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Hail the Snail 2.25

30 Jan

Much like my last mail call, this is a bit messed up since I should have posted some of the following on the 15th. Blogging just hasn’t been a priority over the past month or so, but hopefully as the year progresses I can begin to prioritize Sincerely Kate a bit better again. Well, without furter ado…

January 5th: I got a couple ATCs from a trade I made, and Logan got one, too 🙂

January 6th: We got a belated Christmas card from my brother Erik and his wife, an early Valentine-friendly package from Sarah, and some of the birthday presents I ordered for the Loganator.

January 7th: Another package from Sarah came today– meet the Gnomlins!


January 10th: Just stories from Sarah this time, but there were packages from Amazon and LulaRoe. And Pablo had a couple ATCs, too.

January 12th: Jody’s letter accompanied another Amazon box.

January 13th: The last of the birthday presents we ordered for the Loganator arrived along with stickers via Pipsticks, an ATC per a private trade, and a letter from Charmaine.

January 17th: The Loganator got a present from Sarah as well as a birthday card, while I got the set of Christmas Carols Little Cards and the postcards I ordered.

January 18th: Both of the boys received postcards– Gabe’s was from my pen pal, Justine, and Logan’s was from me!

January 19th: Another five birthday cards came for my (now) six-year-old, and a bunch of ATCs came for me.

January 20th: Thanks to Kira I received two Postcards from Wonderland.

January 21st: Sandwiched between birthday festivities for Logan were letters from Jody, Kari, and Kristy.

January 23rd: The birthday boy got some happy mail from Ashley, while I got a letter from Whitney, a Disney Pocket Letter from Jenn, a few ATCs, and more stickers via Pipsticks.

January 24th: Logan and I had even more happy mail between Sarah, Nicole, Krista, and Ashley.

January 26th: I got another turn with the stories Sarah and I have been writing together.

January 28th: A letter from Sarah came today along with the last of the Little Cards per my Zodiac theme and another miscellaneous ATC.

I think that’s everything, though I might have forgotten a birthday card for Logan here and there since I’m not used to tracking his mail. He definitely has appreciated everything he has gotten though, so much so Gabe and I picked out a couple Valentine’s Day cards we’ll be sending him soon, hehe. Thanks to everyone who sent any of us anything– you flop our mops ❤

Sincerely, Kate ~!~




A Merry Little Mail Call

5 Dec

November 27th: A Christmas present arrived for the Loganator.

November 28th: Another package arrived for Logan– this time from Papa Halvorson. Also in the mail was a letter from Kristy for me.

November 30th: As awesome as it is that presents have been arriving, I felt like it was ABOUT DARN TIME I got letters.

Thanks Krista, Justine, Jody, and Jenn!

Thanks Krista, Justine, Jody, and Jenn!

December 1st: Yet another Christmas present for Logan, and yet another letter for me. Thanks, Katy!

December 2nd: A handy dandy booklet came regarding our upcoming Disney trip, and the godsend that is Logan’s new mattress arrived as well. He wasted no time breaking it in, hehe.


December 4th: Krista’s card and my former neighbor’s tied for first place in the race for first Christmas cards received.

All in all, a great week and I’m looking forward to seeing what this next one has in store!


26 Letters- Back to School Edition

20 Sep

Hola! The Loganator has just finished his first week of school so I thought this would be a good time to share some of our ABCs with you. How do posts like this work? I take each letter of the alphabet and come up with a word that not only starts with them, but fits my theme. My previous posts include the Original Edition, the Birthday Edition, the 100th Blog Post Edition, and the Christmas Edition.

Logan seems to have really liked going to school. Like literally. The bus ride to and from is his favorite part of the day. Logan was so excited about getting to ride the school bus, on Monday he couldn’t care less about us dropping him off, and as soon as the bus was here I barely got a “bye, mom.” Him being as independent as he is helped this be a smooth transition, though I still bawled as the bus pulled away.

I asked Logan what he likes best about his classroom, and he told me about how they have mats to lay down on and that they also sit on the carpet to listen to stories. He since has demonstrated to me and Gabe how he sits pretzel style for the latter.

The day before he was off to preschool, Gabe, his parents, and I took off with the little guy to get him some shoes (more on those later). On a whim my father-in-law grabbed some socks to put a pair on Logan as he tried things on, and when we got home I realized they were day-of-the-week socks. Logan now insists on wearing the appropriate socks on each day he goes to school, and he told me I needed to wash them this weekend so he can do the same this week. They are in the dryer as I write this.

The good news is that things like dated socks make things in the mornings easier, though the “early hour” isn’t too hard on Logan. He’d get up when Gabe gets up for work if we let him. I had to put a digital clock in his room so he knows that unless the first number is a 6 he needs to stay in bed.

As you can imagine, I asked Logan about his first day when he got home that afternoon. He told me how he got to play outside, how he got to use the Batman blanket he brought at naptime, and that for a snack he was given a football-shaped cookie. The same things were the highlights on the second day as well.

You may be wondering what I’m going to do now that Logan is napping and eating cookies elsewhere, and I don’t particularly have a goal. At some point I’m hoping to try out an online class via coursea.org to see how I like it, but right now I like being available should I be needed.

Harper is not too happy when Logan leaves in the morning to the point I need to have her crated up when Logan and I go outside to wait for the bus, and she spends most of the day napping a lot. She loves that kid. I think 3:20 is her favorite time of day now that that’s when we go outside to wait for Logan. Her tether was a fantastic investment.

Gabe’s aunts– AKA my aunt in-laws— are amazing. On Monday they thought I could use some chocolate therapy, so they asked me what I would like, and an hour later double-chocolate brownies arrived fresh from the oven. It was exactly what I needed, exactly when I needed it.

As awesome as brownies are, this time of year is also the time when Johnson’s Pumpkin Farm opens back up and we can get their amazing cinnamon sugar donuts. Gabe and I grabbed a dozen yesterday morning, and I’m sure we’ll be back for some more next weekend, too.

If a blog post like this is any indication, I have given quite a bit of thought to this time of year. One thing I haven’t really considered though is starting a school scrapbook for Logan. Despite my love of an old-school hobby like pen palling, scrapbooking is something that now seems really outdated to me the more I can share pictures with friends and family via social media. However, Keisha, a fellow LEPeep, decided to send us some scrapbook supplies that would lend themselves nicely to such an endeavor so maybe I will try to find a use for them.

Speaking of fellow LEPeeps, I recently acquired two new pen pals from that group by the names of Lauren and Dena. Both of them also pushed their little birds out of the nest so our letters are letting us not only vent about our fears and frustrations, but compare our experiences as well.

One thing I plan to “compare” with the ladies above is the first art project that was sent home to each of us. For me, it was this picture with popsicle sticks that conveniently had magnets attached to the back. Obviously it has been on my refrigerator ever since.


Things that are going to be on my TV in the next week– while I’m Logan-free, of course– include The Big Bang Theory, Scream Queens, Heroes Reborn, How to Get Away with Murder, Once Upon a Time, and Nashville. Fall premieres is definitely one of my favorite things about this time of year!

Going to Logan’s Open House earlier this month was something I had mixed feelings about. On the one hand, I wanted to see where Logan was going to be spending his time and who he’d be spending it with, but on the other hand $#!% just got real.  His classroom seemed a bit small to me, but at the same time that seemed like a good thing because it wouldn’t overwhelm my little guy.

How could I not use “preschool” for the letter P? Despite this blog post’s blog title, I’m a bit annoyed by “Back to School” commercials, promotions, and aisles since when your child is starting preschool they’re not actually going back to school. I’m well aware that for most children it’s back to school, but it’s kids who are Logan’s age that are the most excited about going to school, so I think more commercials should be geared towards that demographic.

Since I have quite a bit of quiet time a few days a week now, I have decided to make myself a bit of a schedule. Mondays will be when I clean the kitchen, Tuesdays will be when I do laundry (minus the load with Logan’s socks 😉 ), Wednesdays will be random chores like cleaning the bathroom one week and organizing my crafty stuff another, and on Thursdays I’ll tidy up the living room in time for the boys and puppy to destroy it again, haha.

But that’s not the only routine we’ve started here. On Sunday evenings Logan and I pick out the clothes he wants to wear throughout the week, and in the mornings we wake up only for him to watch an episode of Dinosaur Train or Handy Manny before he puts them on.

Usually after another episode and a half Logan and I head outside with the Spiderman backpack my in-laws got Logan. He loves his backpack and the fact that there’s a matching lunchbox I can hook up to it. You can’t really see the backpack in this picture, but this seems like a good place to show you the mandatory first-day-of-school photo.


Around this time next month Logan gets to see his other grandpa– my dad is coming back to Michigan! Normally he only comes to Michigan once a year, but he’s making an exception now that he has yet another grandson to visit now. After his visit, I’ll be the one with some travel plans. The following weekend my oldest brother is getting married in Florida! Between school and fall harvest it is just going to be me that heads south in October, but in January the three of us will try to go when we all can actually enjoy the trip and spend time with the newlyweds.

As for my mother, I get to see her quite a bit now that she’s in Michigan. She is doing the “back to school” thing herself as she’s teaching a couple classes at Saginaw Valley State University. She posted this on her blog a little over a month ago, should you want to know more about what she’s up to.

As promised, I have some shoes to tell you about. Logan knew for quite some time that he wanted shoes that lit up, and for almost as long I wanted him to have something with Velcro. Fortunately we were able to find a pair of shoes that had both of these qualities, and we’re both incredibly pleased with the purchase! I attempted to get a picture of them “lighting up” but this is the only one even remotely successful, haha.


My next post is going to share some of the “vacation” friendly things I got via this little contest, but for now I’m going to tell you about three things that were sent via a swap I arranged called “What I did on my summer vacation.” I, for starters, sent Ashley a pocket letter I made incorporating bits and bobs from the past few months like arcade tickets, movie stubs, and even one of our family pictures. Allison drew a map of the places she traveled to, writing a few descriptions about each of the states she visited. Then Ashley sent me movie reviews for each of the movies she saw and included a box of Reeses Pieces and a bag of popcorn.

Xenotarsosaurus is the “X” dinosaur the train picks up when they collect each dinosaur in the following song. I’ve been no stranger to this in the mornings.

Between the mornings where Logan and I wait for the bus to pick him up, and the afternoons where Harper and I are waiting for his return, I find myself wanting something for our yard. A bench. Well, a porch swing would be even more preferable, but I’m cheap. I just think it would be nice to have a place to sit instead of standing around the driveway, and if I wasn’t worried about them falling into the ditch I’d settle for plastic lawn chairs.

Well, I think this blog post can die now… like the mosquitoes in our yard now that we finally invested in a bug zapper, haha. Hope you have a great week, but I hope Logan’s is even greater 😛

Sincerely, Kate ~!~





Sincerely Logan #3

20 May

I actually have no outgoing mail of Logan’s to share this time around. Sure, I’ve sent some of Logan’s artwork to my dad, but Logan seems to have lost interest in sending “letters” to anyone. With any luck, he’ll still write S’Moore’s little guy once he’s willing and able. Maybe as we go places over the next few months I can encourage him to get/send postcards to his pen friend. *Fingers crossed*

Although Logan’s interest in sending mail has dwindled, he sure loves getting it still! Just yesterday the movie he thought his dad needed for his birthday– The Incredibles— came thanks to Gram Kracker and he, as he puts it, was “so esited!”

Several weeks ago Logan also received some exciting mail from April 28th to the 30th. On the 28th he got binoculars and a flashlight from my dad as he loved playing with those things when he was his grandson’s age. The next day he got Scooby Doo Mystery Incorporated from my mom… even though Netflix didn’t remove the Logan-favorite like they claimed. Then on the 30th this lanyard full of Disney pins came from my brother Doug and future sister-in-law:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Note: I got a lanyard from Doug and Jessica too, but you’ll have to wait until the May Mail Call to see it 😛

I’d like to thank my family for being so sweet to Mr. Logan, and to everyone who might be waiting to hear from him, thanks for being patient! This, by the way, will likely be the last “Sincerely Logan” post. Between him not writing much and me having other ideas for the second half of the year, it makes sense for me to bid it farewell. Who knows though, I may find other places to fill you in on him and his mail.

Sincerely, Kate ~!~

Footnotes: April Edition

25 Apr

Much like the January edition of Footnotes, this post is going to be my pen pal-friendly take on “If we were having coffee.” You see, I have several things I’d like to share, though they don’t necessarily need their own posts. At least not yet 😉 So without further ado…

Logan & His Little Cousins

The Loganator is officially registered for preschool. While I don’t think I’ll ever like the fact that my little guy’s no longer little, I am coming to terms with him growing up. It helps having a little nephew and another one on the way. Around the same time Logan will be starting school, my brother Tom and his wife will be starting their own ride with their own little boy. And let’s not forget about my nephew Christian. Exactly one year ago I posted this in his honor– it’s hard to believe he’s already one. Last year I said that the three of use were always going to be in his corner, and that’s still as true as ever. Over the past year he’s been through more than any baby should, but he has been so resilient. I hope that the little soldier holds onto that attitude as he grows up!

Gnome Work

On the same day that Christian turned one, I announced the new theme for my sporadic mail art contests via the post Gnome Work. The contest entails either making or decorating an envelope (or postcard if you’d rather) with gnomes on it and sending it to my P.O. box. I will share all the entries I’ve received on June 25th, which means you still have two months to participate if you haven’t done so already. Along with the entries there will be a poll where people can vote for their favorite. The winner will be announced in the following post (June 30th) and they’ll receive homemade prizes soon after 🙂

The Con/Dom Gnomes

Speaking of gnomes, I thought I’d make two to send among my pen pals. They turned out a bit phallic so I decided to name one Conner and the other Dominic– the first syllables of each name are the syllables of the word “condom,” haha.

Conner will be paying Emily a visit soon, but first he spent time with Justine. She took a bunch of pictures so I’ll share a couple favorites along with her captions:

As for Dominic, he is still with his first host family. Jenn has yet to share any pictures, but given how much her daughter was enjoying the little guy, I’m expecting to see some cute ones very soon. Here is a picture I took of him before he left my humble abode with his travel journal:


The Pocket Letter

DSCF8041As I was sending Dominic to Jenn, she was sending me this pocket letter. In a nutshell, a pocket letter consists of a page protector with 9 slots (typically used for baseball cards) that have components tucked into them. The components can be anything from ATCs to a folded note to a small candy or tea bag. Jenn went the ATC route, though there are little notes tucked behind each one. The one I’m currently making for her will also feature ATCs. I really need to work on it some more… especially if I’m going to be making another next month 😉

The March of Postcards

Last year I sent a postcard to Othella every day in March and she did the same for me. I originally explained it here, and once I got all of her postcards I shared them here. Othella and I enjoyed this so much we decided to do it again last month. She has had all 31 of mine for a while now, but many of the ones she sent me still have yet to arrive. Ordinarily I’d be convinced that things have been lost, but the ones I have received trickled in so damn slowly I’m not assuming anything. In May, at some point, I will post whatever managed to march to Michigan from Oklahoma since I’m getting especially impatient. This is the obsessive blog of a compulsive pen pal after all!

Well, I think that was everything I wanted to share this time around. Take care!

Sincerely, Kate ~!~

Sincerely Logan #2

20 Mar

I know when people see a post with Logan’s name in it they get all sorts of excited, so I thought I’d warn you now that this post is mostly just going to be of the mail he has received since the last post like this.

You’re still here? Oh good. In the past two months, Logan has gotten a lot more interested in writing the letters in the alphabet, especially the ones that are in his name. He sent out cards to Cole and Elliot around Valentine’s Day, and I got so excited when I saw just how well he did since I don’t force him to practice.


With the exception of that card, I’ve gotten rather forgetful about taking pictures of what Logan has sent. When he decides he wants to “write” someone, he’s usually so excited that he/we can’t be bothered to pause long enough to take a picture before shoving it in the envelope I prepared. Though there are a couple outgoing things included below, most of what’s there is what came in.


Logan also received a few things from a couple of my pen pals (for his birthday) and the son of a fellow LEPeep (just because), but instead of showing you those things– mainly because I don’t know where the monkey guy is at the moment– I thought I’d share with you one of the pictures of Logan from this past weekend!


Gabe and I took the Loganator to see Dinosaur Train Live and we loved watching him as much as he loved watching the show. Seeing his eyes light up was such an amazing feeling, similar to that of seeing a child see the loot Santa brought him, hehe. Logan could very well be a farmer and volunteer firefighter like his dad when he’s older, but knowing that he also seems to love the things his mom does makes me incredibly excited. Sure, he’s a bit too little for things like Phantom of the Opera and Spring Awakening, but there are still many a show that would be worth getting a third ticket for.

Well, I think Logan and I are going to work on yet another letter for Elliot now. Take care, Bleaders!

Sincerely, Kate ~!~

Sincerely Logan

20 Jan

In just three days my little guy will no longer be three years old. It is because of Logan’s 4th birthday on Friday that I thought now would be a good time to tell you what he’s been up to mail-wise since the “From the Desk of Mr. Logan” post. It may not look like much but it warms my heart.

As you can see, Logan was excited to hear from Cole again.

As you can see, Logan was excited to hear from Cole again.


Like I said it’s not much, but hopefully over time this will encourage Logan to try writing like it has done for Cole. My pen pal Sarah (M.) has a little guy a little older than Logan, and they’re going to start exchanging mail as well so maybe with the increase of happy mail it will increase Logan’s desire to pen pal, though I doubt it will ever quite match mine, hehe.

In the meantime, he/we will start putting the thank you cards I got him to use once again soon. If they look anything like the ones from Christmas, not only will he have decorated them with the rubber stamps he got from my grandparents, but he will have told me random letters (P, T, X!) when I ask him what else he’d like me to write on his behalf.

Something else we will try: sending postcards to people like YOU! In honor of his fourth birthday, the Loganator and I will send four postcards to people. If you’d like to be one of the four, simply tell me why in the comments and provide an email address where I can contact you. The first four to do so, regardless of where they live, will get them. If you are either of my parents or a pen pal in my Sincerely Kate group on FB, DON’T SIGN UP! You’ll already be getting one… eventually 😀

Well, I think that’s all we have for you for now. In a couple months I will share Logan’s incoming and outgoing once again.

Sincerely, Kate ~!~