincerely Logan” post. Between him not writing much and me having other ideas for the second half of the year, it makes sense for me to bid it farewell. Who knows though, I may find other places to fill you in on him and his mail.

Sincerely, Kate ~!~

So Long, Farewell

29 Dec

Sincerely Kate the blog is not going anywhere, but these weekly posts– better known as Miscellaneous Mondays– are. I thought I would use this last Monday to share what I’ve liked about so many Mondays that came before it.

First and foremost, I like the “Hail the Snail” posts I started to highlight the mail I received. Inspired by this nerdy post by my friend Emily, I will share some of the glorious mail that either came to my mailbox or departed from it.

To see more where these pictures came from, search “Hail the Snail!”

Something else I’ve enjoyed have been the five tea parties I’ve¬†thrown (known as “If We Were Having Coffee” elsewhere). What I would tell you right now is that the boys and I had such a good Christmas, though Logan is definitely over opening presents at this point. Favorite gifts of his include Hungry Hungry Hippos and the foosball table I mentioned before— he’s currently playing on the latter. I am SO EXCITED to go to the post office today because it will be the first time I get to check the P.O. Box since I got it. I’m not really expecting much of anything as it’s a baby yet, but there may at least be postcards as I switched my address via postcrossing. My trip won’t be in vain though! I have a book to send to my friend Krista, the traveling journal to pass to Kari, and Othella’s Christmas package (I didn’t get to see her while she was in Michigan, but I’m confident I’ll see her again ūüėÄ )

Feel free to search “My Not-s0-Mad Tea Party” to see similar posts!

Although Music Themes were something I haven’t done much this year, I still can’t help but think of them today as they were possibly the biggest reason I started doing Miscellaneous Mondays in the first place. That said, I shall leave you with a few songs that come to mind when I think of “Goodbye:”

So Long, Farewell- The Sound of Music cast
“Adieu, adieu, to yieu and yieu and yieu.”

Here Comes Goodbye- Rascal Flatts
“Here comes the pain, here comes me wishing things had never changed.”

Bye, Bye, Bye- NSync
“Don’t really wanna make it tough, I just wanna tell you that I had enough.”

“Music Themes” would be a good search term to see more Kate-friendly music.

Have a great week and a Happy New Year, too!
Sincerely, Kate ~!~

26 Letters- Christmas Edition

25 Dec

Ahoy! That’s what Alexander Graham Bell said when he answered the telephone. And while we’re talking history, I’ve done three posts like this one before (1st, 2nd, 3rd) where I use each letter of the alphabet to come up with words to build a blog post around. Considering what today is obviously the following will have a festive theme going on.

The first of my Christmas get togethers was Krista’s visit, though I like to call her Bingaling. For the past 6 or 7 years I have given her a novelty edition of Monopoly, this year’s being The Big Bang Theory one. Tokens include Raj’s dog Cinnamon, Penny’s wine glass and Amy’s tiara, hehe. Krista’s not the only happy camper as I now own these awesome gnomes (as well as one that’s not pictured since he’s outside):


One thing the boys and I do every year is watch a handful of Christmas movies like A Charlie Brown Christmas and The Polar Express. This year I introduced Logan to The Nightmare Before Christmas and The Grinch Who Stole Christmas (the classic version) and he liked them enough that they may join our repertoire.

Kevin, my father-in-law, had a nasty case of the flu that landed him in the hospital a couple weeks ago, so when Logan started saying he didn’t feel well either we didn’t take it lightly. We came close to taking him to the doctor’s, but I’m happy to report that whatever bug he caught didn’t escalate to that point. He got plenty of R&R that weekend and by Monday he was himself again, thank goodness.

Last year I wanted to try something where interested pen pals would give me enough of something to give to the other interested parties so each of them would get a little something from everyone (you can read more about it here). I decided to try the exchange again this year but made some changes. For example, instead of asking who’d be up for it, I invited the four people I knew would have fun with it and I think it was more successful. Enclosed were handmade soaps and bath salts, as well as the other stuff below:


Logan asked for quite a bit for Christmas this year. Of course he wanted trucks and tractors and he’ll be opening some games today and this weekend, but the request that threw us for a loop was a foosball table. No, we didn’t get a full-size one, but as of this morning he does have a table-top version.

As for that Gabe fellow, the main thing I wanted to get him was a new phone, and though he has it now I still wanted him to have something to open. I wound up getting him things like a couple CDs and a calendar. I would have liked to get him The Book of Life too, but that won’t be on blu-ray for a while yet.

Ever since the boys and I watched The Polar Express, hot chocolate in hand, this song has been stuck in my head:

I am no stranger to indoor Christmas lights, but as of this year I have now become acquainted with outdoor ones as well. Gabe has talked about putting them up for as long as we’ve been married so I’m glad he/we¬†got the chance. It’s far from the elaborate scene his late grandfather used to do, but it’s perfect for our humble abode.

This is probably a bit sacrilegious, but check out my awesome nativity! I love that the baby Jesus is resting on a mushroom, hehe.


My grandma was nice enough to take me shopping for new boots earlier this month. We hit up a few thrift stores first but we  were ultimately successful at Kohls. My grandma would have preferred I picked the more stylish pair she found, but this accident prone girl will choose comfort and practicality over style any day, winter or otherwise.

Had I provided an address in the¬†League of Extraordinary Pen Pals’ database, I can only imagine how many Christmas cards I would have wound up getting, but 20¬†is still an impressive number.

Earlier I showed you a picture of the loot from the exchange, but I wanted to highlight my main contribution a bit more. One day when Gabe and I were at a toy store, we noticed this big display of Mad-Libs and I had this lightbulb moment– I could get my pen friends each one of these, and they could each get one that is up their alley! Allison, for example, is a pirate in her own right, and I could see Emily and her family having fun with the on the road one whenever they’re on the road. I hope my friends have as much fun with these as I did picking them out!



With the end of the year approaching, I thought I would give you an update on the note card thing I’ve been doing for the majority of my letters for the past few months. You see, I have a bunch of partially used notebooks and I decided that I wanted to start using their pages¬†for letters along with note cards– the cards so I can dress the process up a bit. I am only 20 pages or so from finishing up my third notebook. I asked my pen pals if they would like me to go back to using nicer paper, but the consensus is that they don’t care what I write them on as long as I write them. As of today I have a LOT more note cards and I’m so excited to start putting them to use!

When Logan’s first Christmas was approaching, I knew right then and there I wanted to get him an ornament and I wanted to continue doing so every year. That year it was his picture with Santa, the following it was a dalmation in a firefighter boot, and last year it was Elmo. He now has a French fry ornament, haha! We also got Christian, our nephew, a firetruck ornament– the first of many for him as well.

While I had things I wanted to get for the Loganator, there was one thing I wanted for myself… a P.O. Box! I once posted something that listed off 10 reasons I wanted a P.O. Box and it’s as true as ever; I think I even have more reasons now. For those of you who want to write me/ hook me up with Alice in Wonderland– friendly postcards/ WHATEVER, you now can! ūüėÄ


A pen pal recently told me about how her family went to Disneyland for Thanksgiving, and as she listed what they’d be doing for Christmas, I couldn’t help but think how especially quaint our holidays are– not that there’s anything wrong with that! We saw¬†Gabe’s aunts yesterday afternoon, we’ll see his parents today for food and even more presents, and on Saturday we’ll see a chunk of¬†my family.

I haven’t really made any resolutions for 2015. As always it’d be nice to save money and I may even try to lose weight, but to say I WILL do these things would be making promises I don’t necessarily intend to keep. Basically all I’m hoping to accomplish this year are things pertaining to school for me &/or the Loganator.

In addition to the exchange I also organized Secret Santa yet again for me and my interested pen pals. I’m hoping everyone likes their goodies as much as Emily, my recipient, liked hers. K√§ra, my not-so-secret Secret Santa¬†was really nice to me. In addition to sending me something in response to each thing on my wishlist, she also sent me a few odds and ends like “Patchpops”– very intriguing! Thank you, K√§ra!


Dang nabbit– I forgot the magnet!

P to the S: This is my TWO-HUNDREDTH BLOG POST! *Throws confetti.*

My aunt-in-law is friends with the daughter of my mail carrier, so I used that connection to get a hold of Nancy’s address. It just seemed like I should send something via USPS to the person who makes sure I get all of my glorious mail. Nancy sent me this postcard in return, hehe:


Back to the two-hundredth¬†blog post thing for a moment… In the 2+ years I’ve been blogging I’ve gotten 10,466 views! My best ever day was 141 views which may not be a lot for some of you blog stars, but considering pen palling’s not exactly a hot topic, I’ll take it!

As much as I dislike the snow and ice, the thing I dislike the most about winter is the hiatus most TV shows will go on. Once Upon a Time, for example, isn’t coming back until my birthday (March 1st). At least the writers have a knack for leaving us wanting more. Out of all the shows returning next year I’m the most anxious for How to Get Away With Murder, but Revenge is a¬†very close second considering who (and how) they killed someone off. Thank goodness I only have to wait until January for their¬†returns.

I don’t think anyone still refers to Christina Aguilera as Xtina, but I will for the sake of using that tricky letter. This is a Christmas song of hers I like hearing this time of year:

The town I grew up in has a Yule Light Night and this year I wish I would have gone. It’s not as though I missed out on anything exciting, but back when I lived there it was one of my favorite nights of the year as all the shops offered food and beverages after a tree lighting ceremony. I think Logan is now at an age where he would think it’s as cool as I used to, and I’m sure he wouldn’t mind things like cookies and popcorn either.

In my last post I told you how I ordered a monster from a fellow LEP member, but what I didn’t tell you is that Meredith is so awesome she told me to pick out another one of her creations for free as she was trying to find homes for the older monsters. I picked out a zombie named Finnster with my pen friend Kyleigh in mind, and she told me he couldn’t have come at a better time which made me so incredibly happy. Us pen pal people¬†call it “Happy Mail” for a reason!

Well, I have kept you from your day, festive or otherwise, long enough so take care and Happy Holidays!

Sincerely, Kate ~!~



10 Reasons I Want a P.O. Box

10 Mar

My birthday may have been¬†a little over¬†a week¬†ago, but there’s still¬†a gift I would like…¬†a P.O. Box. I have been debating¬†about getting one for¬†a while now,¬†and since it’s the 10th I will share 10 of my reasons for wanting one in¬†addition to the the mailbox I¬†already have.

1. Considering how I’ve had this pen pal-friendly blog for¬†a year¬†and¬†a half now, it’d be nice to enclose¬†an¬†address for potential pen pals to write to without letting the world wide web know where we live.

2. In¬†addition to letters, I’d¬†also love to receive fan mail. Fans of SK could make¬†artwork for the page or simply just drop me¬†a line.

3. Although it still counts¬†as fan mail, the thought of people sending “Dear Kate” letters that I could respond to online is¬†an especially fun thought.

4. Once upon¬†a time I posted¬†a blog called “Postcards from Wonderland” (along with this follow up)¬†and though those postcards were mostly sent by Postcrossers, I’d welcome postcards from that franchise from¬†anyone¬†and everyone should they stumble upon them.

5. I have been considering sending letters to inmates, but the only way I’d be comfortable doing that is if they don’t know where we live.¬†As I get to know them I may change my mind, but I need to be confident my family will be safe.

6. In January¬†a snow plow knocked our mailbox over¬†and the four days it wasn’t up were four of the longest days of my life! Our box was¬†already hit once before so of course I’m worried it may happen¬†again. In the event that it does, I’d like to have¬†a P.O. Box¬†available that I can forward our mail to so I don’t have to go days without¬†any letters or postcards.

7. Our town is pretty small¬†and our street’s without a sidewalk¬†so without¬†anywhere to really go to I rarely go for walks. Our post office is¬†a bit too far¬†away for me to want to walk there regularly, but on the days where Logan’s¬†at his grandparents’¬†and the weather’s not too cold &/or too rainy, it’d be the perfect excuse for me to get some fresh¬†air¬†and exercise.

8. You know how smokers will have¬†a cigarette when they need¬†a moment to calm themselves, or how some people will grab¬†a beer or¬†a glass of wine when they want to relax? Getting the mail is my equivalent. I get to step¬†away from my responsibilities for¬†a moment¬†and when I come back I feel recharged. I wouldn’t say I need two of these moments¬†a day, but on days where I didn’t get¬†anything or if Logan’s in¬†a bit of¬†a mood, it’d be great to have¬†a back up fix.

9. Around this time last month I became¬†a member of The League of Extraordinary Pen Pals. Most of the members have their¬†address included in the database, but I just can’t bring myself to¬†add ours. I wouldn’t say I don’t trust the other members, but considering there’s¬†almost 200 I’d like to take some sort of precaution. Plenty of people in the group send random mail for kicks¬†and giggles¬†and I’d love to be on the receiving end, but when it comes to where me¬†and the boys live, I’m more comfortable with stuff that’s¬†a bit more predictable.

10. This last one kind of combines¬†a couple yet is¬†a reason¬†all its own. I think the world of our mail carrier, but she doesn’t close the mailbox tightly¬†after delivering our mail. When I’m not¬†able to get it right¬†away I sometimes find that the letters have gotten wet or that snow has seeped inside. Now that I’m in the LEP, I notice that everyone I’ve corresponded with so far has made their own envelopes¬†and I’m worried that the elements could potentially do some damage to the contents inside of them. With¬†a P.O. Box that’d never be¬†an issue.

There you have it, my 10 reasons. I¬†asked my pen pal Ruth to make¬†a little comic on my behalf (a Kate version of this one)¬†and I’d be lying if I said this wasn’t¬†a bit of¬†an 11th one– I’d love to dig my way out of such¬†a mail pile, hehe.

Gabe thinks it would be silly to spend $30¬†on such¬†a thing each year when we¬†already have¬†a mailbox,¬†and¬†Amber of the LEP said P.O. Boxes may¬†actually cost more for people who¬†already have door service so this will likely¬†be¬†a thought I continue to play¬†around with that may never come to fruition. Feedback is more than welcome, even if it is to just tell me I’m¬†a bit of¬†a nut.

Sincerely, Kate ~!~

26 Letters- 100TH Blog Post Edition

5 Feb

I can’t believe this day has finally come– my 100th entry! In honor of the occasion, I decided to do another alpha-blog like I did in October of ’12¬†and March of ’13. It works like this: each paragraph will be an update of some sort, mainly about my pen pal hobby, but to add a bit of a challenge, I’ll be using the alphabet to orchestrate these paragraphs.

imageedit_2_8225000072Quite some time ago, my pen pal¬†K√§ra¬†was telling me about Boom Boom Decks and how once you complete the intentional act of kindness on one of the cards, you A) post about it on your BBD profile and then B) send the card onto someone else. The recipient will also do what’s on the card and register the act online and they’ll send it on to the next person so the process can repeat. As this card makes its rounds, you can track its progress and see all the good it’s doing. I was hoping K√§ra¬†would send me one of hers, and she likely will if/when she gets some free time, but I got too impatient and went ahead and ordered my own family-friendly deck. If the picture is any indication, I have completed this one, and I sent that cards onto my pen pal, Allison, and I Boom Boom’d¬†a few other times, too.¬†(Another blog or two will likely come from this entire endeavor ūüôā )

When I did my 26 Letters post last March I mentioned that I got a coupon from Qdoba for my birthday but the better gift would be getting a Chipotle closer to me. It might not have happened until a few months ago, but I still got my wish. *Throws confetti*

Late last year I experienced some unnecessary drama with a couple pen pals– I no longer write either. The first occurrence was when someone told me I had an attitude when explaining things (for the third time!) to her, and the second was when someone went from writing me weekly to writing me five times in 2013 and didn’t appreciate me saying something. Maybe I did have an attitude, but I didn’t deserve to be chewed out. Or blocked by Drama Queen #2. Oh well!

The above drama aside, pen palling is still my favorite hobby and has been for the past eight and a half years. I currently have 15 pen pals, and 4 of them are international ones.

And while we’re talking numbers, I have 102¬†followers here on wordpress, hehe.

I had a dream last month where my friend Krista and I went geocaching. Normally I don’t remember my dreams, but we found a Tinkerbell stocking with a parrot ornament inside. Yeah, I have weird dreams. Anyway, I woke up really wanting to go find someone’s buried treasure (with or without Krista). I’d like to leave a package of notecards with a book of stamps in its place.

There’s a blogger here on wordpress, Haiku Andy, who not only writes haikus but sends them randomly via postcard to anyone who’s interested. Here is my haiku, courtesy of his page:

Lunch with expat friends, so many things come and gone the same ocean breeze

Lunch with expat friends, so many things come and gone the same ocean breeze

Kintal¬†nominated me for the Inventive Blogger Award! You may think this is an inconvenient place to accept this award, but I think it’s rather inventive ūüėČ


The Rules:

1. Select the blog(s) you think deserve the The Inventive Blogger Award.
2. Write a blog post and tell us about the blog(s) you have chosen-¬†there are no minimum or maximum number of blogs required- and ‚Äėpresent‚Äô the blog(s) with their award.
3. Include in your blog post *FIVE* things that you enjoy about blogging.
4. Let the blog(s) that you have chosen know that you have given them this award and share the instructions with them- (please don’t alter the instructions or the badge!)
5. Come over and say hello to the originator of the ‚ÄúThe Inventive Blogger Award‚ÄĚ via this link:¬†http://DonCharisma.org/2013/12/24/christmas-awards-the-inventive-blogger-award
6. And as a winner of the award- please add a link back to the blog that presented you with this award, and then proudly display the award on your blog.

My Acceptance Speech:

I’m very grateful to Kintal for nominating me for this¬†award; she found me when someone nominated her for the¬†award I created¬†so she thought I was worthy of this¬†award. The three people I think¬†are¬†also worthy of this¬†award¬†are Nerd in the Brain,¬†aliceatwonderland,¬†and Hacker. Ninja. Hooker. Spy. Not only¬†are these the three blogs that I¬†always read, these blogs¬†are¬†all unique from everything else in my reader.¬†NITB encourages writing prompts¬†and other challenges (most notably the zombie survival¬†stem one) and talks¬†about other nerdy yet¬†awesome stuff, Alice does reviews of shows¬†and movies that¬†are hysterical but¬†also incredibly¬†accurate (among other things),¬†and H.H.N.S. takes¬†an extraordinary¬†approach on the ordinary concept of sharing personal experiences. If you’re not following these blogs, I suggest you do so!

By the way, the things I like about blogging are:

1. This gives me an opportunity to write more than letters, and it exposes a wider audience to me and my writing.
2. I like finding ways to talk¬†about pen palling that’s not just me showing pictures of the letters I received.
3. I have written about things I never would have even considered before; I may not post very often, but I put quite a bit of thought and preparation into the things that show up here.
4. Now that I have started Miscellaneous Mondays I get to embrace the more random aspects of my personality.
5. I have found one pen pal through wordpress, but I have made a bunch of other friends, too.

Want to know what I’m usually listening to¬†as I write letters or work on drafts? Jake¬†and the Neverland Pirates. Logan loves this show, so much so that we don’t just watch it daily but several times each day.¬†Jake¬†stuff he got between Christmas¬†and his birthday include¬†a floor puzzle, the Who Shook Hook game, Jake’s treasure chest (complete with¬†a sword, spyglass,¬†and other pirate necessities),¬†a small Jolly Roger,¬†and his light-up Tic Toc Croc.

Not long after I got my Kindle, I started playing The Sims FreePlay. Not long after I started playing that, I posted a blog about my main character, Kate Sincere. Here [were] a few pictures of her and the boys from the past several months:


I found a kindred spirit¬†here on wordpress. There are a bunch of pen pal-friendly blogs out there, but Letters, Postcards & a Cup of Tea is the one that reminds me the most of mine yet is wonderfully different at the same time. Kristiina and I have bonded bunches; not only do we follow each other’s blogs, she has given me ideas for future posts and we decided to become pen pals too!

Here is¬†a list of things I’m looking forward to this month:

  • Chinese food¬†and cupcakes in honor of Valentine’s Day
  • Participating in the Month of Letters Project
  • Doing¬†another project that you’ll read¬†about come the letter P
  • Tackling more Boom Boom Cards
  • Making some gnome-friendly¬†artwork
  • Getting my next dentist¬†appointment over¬†and done with

In one of my very first posts I said that I loved notebooks but rarely used the ones in my possession. I still have a handful of notebooks that haven’t been utilized, but I like to think a few less trees have died in vain. In addition to my “OCD” book, I have three notebooks where I make lists, work on blog drafts, etc., I have another book that’s used as a log, and I also keep a journal.

I have been thinking about this post since November at least, and my idea for Miscellaneous Mondays came along after that. Why am I bringing this up? Because I’m so obsessive I had to figure out what day this entry would land on again (it was originally the 25th), hoping it would land on my regular blog days. I got lucky ūüėõ

I decided to take on¬†a bit of¬†a project for my blog on the 10th. I took¬†a break from sending postcards via postcrossing last month so I could send¬†all 11¬†at the beginning of February¬†after scanning them¬†all. The point of this endeavor is so I can share¬†why I picked each card for each postcrosser. I thought¬†about doing this¬†all month long, but between not having¬†a working scanner¬†and enduring¬†a Michigan winter, going to my¬†aunt-in-laws’ regularly wasn’t¬†a favorable option.

Mother Dearest is currently making¬†a quilt for yours truly. Here’s the latest picture:¬†p1182547

Speaking of Mother Dearest, she recently requested that I send her some dry ranch because¬†apparently they don’t have that particular dressing in Taiwan. Do you know how much it cost to send two packages of the stuff? $14.50. Here’s¬†a bonus R for you: ridiculous!

I’m pretty over this winter thing. Not only have we experienced some negtive temperatures,¬†a snow plow knocked my beloved mailbox over early January. I feel kind of bad for Gabe– he either had to go out¬†and fix it in the bitter temperatures I mentioned, or listen to his paranoid wife bitch. He didn’t get it back up right¬†away, but he did fix it sooner than I was¬†anticipating ūüėõ

Both Gabe and his aunt deserve some thank yous. Tia Jen not only takes me to the post office but lets me use her scanner and helped me acquire a library card, and all she asks for in return is that I bring that Logan fellow over once in a while.

Come¬†April there’s going to be¬†a new¬†addition to our family who will learn to call me Tia Kate, hehe. Though Gabe¬†and I¬†are technically¬†already¬†an uncle¬†and¬†an¬†aunt, this will be the first we’ll feel like it. We go pottery painting for my birthday every year¬†and I have decided that I’ll be making¬†a piggy bank for the little one ūüôā

In just¬†a little over¬†a month there is going to be¬†a Veronica Mars movie– AHH! I may not have discovered the series until it was off the¬†air, but that doesn’t make me¬†any less excited! Since Nicole is the person who introduced me to VM, I have been making her some themed postcards over the past couple months, counting down to this glorious occasion. Below is¬†a picture of her with one¬†and me with the other.

A lot of fellow bloggers have some weird search terms that bring readers to their blog,¬†and the wordpress blog you’re currently reading is no exception…

  • enticingly eccentric gnomes printable
  • halloween cows nicknacks
  • sexy responses to say to trick or treat
  • sktrivia porn
  • xxx con pride sin
  • texting pic of a deformed penis

I mentioned xeroxing¬†About Me sheets in my very first 26 Letters post,¬†and now I’m mentioning it 2x.¬†Am I cheating with this letter? Probably. Do I care? No, because I did get some¬†About Me sheets printed off¬†and I’ve been sending them to pen pals¬†as they write me this year.

I’m pretty happy¬†about getting my library card, even if the library doesn’t have¬†as many young¬†adult books¬†as I would like. I did check out Beautiful Darkness, Beautiful Chaos¬†and Through the Zombie Glass so for now I’m content. Feel free to give me your recommendations though I¬†already have several things I want to read right now.

Last summer my mom introduced me to zentangles,¬†and since then I introduced them to my pen pal Kimberly because I realized I like doing these patterned doodles with someone more than doing them on my own. I’d scan our work, but unfortunately it’s not currently in my possession. Zentanlges may still show up here sometime, but for now I think you have had enough! If you made it this far, thank you so much for putting up with me!

Here’s to¬†another 100 blog post posts! *Cheers*
Sincerely, Kate ~!~

SKuirrels Gone Wild

15 Jan

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, SKuirrels have gone wild. How did this happen?! And what the heck is a SKuirrel anyway?!

It all started when the I got the idea to create a small squirrel and have it be sent all over creation. SK + squirrel = SKuirrel. Upon its arrival the recipient would take a picture of the SKuirrel in a cute, funny, &/or clever way, upload it online, and send it to someone new. On December 31st this idea became a reality; the SKuirrel FB page was created and I got to work on 7 of these critters in addition to my prototype, taking pictures of mine throughout the process like the few below.

This project is still a little too little for there to be any FAQ, but here are the answers to some of the questions that I have been asked so far.

How did you get the idea for this concept?

A little known fact about me, I was planning to go into advertising when I was in high school. Every so often there is a commercial that catches my attention, but not in a “MUST. BUY. M&Ms.” kind of way- I simply just really like them. Despite not remembering what it was a commercial for (and therefore not being able to find it on youtube) there is one commercial that has stuck with me, and maybe it’s because I have Logan now. Synopsis: father to young child leaves on business trip, child gives father teddy bear to keep him company, father takes picture after picture of teddy bear throughout his travels (the last picture being from their driveway, aww), child receives pictures on the computer with the help of mother, they all live happily ever after. Yeah, part of me wishes I was that young child and now I can pretend that I am, haha; I love the idea of something traveling all over the place, but ultimately winding up back home.

Why did you pick squirrels?

It was not because SK fit into the beginning, that was and is just a happy coincidence. You may remember me mentioning my friend Nicole once or twice and well, one thing she has mentioned to me in the past was how she does NOT like squirrels. You know how some people try to take an inch and make it into a mile? Gabe and I can be like that when the mood strikes. For Christmas that year we sent her the first squirrel toy we could find, for her 23rd birthday I bought her a board game called “Sneaky Snacky Squirrels”, and the Christmas after that I sent her some squirrel version of yahtzee I found. Christmas 2011 she requested I write her a 500-word-story and so I did- you’ll never guess what it was about. I illustrated it and was rather proud of the squirrels. When I decided to do this project of mine, knowing Nicole was going to be my consultant throughout the process, anything other than squirrels wasn’t an option.

Oh, I feel obligated to tell you that when I first illustrated Nicole’s story last Christmas, I used¬†this squirrel as part of my model, and I used it again for this project as well. Thanks, DLTK’s Crafts for Kids!

Do you plan on making another batch of SKuirrels?

If I was sane I would say no, but this is my actual answer: If/when the SKuirrels page on Facebook gets 30 likes I intend to make some more.

What would you change if/when there is another batch?

~While making the first group I kept saying how I’m going to draw one, scan it, use Paint to color it, copy & paste it several times, and then print those critters out.

~I will cut them¬†before going to Staples so I don’t have to sit at their work station doing so, feeling like a dork even though I know I am one. By the way, learn from my mistake: Don’t think you’re making work easier for those who are supposed to make things easy for you; cut things out before having them laminated because if you try to do so afterwards, the seal will likely be broken.

~They will not be laminated as thick. I thought the more durable they were the better, but the plastic was so durable I had a heck of a time trying to cut it.

~I will number them so when someone uploads their photo they can include his number so we can see which SKuirrel has traveled where.

Got more questions for me? Simply leave ’em in the comments below and I will respond to them.

Sincerely, Kate ~!~

The Catalog Blog

10 Dec

Tis the season for lots of catalogs,¬†fa la la la la… I started keeping track of the variety of catalogs I got after there were two days in October where I got at least four of them. Here’s that list in alphabetical order:

  • American Girl
  • Betty’s Attic
  • Bits and Pieces
  • Catalog Favorites
  • Collections Etc.
  • CP Toys
  • Current Catalogue
  • Figi’s
  • Hearth Song
  • L.L.Bean
  • Magic Cabin
  • Mindworks
  • Oriental Trading
  • PersonalCreations.com
  • Terry’s Village
  • The Lakeside Collection
  • The Lighter Side Co.
  • The Vermont Country Store
  • Victorian Trading Co.
  • Whatever Works
  • Wishcraft
  • Young Explorers

Rather remarkable, isn’t it? And 17 of them were in October alone! I’m sure it’s safe to say that the chaos started with Oriental Trading, and that one called¬†Victorian Trading is just ridiculous ūüėõ

If you omit the spaces and add “.com” to most of the titles above you can find their websites if you’d like to see what all they have to offer. Be warned though, should you order anything you may have quite the catalog collection yourself this time next year. (Allison, my September Sweeps winner, I hope me sending your prize directly from The Lakeside Collection’s website hasn’t resulted in any unwanted mail for you!)

You may be wondering if I’m annoyed by the abundance of glossy paper enticing me to buy stuff, but I’m not. On days where I don’t get any letters they’re a welcome distraction, and I often find¬†something that catches my attention whether it’s the eyeball notepads I got for my pen pals, a remote control firetruck “Santa” could get for the Loganator, or a gnome nativity set I wouldn’t mind ordering for myself. A couple weeks ago my good friend Krista requested some gift ideas for me and when I couldn’t think of anything off-hand other than Home Depot gift cards, it was nice to be able to resort to my catalog of catalogs.

Yes, I’d much rather window shop via catalogs in the comfort of my pajamas than go store to store; just look at this holiday friendly gnome we found via Terry’s Village last year, hehe.¬†Gnome Sweet Gnome

I hope this blog of mine finds you well, that your Christmas shopping has been going smoothly whether you go to stores or use catalogs and the internet like me, and that your holidays are happy ones.

Sincerely, Kate ~!~


30 Nov

Welcome to Noteworthy, the blog where I write about the things that are worth sharing but are too small to justify being posted separately.

My favorite quote about writing is the one I heard when visiting my mom and “sister” at Saginaw Valley’s writing center:

“Writing should be like a woman’s skirt- long enough to cover everything, but short enough to keep things interesting.”

My Advanced Writing teacher, Mrs. Krauss, had the following written on her chalkboard (along with a stick figure drawing- can’t forget about the drawing!) and therefore I’ll¬†always¬†remember the difference between “lie” and lay”. (Remember guys, to lie is to recline and to lay is to place!):

“Laid never means going horizontal.”

And here’s a quote from a chubby little cubby for kicks and giggles:

“For I am a bear of very little brain and long words bother me.”

Despite that last quote, I’m quite fond of big words-¬†succulent, concoction,¬†and¬†bravado¬†all come to mind… if only I could get ’em to come together in the kitchen *rim shot*.

My little sous chef and I recently discovered Sesame Street Classics on Netflix and saw this gem- Logan liked it for the Count and I liked it for all the mail, hehe. Enjoy!

I like to joke that single-handed I keep my post office in business, but unfortunately that’s not the case. I have liked a group on Facebook called “Save the U.S. Postal Services by Sending More Mail,”¬†¬†and the creator is always posting mail related articles (love it!). I recently saw a holiday friendly “petition” to help everyone keep getting mail and if you’d like to participate click me!¬†for details.

And if you want to send more personalized mail this holiday season, you should look into this: The 12 Days of Love Letters (thanks, mom!)

I hope you enjoyed these little notes as much as I’ve enjoyed discovering them. Kudos to Joycelyn for helping me with the video and to me for finally figuring out how to insert links. Dasvidania!

Sincerely, Kate ~!~