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Dear July

20 Jul

Thank you for joining me as if we were having coffee. My dad has been visiting us this week so what’s another “visit” at the moment? 😉 As always, the boys and I are enjoying our time (and our random adventures) with my dad. Heck, Logan even enjoys getting in and out of his Papa Halvorson’s van since it has a “magical button,” haha. If I had to choose a favorite outing, it would be seeing Lake Huron on a whim after having ice cream in Sebewaing and therefore being pointed in its direction. We still have a few more outings on deck before dad leaves on Monday, like dinner at the aunt-in-laws’ tonight– nom nom.

Though it will be sad to see my dad off next week, the boys and I are actually taking off that day, too. A few months back, Logan told us he wanted to see a real waterfall and Gabe was determined to make that happen this summer. With wheat harvest behind us and our 8th wedding anniversary just 10 days away, what better time for us to go up north and see the Tahquamenon Falls? The next time we meet for coffee, I’m sure I’ll have some fun stories and/or pictures to share.

As you may recall, the last time we met for coffee, my maternal grandmother had just passed. If you have ever lost a loved one, I’m sure you know how bittersweet funerals can be. For example, you can be relieved that they are no longer suffering, but on the other hand, your heart is breaking for those who are left behind. Then in spite of that heartache, you’re happy to see your aunts, uncles, and cousins in the same place at the same time since that’s a rare occasion anymore. Basically the emotions are all a bit of a whirlwind.

The Loganator did not go to the funeral. I used school as a bit of an excuse, but even if he would have been out already he wouldn’t have gone. I knew he would have kept whispering things like “when will this be over?” so we decided we’d do other things with him in his great-grandma’s memory instead. Thing One was going to the Children’s Zoo with Uncle Erik while he was up from Florida. Not only did my grandparents give us the zoo membership we have the past two Christmases, we could visit this brick of theirs there:


Thing Two was not only in grandma’s honor, but was also to celebrate Logan’s last day of first grade. The boys and I went to Midland where we had lunch at Logan’s Roadhouse, visited my grandpa, and went to Plymouth Park. In addition to Plymouth Park being my favorite part G&G ever took me to, there are personalized fence posts there for their great-grandkids as well as my youngest two cousins. Here’s Logan with his:


It goes without saying that Logan is so glad to be done with school for a while. Between that day in Midland and my dad’s current visit, Logan’s been to the movies, the beach, the farm to help with wheat harvest, to VBS at his grandparents’ church– I feel like I’m forgetting something, but maybe that’s just his grandparents’ in general, haha. His summers may be shorter, but all the more reason to make each moment count, I guess!

Though I haven’t been as busy as the Loganator, I have been slacking when it comes to reading and transcribing. I did manage to finish reading Alice I Have Been by Melanie Benjamin, but my dent in The Gallery of Unfinished Girls by Lauren Karcz is rather small. Once Logan goes back to school, it will be much easier to get back on track as we’ll have regularly scheduled lives again then. Maybe then Amanda and I can also resume what we’re now calling our Marvel Misadventure, lol. We still haven’t watched anything since Iron Man, unfortunately. By the way, there are a few shows I’ve been watching this summer like Pose and Food Network Star, and though I like both series very much, I’d trade them for my fall line-up, haha.

Well, I think it’s about time to end this “visit” and resume the one with my dad. Until we meet again!

Sincerely, Kate ~!~