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Sinful Indulgence

3 Feb

If you thought I was done with those Seven Deadly Sins here on Sincerely Kate, you thought wrong! The Music Themes have seem to have quieted down ever since Bear went into hibernation in the mountains, but my mom and I decided we’d still do one from time to time, even if it’s just once a month, and invite the other Themists (and anyone else who’s interested ūüėČ ) to join us! I suggested the Seven Deadly Sins for February, and now I suggest you sit and watch my contributions– one for each sin.


When I first wrote¬†about this sin¬†I said I was envious of Justine’s¬†ability to make quality envelopes¬†and K√§ra’s imagination when it comes to creating¬†all her Sims challenges. I know both of these pen pals would help me if I¬†asked, but like King Louie I’d like to just be¬†able to do these things myself.

I Wanna Be Like You- from The Jungle Book
“So give me the secret, man-cub. Clue me what to do.”


If this post¬†was¬†any indication, gluttony’s probably my deadliest sin. I’d rather die happy with a¬†full tummy¬†at 70 than live to be 90+ thanks to depriving myself from¬†all that is yummy. I may be¬†a picky eater, but I can¬†appreciate this video’s sentiment.

Eat It- Weird Al
“Don’t you know that other kids¬†are starving in Japan so eat it.”¬†


The first time I wrote¬†about greed I mucked it up¬†a bit. Someone commented “Is wanting something greed? I do want things but I don’t consider myself greedy because of it.” In hindsight, maybe my sinful behavior wasn’t¬†all that greedy, but I do still think people need to be more¬†appreciative of what they¬†already have– The Flying Lizards,¬†myself, and that commenter¬†included.

Money- The Flying Lizards
“The best things in life¬†are free, but you can give them to the birds¬†and bees.”


Like I said in this post, I don’t commit this sin too much between being in¬†a monogamous relationship¬†and having¬†a little one, but that doesn’t mean lust should be taken for granted– temptation is everywhere. I picked this song because of the lyrics, but I picked this version because of the things Jacob¬†and Lauren say¬†as the New Directions perform it (e.g. “Take it off!”/”Mr. Schue, let me be your Britney!”). Sue saying “It’s¬†a Britney Spears sex riot!” is¬†also hysterical.

Toxic- Glee Cast
“I took¬†a sip from my devil’s cup. Slowly, it’s taking over me.”


This previous post was a tough one to write since I had to swallow my pride to do so. I may talk things through with Gabe as well as vent to pen pals, but admitting things to my bleaders was huge for me. Want to know what else was huge? This song by Carly Simon.

You’re So Vain- Carly Simon
“You had one eye in the mirror¬†as you watched yourself gavotte.”


I’m definitely guilty of being lazy, though,¬†as I explained before, sloth’s¬†a bit different¬†as it’s more¬†about being lethargic¬†and/or¬†apathetic. Either way,¬†we’d rather do what we want to do than what needs to be done, much like Sugarland in the following song.

All I Wanna Do- Sugarland
“Hang¬†a sign on the door, ‘please do not disturb.'”


I may have¬†a temper¬†and get into moods, but I didn’t think I was guilty of wrath in December¬†and I don’t think I’m guilty of it now. Compared to Sweeney Todd I’m practically¬†a Disney princess, haha.

Epiphany- from Sweeney Todd
“Because the lives of the wicked should be made brief.”

Considering how I did a whole series about the Seven Deadly Sins before, you can imagine how much fun I had finding songs to fit each one. If you’re envious and not being sloth, you can get greedy and collect your own videos and indulge in a little gluttony along the way. Put pride in your work! Not that you’d catch anyone’s wrath… but whether someone lusts after you is out of my control, haha.

Sincerely, Kate ~!~

7 Deadly Sins: Wrath

20 Dec

Wrath [rath] noun
strong, stern, or fierce anger; deeply resentful indignation;

vengeance or punishment as the consequence of anger

Why Kate Sincerely thinks Wrath’s considered a deadly sin:

I know you know I can write, but did you know I can sing? I bring this up because back when I used to cantor at church, there was this song that went along the lines of “Loving and forgiving are you, Oh Lord. Slow to anger, rich in kindness…” and as I was thinking about my thoughts on wrath, I started thinking about that song. I know as mere mortals we’re all going to make mistakes. We’re going to scold someone for something trivial just because we’re frustrated by something else entirely, or we’ll want to hurt someone just because they hurt us. And though it’s one thing to vent our frustrations, it’s another to seek vengeance. The world may be unfair sometimes, but we all need to be slow to anger and rich in kindness.

Some of my Recent Sins:

Sorry to burst your bubble, but I’m not too guilty of this one. Since this is the last of the “7 Deadly Sins” series I’d love to tell you how I once killed a man just to watch him die, but I’m afraid I won’t literally be going out with a bang. I simply need to work on my patience and keeping my temper a bit more.

. . .

Another series of mine has now come and gone– I hope I don’t catch any wrath for it ūüėČ When I first started this, I used the following as my introduction:

I used to be fascinated by the 7 Deadly Sins, possibly because my mom used to work for the church and life’s funny like that. The other day I thought about this stationery that I used to haveРstationery one of my pen pals said reminded her of the 7 Deadly SinsР and in addition to wishing I still had it, I got an idea for a new little series via SK.

This series might not have been all that in-depth, but considering how it started you can’t blame a girl for just having fun with it.

The Sinful Set of Stationery (picture found via amazon.com)

The Sinful Set of Stationery (picture found via amazon.com)

All the best to my fellow “sinners” now and always!
Sincerely, Kate ~!~

7 Deadly Sins: Sloth

20 Nov

Sloth [slawth] noun
habitual disinclination to exertion; indolence; laziness

Why Kate Sincerely thinks Sloth’s considered a deadly sin:

The expression “Idle hands are the devil’s playthings” comes to mind. I think if/when we’re bored we’re that much more inclined to do something we shouldn’t. Google seems to sincerely think Sloth’s considered a deadly sin because of emotional as well as spiritual apathy, which makes sense. I consider myself agnostic– I believe there’s something somewhere out there, but I don’t believe you need to go to church or push your religion on other people to prove that. I doubt that’s necessarily sloth, though for me it doesn’t seem like too much of a leap sometimes.

Some of my Recent Sins:

  • We were without power for slightly over 24 hours a couple days ago, and though I tagged along with Gabe while he helped people get their generators going, I mainly took this as an opportunity to sleep more than I normally would.
  • Prior to the power outage I rewatched my favorite¬†Dawson’s Creek¬†reruns for the third time and have started watching all of¬†Revenge¬†again, too.
  • Most of the time when I take Logan outside, I’ll usually sit down and read while he plays.
  • I spend more time writing to people than I do cleaning the house. With the exception of laundry, dishes, and picking up after Logan, I usually only clean when we’re expecting company… which isn’t very often.
  • I haven’t bothered looking for a job since I’m confident whatever I’d make wouldn’t be worth hiring a sitter or paying for daycare.
Logan and I PRIOR to Trick-or-Treating

Logan and I PRIOR to Trick-or-Treating

I don’t know if it’s because I was working on this blog, but I recently started organizing all of the miscellaneous boxes shoved to the side of our garage. On the first day it barely looked like I did anything, but on the following morning it really looked like I made a dent out there. With any luck this makes me less sloth, but one way we’ll know for sure is if I’m still motivated to go through boxes the rest of this month, haha. All the best, whether you’re struggling with sloth or not.

Sincerely, Kate ~!~

7 Deadly Sins: Pride

20 Oct

Pride [prayhd] noun
importance, merit, or superiority, 
whether as cherished in
the mind or as displayed in bearing, conduct, etc.

Why Kate Sincerely thinks Pride’s considered a deadly sin:

We’re all familiar with the sentiment “the first step to solving any problem is to admit that there is one”, and though we all heard that, we still keep our problems buried. We say things like how we don’t want to burden people with our issues, but a lot of the time that’s just a cover we use when we’re embarrassed of the cards we’ve been dealt.

Some of my Recent Sins:

Gabe and I seem to have money problems every other month; it’s like when we do get caught up another expense comes along. Most recently: both vehicles not wanting to start. Although we could really use some a lot of help getting caught up again, I haven’t really asked anyone since I feel like I’m always asking. This may or may not really be the case, but my pride makes me think otherwise.

Mr. Logan that Monday evening

Mr. Logan that Monday evening

On the 14TH our son had to have two of his teeth taken out because they were broken. I kept this off my facebook (or tried to) because I didn’t want to be asked a lot of questions or look like I’m a bad mother. My family knew about it and I vented to a few pen pals, but that was all my pride could handle. And though I’m sharing this now, I still would appreciate not being questioned about this. All you need to know is that the problem teeth were removed, Logan wasn’t happy that morning but has been fine ever since, and I still feel like a bad mother but with any luck I’ll look back on this time and be proud of what we did for the little guy.

It’s possible that I cried a little as I wrote this; it’s been a tough week for me in the pride department! If you’re struggling with something, you really should confide in someone. They may not make your problem go away, but you might feel somewhat better. If you really want to take pride in yourself, take care of yourself.

Sincerely, Kate ~!~

7 Deadly Sins: Lust

20 Sep

Lust [luhst] noun
intense sexual desire or appetite;
a passionate or overmastering desire or craving

Why Kate Sincerely thinks Lust’s considered a deadly sin:

I cringe whenever I’m watching something and teenagers who barely know each other “declare their love”. I don’t believe in love at first sight, I believe it’s merely an infatuation. And while I don’t think infatuation is wrong, lust gets into a gray area. People give themselves to someone they likely won’t talk to in a week, or marry someone because the sex is good but leave them the second the going gets rough. I’m not saying I was a saint– the math between my wedding day and Logan’s birthday is proof that I wasn’t– but it took me a while to admit I genuinely loved Gabe and that it wasn’t just lust. I think more people should take the time to learn the difference; the divorce rate might be lower if they did.

Some One of my Recent Sins:

Honestly I don’t commit this one too often, and if I do it’s been a lust for power and not for sex, haha. (The joys of having a toddler!) Anyway! Right now we’re about three weeks into another go at September Sweeps in the FB group I have for my pen pals, and just like last year I have been recording all the activity as if it’s my job, believing that if I miss one someone will call shenanigans. Yeah, it doesn’t really fit the “lust” description, but that’s the only current example I have.

1The picture on the left is one of me and my husband before we were much of anything. It was more than lust, but nevertheless!

The other night I finished a book, and while picking out what to read next I decided to start the Seven Deadly Sins series by Robin Wasserman because the first sin she tackles is Lust. Awesome timing, eh?

Sincerely, Kate ~!~
PS: My next book review will likely be posted early October ūüėČ
PPS: Sins still to come: Pride, Sloth, and Wrath

7 Deadly Sins: Greed

20 Aug

Greed [greed] noun
excessive or rapacious desire,
especially for wealth or possessions.

Why Kate Sincerely thinks Greed’s considered a deadly sin:

In my original 7 Deadly Sins post I said that our wants are insatiable. I know I can’t go to Staples without looking at the stationery and I’m sure everyone has a place or thing just like that. Whether it’s as small as a DVD in the $5 bin at WalMart or as extravagant as wanting an extra 0 on every paycheck, everyone is guilty of being greedy despite what they’ve already been given. And I mean EVERYONE.

Some of my recent sins:

First of all, I did get a package of stationery the last time I was at Staples. Other things I acquired this summer include a date stamp, materials to make my own postcards, and Les Miserables on blu-ray.

Something else I’ve been acquiring this summer: a postcard from every state to send to my postcard pen pal in Ireland. You may be thinking that that’s the opposite of being greedy, but I have asked family, pen pals, strangers, and even my ex’s sister for help in finding all 50. Only a handful more to go!

I became obsessed with the show¬†Whodunnit¬†recently. I suppose it was greedy of me to not want to wait between episodes to find out what happened next. I also made myself a Twitter account mainly so I could see all The Killer’s tweets because I couldn’t get enough of the “#evillaugher” on Monday mornings. Here’s the kicker… despite me never having an interest in tweeting before, I can’t help but wish I had more followers. (*wink wink* *nudge nudge*)

I could list more examples, but to that I say, “don’t be greedy!” I shall leave you with a picture of all the postcards that I have waiting to be sent off to pen pals or postcrossers, haha:014

And now you can tell me not to be greedy, haha.

Sincerely, Kate ~!~

7 Deadly Sins: Gluttony

20 Jul

Gluttony [glut-a-nee] noun
excess in eating or drinking;
greedy or excessive indulgence

Why Kate Sincerely thinks Envy’s considered a deadly sin:

It’s no secret that a lot of Americans are overweight, some morbidly so. You know how kids pour too much cereal as if their eyes are bigger than their stomachs? I guarantee that each person who reads this blog has exceeded a suggested portion size in the past week- not judging; I exceed it daily. I constantly consider dieting but alas, gluttony seems to be my deadliest sin…

Some of my Recent Sins:

Here are 10 restaurants I’ve been to within the past month… and a charming picture of me from one of them:

  • Big Apple Bagelimageedit_4_5142765287
  • Castamores
  • Chipotle
  • KFC
  • McDonalds
  • Murdogs
  • Olive Garden
  • Szechuan House
  • The Oven
  • Tony’s

There may or may not have been more than 10 restaurants, but there has been movie theater popcorn and cupcakes.

Feel free to share some of your own sinful behavior and I’ll share some more of mine this time next month. Dasvidania!

Sincerely, Kate ~!~

7 Deadly Sins: Envy

20 Jun

I used to be fascinated by the 7 Deadly Sins, possibly because my mom used to work for the church and life’s funny like that. The other day I thought about this stationery that I used to have- stationery one of my pen pals said reminded her of the 7 Deadly Sins- ¬†and in addition to wishing I still had it, I got an idea for a new little series via SK. Just like how PPOTM is reserved for the 10th of every month, for the duration of the year you can expect to see something pertaining to the 7 Deadly Sins via this blog on the 20th of each month.

Envy [en-vee] noun
a feeling of discontent or covetousness with regard to
another’s¬†advantages,¬†success,¬†possessions, etc.

Why Kate Sincerely thinks Envy’s considered a deadly sin:

Too often we want what we can’t have, especially when we see someone we know have that very thing. Instead of being grateful for what we were fortunate to be given, we envy those who have gotten more. Our wants are insatiable.

Some of my Recent Sins:

I always coveted my Taiwan pen pal’s stationery and even though my mom found me multiple kinds over in Taiwan just like it, I keep encouraging my mom to find more. It’s lined after all!

Justine is constantly making her own envelopes. Not only do I wish I was half as good at making them, I flat out just want to reuse her envelopes most of the time since they’re so nice looking. I guess in addition to wanting to be good at making them I flat out want her supplies.

Allison moved to New York earlier this year and I envy how close she is to things like Broadway and picturesque views worthy of postcards.

I have never been interested in the Sims before, but K√§ra’s “challenges” make me wish that I was since she doesn’t just play the game; she comes up with ideas whether it’s a Bachelor spin-off or a man who dumpster dives to live (yet lives to dumpster dive) and then writes about the experiences. I envy her creativity.

And my most recent moment of weakness: Envying Nicole and her mother for getting this puppy!


There are definitely more than 5 times that I have envied someone, and I’m sure that by this time next week there will be even more. Feel free to share some of your own sinful behavior and we’ll indulge in Gluttony next time ūüėÄ

Sincerely, Kate ~!~