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Dear March

20 Mar

Since the last time I wrote as if we were meeting for coffee, I completed my 31st trip around the sun. We did a few things to celebrate the occasion over a few days, and though nothing on its own was much of a production, when everything was said and done it certainly felt like one. I appreciate everything our families did for me/us, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel relieved when things went back to normal on the 5th. Heck, I even told a couple pen pals that since my 32nd birthday will be on a Friday, it would be tempting to just get a motel room for myself and have pizza delivered, lol.

Right now, however, I’m thinking less about my birthday(s) and more about this upcoming weekend. Since my mom and I both had such an amazing time on our overnight adventure in Troy, MI last year, we decided to go back. Our itinerary includes seeing some kitties at a cat caf√©, doing some light shopping at the Somerset Collection (home to Build-a-Bear Workshop), and going back down the rabbit hole that is Mad Hatter’s Bistro. Twice. It should be a lot of fun, and in my mom’s case it’s well-deserved. P.S. I’ll tell you how many Change Cards we leave next Wednesday.

Oh, that reminds me. I need to tell you that Logan’s class unfortunately won neither the Box Top contest nor the Penny War, but the latter was really close! The good news, however, is that following the Penny War, Logan’s name was chosen in a drawing so he got to throw a pie at the teacher of his choice, haha! Logan’s newest mission on the school’s behalf has been raising money for Jump Rope for Heart/Hoops for Heart per the American Heart Association. Originally we set out to just raise $50 so Logan could earn a t-shirt as well as a couple keychains, but he easily acquired double that so we tackled the requested $250 goal and met that, too.

In other school-related news, March is National Reading Month so Logan’s school has been indulging in some fun novelty days. Yesterday, for example, the kids were encouraged to wear their pajamas and bring in their favorite bedtime story– check out Logan and Bridget:

Murder on the Orient Express, just so you know, is not my favorite bedtime story but the latest book I’ve read. If I wouldn’t have been reading it with my pen pal Kristy, however, I’m not sure I would have finished it. More often than not the novel felt as if it was written in a foreign language then poorly translated into English; to say I was put off by that would be putting it mildly. I found myself wanting to skip ahead to find out whodunit and just watch the movie, but I hung in there because of Kristy. I still don’t think the book was anything special, but that just makes it more rewarding to have it done with. I’ll be reading Untamed by A.G. Howard next; it’s the companion book to the Splintered series I read in January so I’m going to tackle it before moving on to more retellings of Alice in Wonderland.

For the record, I do still plan on watching the newer version of Murder on the Orient Express one of these days. It may be a nice break from Coco and Ferdinand, the latest additions to our Blu-Ray collection, lol. Something that’s not a nice break? Top Chef, This is Us, and How to Get Away with Murder being done until next season ūüėõ At least A) they all wrapped up nicely–though I still wish Carrie won TC, and B) spring premieres are underway like Rise, The 100, and several other shows that will keep me from being too bored when the boys aren’t around.

The boys, by the way, have been good, though I think Gabe would be better if he didn’t still have fish fries to tend to. The end of Lent is coming, though! I’m not sure what exactly we’ll be doing for Easter quite yet, but I do know my in-laws have some big gifts in store for two little boys. It should be a good day; it certainly will be more celebratory than our St. Patrick’s Day was, lol.

I think that’s everything that has been going on around here, but come April 20th I’m sure I’ll have plenty more to tell you over coffee. Until we meet again!

Sincerely, Kate ~!~

Hail the Birthday Snail

5 Mar

In my last mail call, I mentioned a plethora of packages I received for my birthday. However, because I didn’t want to open them before the occasion, I didn’t show and/or tell you what those packages contained. Since I have been posting on the 5th of each month this year, what better day to post about everything I opened on the 1st?

After getting a couple presents from the boys that morning– a Cheshire Cat onesie and a couple other Wonderland characters as figurines– I opened two of the packages before one boy left for work and the other left for school. Continuing the Alice in Wonderland-friendly trend, Sarah sent me a gorgeous “Down the Rabbit Hole” puzzle, and the first Thriftbooks package of the day included a book called “What Would Alice Do?: Advice for the Modern Woman.”

Other books I acquired thanks to my mom and her use of Thriftbooks include Every Day by David Levithan, Bear (x2!) by Marian Engel, and the Splintered series’ companion novel, Untamed. My mom sent me more than just books, though! I also received a set of note cards that has been on my amazon wishlist for a while now, as well as the set of Hell’s Kitchen DVDs that’s been on it since Christmastime. Thank you, Bessie!

The other amazon packages waiting for me were from Sarah. Though one of the books she sent me was something I already owned, I was so excited to find Hatter by Daniel Coleman in one box and a Cheshire Cat plush in the other. I made sure to get a picture of the latter with Bridget who was dressed up like the Mad Hatter at the time (thanks to a previously opened package from my dad):

Bridget, by the way, has a few more things coming from Build-a-Bear Workshop, and some of my pen pals have also told me to expect some goodies, too. Now that my birthday is behind us, I’ll be going back to opening packages as I get them, and showing &/or telling you about their contents in my usual “Hail the Snail” posts.

Though there were things that I’d change about my birthday, thanks to all of the happy mail I have received, it still managed to be a pretty happy occasion. Thanks to everyone who sent me anything, even if it was just birthday wishes. All the best from this 31-year-old to you ūüôā

Sincerely, Kate ~!~



Hail the Snail #4

1 Mar

I’ll get to the happy mail I received since the 15th momentarily, but first I want to tell you that today is my birthday! At the moment I’m just hanging out until it’s time to pick up the Loganator from school; he has a half day today so the three of us will be going out for lunch. Sadly Gabe has work to do afterwards, but this afternoon Logan and I are planning to bake cupcakes and open the packages I started receiving a little over a week ago. Okay, we opened the box from my dad when we got it and the package from Build-a-Bear Workshop on the anniversary of when I made Bridget, but I saved everything else until today! I’ll mention all of the packages throughout this mail call as I received them, but it will be in an upcoming blog post where I actually write about the contents from the things I’m opening today.

February 15th: No packages just yet ūüėČ , but Logan got a belated Valentine from his grandparents while I got a letter from Jody.

February 16th: Someone I used to send postcards to via my Postcard Posse surprised me with this:

In case you can’t read it, the card basically says she still appreciates my time and energy after all this time and the circumstances in between. How cool is that?

February 20th: Our mail carrier dropped off a postcard from Krista, an envie from Sarah, and a Mad Hatter outfit for Bridget from my dad. Then UPS dropped off four additional packages– two were from Sarah and the other two were from my mom.

February 21st: The P.O. box had a letter from Kriston while the regular mailbox had one from Kayla along with another package courtesy of my mom.

February 22nd: Yet another package arrived from my mom– this one is the one from Build-a-Bear Workshop ūüėČ

February 23rd: No packages today, but it was still a good mail day because I got a letter from Jody.

February 24th: In honor of Bridget’s birthday, I opened the package from the 22nd and this outfit was half of its contents, hehe:

For the record, when the mail came, the opened package was replaced with one from Thriftbooks. Thank you, Bessie!

February 26th:¬†Two more packages came via Thriftbooks, and Sarah’s batch of Little Cards came along with ’em.

February 27th: It was a great day for firsts via the P.O. box! I got 1) my first letter from a new pen pal named Tonya, 2) my first two postcards since rejoining Postcrossing, and 3) some wonderful extras along with the first Little Cards from the newest adventurer.

Well, Bleaders, I think it’s about time I stop telling you about the happy mail I received recently, and start having myself a happy birthday. All the best!

Sincerely, Kate ~!~

Hail the Snail 2.5

15 Mar

February 29th: I got three birthday cards, two packages of address labels, and one potato.


March 1st: On my birthday, Pablo gave me the gift of Jen E.’s letter.

March 2nd: Though all I got from either mailbox was a lil’ thank you note, I remembered the present from Ashley that was waiting for me.

March 3rd: No letters (or presents) for me today, but Logan received more Qixels.

March 4th: I love this card from Jenn and the fact that she sent it late on purpose.


March 5th: I got my first letter from Jody as a 29-year-old ūüėČ

March 7th: Not only did I get my batch of Celebrity Crush cards, the last of the Puppy Love ones came per¬†my February¬†theme. But wait, there’s more! I got letters from Justine and Kristy, a birthday card from Kayla, and the latest stationery via La Papierre’s subscription service.

March 8th: I’m sending Othella 31 postcards via another March and so a new roll of postcard stamps was money well spent! Also in the mail but from Pablo: a letter from Whitney.

March 9th: If getting a postcard from Emily makes my day, you can imagine how excited I was to get a belated birthday present from her.

March 10th: With Once Upon a Time back, I was happy to have Ashley’s letter to respond to.

March 11th: In addition to getting a letter from Christal, I also got the first of the little cards per my 80s theme.

March 12th: Another Saturday so another letter from Jody.

I’m pleased to report that my birthday was a happy one, and that all of the mail I received (minus bills and junk, naturally)¬†has made me happy, too! Dasvidania!

Sincerely, Kate ~!~

Presents from Wonderland

14 Mar

If you’ve seen much of my blog, you’ve probably seen what a big fan of Alice in Wonderland I am. This has¬†likely been the most evident in my series “Postcards from Wonderland.” I don’t have any postcards to share with you right now, but thanks to my birthday I have some other Wonderland-friendly things I can!

First up is this glorious loot from Ashley! She made sure I had it long before my birthday, but it was actually on the 2nd that I remembered it was waiting for me. A very merry unbirthday to me, eh?


I had another merry unbirthday when Emily surprised me with these! Sure, the socks aren’t pertaining to Wonderland, but GNOMES!


As for these goodies, I actually ordered the POP! doll for myself and found the lil’ guys beside it the last time I was out with Gabe. I think I’m going to try to replace Stitch with the Cheshire Cat, and the tiny Donald with the White Rabbit, hehe.


I¬†am so excited about the¬†things that I found and the ones that found me.¬†The presents are wonderful and¬†my friends¬†are wonderful-er ‚̧

Sincerely, Kate


25 Jan

Rest assured this post has nothing to do with feet. The following are just things I want to write about, but they don’t necessarily need a blog post featuring each of them. I suppose it’s a bit like “If we were having coffee,” or in my case, not-so-mad tea parties.

Logan’s Birthday

Though we originally didn’t plan to celebrate our 4-year-old’s birthday for 4 days, that is definitely that wound up happening…

Thursday: For kicks and giggles, Gabe and I took Logan to Pizza Hut on his last night of being 3. Not only did we have a gift card for the restaurant, we had one last gift we wanted to pick up for him– The Boxtrolls on BluRay.¬†Logan might have grabbed a balloon too ūüėõ

Friday: The Lognator was up and at’em at 6am ready to tear into his presents. His Planes toy and (replacement) doodler were immediately played with, and once he gets into the swing of things I’m sure he’ll be playing a lot more of the Disney Infinity. But that’s just his gifts from us! Between playing with presents here¬†he went out for McDonald’s breakfast, stopped for a couple sweet treats, visited Gabe’s aunts, napped, decorated his cake, had dinner at his grandparents’, and then spent the night at their house.

Saturday: Around noon we picked Logan and his cubby tablet up from my in-laws’ then headed over to my grandparents’ house for a little pizza party. Logan was so excited to go as my youngest cousins were going to be there, so much so he didn’t eat anything but black olives because he wanted to keep playing with them and the Plasma Car they brought for him. As soon as we got home he wanted some pizza, and as we watched The Boxtrolls he played on his new wheels yet again.

Sunday: Okay, so technically we haven’t done anything yet, but we’ll be heading to the Children’s Museum this afternoon followed by some noms at Logan’s Roadhouse. It should be a fun day,¬†though I think we’re all¬†feeling grateful for this downtime this morning.

Sincerely Logan

In my last post I said that Logan and I would send postcards to four of my readers regardless of where they live or our relationship. Only one person has taken me up on this offer (Thanks, Julie!) so if you’d like one– even if you’re from Bulgaria and have never commented on my blog before– go to Sincerely Logan and tell me so in the comments.

The Year of the Sheep

Another previous post you can look at is my first from this year. It’s a bit of a contest, encouraging anyone and everyone to decorate an envelope or make a postcard with sheep/rams/goats and then send it to my P.O. Box. I will post everything I’ve received on the 25th of March for my readers to pick their favorite from. Go to the link at the beginning of this paragraph for more information, or to the next paragraph if you’re just in need of my address ūüėČ

My Monthaversary

addressAs of today I’ve had this address for exactly one month. I definitely enjoy having this extra mailbox as it has given me some peace of mind; in addition to feeling comfortable leaving it here and in the LEP’s database, I also decided to send letters to two inmates. Though I haven’t received a lot of mail at this address yet, the few letters– including a response from one of the inmates– have already made this whole endeavor worth my while. Shout out to Gabe who has mostly been the one to check it a couple times a week. He may not get why I like this hobby so much, but he’s definitely supportive of me doing it.

Well, that’s all I have for you for now. Take care, Bleaders!

Sincerely, Kate ~!~

Dirty Thirty

10 May

imageedit_20_8189040292As of yesterday I’m now married to a guy in his 30’s. He’s such a cradle robber, haha. In honor of his birthday last year I shared 29 things I love about Gabe,¬†and though that was¬†all sorts of¬†adorable, I decided to have even¬†more fun this time around. With the help of some of my pen pals¬†and members of The League of Extraordinary Pen Pals I set out to acquire thirty random questions to have¬†my birthday boy¬†answer them¬†(though I typed everything ūüėõ ) It turns out I¬†only got fifteen questions, but if you¬†add fifteen Q’s with fifteen¬†A’s we can get to thirty that way. Yes, I’m cheating, but whatever ūüėõ

What would you do on your perfect day?

My perfect day would be going to Logan’s for lunch, stopping¬†at Sugar High Bakery, then coming home¬†and lounging on the couch in my pajamas.

What are five things on your bucket list?

I want to go to Italy, see Mount Rushmore and the Grand Canyon, and check out the Daytona 500 and Hollywood. 

What things, if any, have you crossed off your bucket list?

Got married. Had a bouncing baby Logan.

What was your favorite toy as a kid and do you still have it?

Yes, my favorite toys as a kid were my tractors and Logan has them now.

When did you know you were in love with Kate?

When we saw The Phantom of the Opera.

If you could be any woman alive on the planet today for one day, who would it be and why?

Taylor Swift. I’d sing country music.

What deceased historical figure would you want to have lunch with and what would you ask them?

Oh, that’s¬†a good one. Ulysses S Grant. What was the hardest decision he had to make during the war.

What living person would you have lunch with if it couldn’t be someone you’ve¬†already met?

The President of the United States. I’d¬†ask him what happened to reality¬†and politics.

What ticks you off?


Would you rather fight one horse-sized duck or 20 duck-sized horses?

Twenty duck-sized horses because it’d be fun to punt them.

What’s your favorite shirt to wear when you want to be funny?

I wear¬†a shirt with holes on Sundays– they’re my holy shirts.

If you could only wear plaid or argyle for the rest of your life, which one would you choose?

Plaid¬†and I’d be proud of it.

What item would you bring on Naked¬†and¬†Afraid and how long do you think you’d last?¬†

I’m not sure what that is, but I’d bring my hat. I don’t think I’d have¬†a problem with it.

Do you own a singing Christmas tie?

No, no Christmas ties.

If you were a superhero, what would your superpower be?

I’d be fireproof.

047I’m happy to report that Gabe’s birthday was¬†a happy one, even with me¬†asking him these random questions, hehe. Thanks to the weather he was¬†able to get out of work¬†at noon so we headed out to get the sweatshirt he’s been wanting¬†along with some Chinese food¬†and cupcakes,¬†and then¬†around five we headed over to my in-law’s to hang out with them¬†and pick up the Loganator. When we got home Logan made sure the last chunk of Gabe’s birthday lived up to the previous parts.

I’m glad both of these guys were born! Come tomorrow we’ll be celebrating Mothers’ Day¬†and we’ll have even more baked goods in honor of Gabe’s birthday (and his grandma’s, too). Have¬†a good weekend, Bleaders!

Sincerely, Kate ~!~


It’s My Party

5 Mar

…And I’ll brag if I want to.


I know 27 is hardly¬†a landmark of¬†a birthday, but when your family¬†and friends love on you like mine have, it’s only natural for¬†a blogger to want to share what made her birthday such¬†a happy one.

For starters, despite living 7,000+ miles¬†away in Taiwan, my mom, taking¬†advantage of JoAnn’s Presidents Day sale, let me pick out¬†a few things online. I’ve been trying to get into making my own envelopes or¬†at least making envelopes more pretty so I decided to get the Kreate-a-lope¬†and¬†a few rolls of washi tape.

Washi tape, by the way, has become my newest obsession. Gabe¬†and I were out¬†and¬†about the other day (getting Chipotle, nom nom)¬†and I¬†asked if we could peek into JoAnn’s to see if¬†anything caught my eye¬†and I walked out with $25 worth of the stuff. Some of it is totally his fault since he insisted I needed rolls like the bacon one. I love my enabler husband.

My dad, Gabe’s parents, my¬†Aunt Ruth¬†and Uncle Randy, and both my grandparents¬†and¬†Gabe’s grandparents were¬†all nice enough to give me birthday cards (complete with things of monetary value inside, hehe). Jen, my¬†aunt-in-law, not only took me to my dentist¬†appointment Thursday morning (where I got the gift of clean teeth), but gave me some baked goodies¬†afterwards, too.

My pen pals have¬†also been really good to me. Not only did I get some¬†adorable stationery from¬†Allison¬†and¬†a sweet birthday card from Justine,¬†¬†Simona, my pen pal from Italy, surprised me with the Original Boom Boom Deck! I’ve mentioned the Family Deck I¬†acquired myself on this blog¬†a couple times, but I don’t remember if I actually¬†said how I wished I would have gotten the Original one¬†as Logan’s¬†a little too little for some of the acts of kindess. For her to get it for me was the biggest surprise I’ve gotten¬†since finding out my brother-in-law’s going to be¬†a dad.

CAM00039Those who know me know that when my birthday rolls¬†around I like to go pottery painting. Ever since I knew¬†about the cousin Logan would be getting in¬†April I have known that I wanted to make the baby¬†a piggy bank like I did for my little guy back when I was pregnant. Unfortunately I don’t have pictures of the finished product yet¬†as it has yet to be fired, but¬†as you can see I got¬†a picture from this excursion.

And it wouldn’t be¬†a birthday of mine without¬†any kicks¬†and giggles! First of¬†all, Gabe¬†and I just grabbed¬†Arby’s for dinner because that’s what lil’ ol’ me wanted. Prior to leaving I somehow managed to finally beat the 410th level of Candy Crush Saga. My mom posted this blog entry in my honor on March 1st.¬†The following morning I discovered Jim Parsons, the¬†actor who plays Sheldon on my favorite show,¬†The Big Bang Theory, hosted Saturday Night Live. We went to my in-laws’ for dinner on Sunday¬†and¬†Alice in Wonderland— a favorite movie of mine if you’re new here–¬†was playing on Disney Junior. I had such¬†a great weekend full of a lot of great moments; I’m not sure this blog does it justice!

27 may not be much of¬†a landmark, but I’m going to remember it fondly¬†anyway.

Sincerely, Kate ~!~

A Letter to Logan

20 Jan

Dear Logan,

In just three days you’re going to be three years old. It doesn’t seem possible for so much time to have passed since your dad brought us home from the hospital. It doesn’t seem possible that you already know how to push my buttons yet turn my frowns upside down when said buttons have been pushed. It doesn’t seem possible that I can grow to love you more than I love you today, but if these past three years have taught me anything, it’s that I grow to love you more and more with each passing day.

My heart did somersaults when you said “momma” for the first time and it beamed with pride when you took your first steps. They say that “having a baby changes everything,” and that has included my heart. For someone so little, you have made a big impact on me. I can only imagine how much I will marvel at you in another three years.

You know how I’m usually playing on the computer whenever you’re playing with your trucks and tractors? More often than not I’m on Facebook talking about you! I put a bunch of statuses and pictures from your first two years in my post from last year, and now I’ll share with you some of my favorite Facebook statuses from the past year ūüôā

May 25th, 2013:
“It makes me giggle whenever Logan says goodbye to his piggy bank after making a deposit. And it warms my heart whenever he says ‘you too, mumma’ after I tell him I love him.”

July 15th, 2013:
“Mr. Logan got complimented on his manners today. And his looks, but the latter’s nothing new.”

September 14th, 2013:
“You know it’s going to be an interesting day when the first thing your son does is grab his golf club and chases the cats with it.”

September 14th, 2013 Again:
“My day’s ending as funny as it started. Every time Gabe leans in for kisses from Logan, the little guy coughs &/or laughs as soon as his dad’s an inch from his face.”

November 23rd, 2013:
“Logan keeps pausing his dad’s show, claiming it needs to load. Gabe keeps telling me I need to entertain his son, but both the little one and I are already very entertained :-D”

December 26th, 2013:
“Logan insists on¬†Gabe¬†sitting on the floor with him as he plays tractors and trucks, but heaven help Daddy if he touches any of the toys!”

You, my dear boy, are definitely the light of my life, so¬†I’m sorry for all the times I have raised my voice over the past few years, and if I ever made you feel like you were an inconvenience. Unfortunately I can’t promise you that this will never happen again, but I can assure you that I’m always going to immediately feel bad about it, making myself feel worse than I ever made you feel. You are my greatest accomplishment and I’m going to try my best to make sure you always remember that.

This past year has been a bit of a rough one with all of the dentist visits, and I know it must have felt like Daddy and I were being mean for making you go through that, but I promise you it was in your best interest even if you’re not going to see it that way until you’re older. We are always going to do what we think is best for you; you may hate us for it, but we love you more than you can possibly comprehend.

It doesn’t seem possible that so much has happened in such a short time. We love you and we’re so happy to have you in our lives! Happy birthday, Mr. Logan!

Sincerely, Kate ~!~ Love, Mommy

PS: A couple of my pen pals would like to wish you a happy birthday, too!