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Hail the Snail 2.34

15 Aug

August 2nd: This mail call is not only starting with a letter from Jody, but, per Logan’s request, the illustrated version of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone ‚̧

August 5th: It was a rather slow week for snail mail, but it ended on a high note thanks to Justine.

August 10th: Another letter from Jody for me while Logan got another package– this one had Star Trek pop-up books my dad thought he needed, haha.

August 11th: Gabe and I got an invitation to something from someone, but mum’s the word ūüėČ

Admittedly the mail hasn’t been too exciting this month, but that doesn’t mean this month hasn’t been exciting!

Exhibit A: Last Thursday my siblings and I were at the same place at the same time along with 3 of our spouses and 2 of our kids. My mom also invited our grandparents ūüėÄ

Exhibit B: Today is Logan’s first day of first grade!

Needless to say, August has been treating my family pretty well, and I think the second half may treat our mailbox pretty well, too. Today, for example, is the day my LitCube ships! The theme this month? “Alice in Steampunk Wonderland” so of course I couldn’t resist! I have a feeling I won’t be waiting until my next mail call to show you what¬†was enclosed¬†ūüėČ

As for this mail call, I think here will be where I leave you… especially since I promised someone¬†an intro letter, hehe. Take care, Bleaders!

Sincerely, Kate ~!~

Family Fun

25 Oct

Though this post is a mail call, the main things I want to share are regarding my family so you’ll see some pictures in between…

October 15th: I received two batches of ATCs per a new group I’ve started– my next post will be about ’em ūüôā

October 16th: My dad had shown up in Michigan a few days before, so after Logan and I spent Friday with him, I checked both mailboxes. Jody’s letter was in one and Amanda’s was in the other along with Jenn’s ATCs and a Postcard from Wonderland.

October 17th: As happy as I was to get stickers from Othella, I was happier getting to meet my new nephew, Jack!


My dad and Logan were also very happy to get to meet the little guy…


October 19th: The set of postcards I mentioned last time started my week off, along with letters from Ashley and Charmaine.

October 21st: More ATCs for yours truly.

October 22nd: I was hoping letters would have came in time to take ’em to Florida with me, but I didn’t do any writing to or from, and I certainly didn’t do any while I was there ūüėõ

October 23rd: My trip to Florida is going to make great letter fodder, but for now, it’s a great excuse to share some pictures.

October 24th: I came home to a letter from Jody, and more ATC related goodness. I should probably go and respond to the former ūüėČ

Sincerely, Kate ~!~

The Year of the Wood

30 Jul

It was exactly five years ago that this happened:


In a way it feels like we’ve been married even longer, though these past five years have just flown by. As clich√© as it may sound,¬†Gabe is my best friend and I couldn’t imagine my life without him and our little boy. They make me happy and they drive me crazy, but I would not have it any other way.

In honor of our 5th anniversary– the wood anniversary– I wanted to share these songs from The Book of Life. Not only is the movie full of wooden-looking characters a family favorite around here, we constantly listen to these when we’re out and about because they mean so much to us.

I Love You Too Much
“There’s love above love and it’s ours ’cause I love you too much.”

No Matter Where You Are
“I’ll take care of you and love you just because. You and I are better than forever. Nothing can stop us.”

Random note: it is because of the¬†main male¬†character that I call my regular mailbox Manolo ūüėÄ

Pretty soon some friends and family will be getting some pictures my friend Therese recently took for us, though I thought I’d leave one of them here:


All the best from my family to you and yours!
Sincerely, Kate ~!~

Another One Bites the Dust

5 Feb

When I’ve written intro letters in the past, I would tell my potential pen pals that I lived in Fairgrove with my husband Gabe, our son Logan, and two¬†cats who were both named Snickers– the one Gabe had since his college days and the one I begged my mom for when I was 11 years old.


Unfortunately Gabe’s Snickers died in November, and now mine is gone too.

As sad as it is to lose a pet, I couldn’t be happier about the way Snickers, AKA Tuna, passed away. He was with me for almost 17 years and only started showing his age around this time last month. There was a rapid decline from there; it was long enough for us to come to terms with what was about to happen, but short enough that he never seemed to suffer. Sure, he wasn’t eating, barely used his litter box, and slept solely on the floor, but he never cried out or just flopped over the way the other cat did. He seemed to die peacefully and I have taken comfort in that.


I miss having a pet. On the days Gabe’s working and Logan’s at his grandparents’, I am constantly reminded that I am all alone. There will be the occasional noise in the house, and without an animal in it too they’ve become more noticeable, mainly because I don’t have that peace of mind that comes with assuming the pet made said noise. My lazy housecat wouldn’t have protected us from a mouse let alone an intruder, but it’s still unnerving that he’s gone. There has been part of me that has been tempted to get a hamster to nip that feeling in the bud, but before long– in May probably–¬†the boys and I are hoping to welcome a lab puppy into our family. Gabe and I have talked about the new addition for a while, ultimately deciding to wait until the cats were gone to avoid any cat vs. dog drama. But I digress.


Logan definitely seemed more sad this time around. I think when Gabe’s Snickers died a few months ago, Logan more or less thought he ran away and could come back. Since that last part never happened, Logan now knows that this death thing is permanent. Every so often he’ll say he misses Tuna and each time he does it makes me want to get that hamster that much more. It’s all just so bittersweet. We’re excited for our potential furry family members, but at the same time my cat’s death has felt like the end of an era.


Sure, that “era” has included a lot of moments where he was an absolute jerk. He fought with every cat he has lived with, tried marking his territory when they were boys despite being fixed, humped my stuffed animals, ATE my first hamster, and peed on some of¬†Logan’s toys back when the little guy first started walking. In spite of all those things though, he was my cat and I’m always going to remember him fondly.


In the words of my FB status on January 28th, “RIP, Snickers AKA Tuna. You were a douche, but you were our douche.”

Sincerely, Kate ~!~

A Catastrophe

17 Nov

The other night I posted this in the Facebook group for my pen pals:

I can no longer say we have two cats named Snickers in my intro letters. No sympathy cards or anything of the sort are needed or even wanted, but for those of you who want to know what happened you can ask. Even though it really, really sucks.

Before I go any further, I just wanted to warn you that I’ve turned off the comments for this particular blog post. I do appreciate the thoughts and prayers that are likely happening right about now, but I’d rather not hear it. The whole reason I decided to post about the situation here is so after this, I won’t have to talk about it anymore unless I want to.

RIP, (Gabe's) Snickers.

RIP, (Gabe’s) Snickers.

Neither cat was a stranger to rough-housing. My 16-year-old cat has wrestled with any and every cat he has lived with, and for the 10+ years Gabe has had his cat he never acted as if he was older than two. Every once in a while their rumbles would get out of control to the point Gabe or I would have to break them up. Last Friday was one of those times.

Normally when I break them up, Gabe’s cat will take off like a rocket, but instead of fleeing the scene he just wobbled and fell over as if the left side of his body couldn’t support his weight. Out of curiosity I stood him up to see if there was really a problem and sure enough he fell over again. For the duration of the day he hung out under Gabe’s dresser, only getting up when he had to and when Gabe came home from work (aww). Over the weekend he still didn’t get up much, but he did venture out into the hallway and bathroom. Gabe spent Sunday night petting him and rubbing his legs to see if he could tell whether or not anything was broken and he never flinched but wagged his tail so we hoped that was a good sign.


Unfortunately things took a turn the next day. He would cry out whenever he moved, and at one point he fell and had an accident. I kept thinking if Gabe wasn’t at work we would be heading to the vet, but there was another part that thought we’d be spending a lot of money to prolong the inevitable. I’m surprised that I was able to fall asleep that night because of how much he cried, but I did. Around 1am I woke up to use the facilities and on my way back to the bedroom Gabe asked me if I’d check on the cat. You can probably imagine what I found when I did.

I was and am so incredibly thankful Logan wasn’t home. Trying to find a box we could bury him in was something no three-year-old needs to see, nor would we have wanted him to witness us actually burying the cat he called his. Logan doesn’t seem all that phased by him being gone, oddly enough; to him it’s as if he ran away and one day we’ll see him while we’re driving by.


Gabe hides it well that he’s upset, but whenever the other cat comes near him he’s not exactly warm and welcoming. I am not denying that my cat is a douche, but I can tell he has felt really guilty. Normally he’s a vocal cat, but he didn’t bug us the entire time Gabe’s cat was suffering, and he hasn’t eaten as much since that awful night. When Gabe’s not around he will come and lay beside me, and though he encourages any and all petting, it’s clear that he’s there because he’s lonely. He has also been around Logan much more since the little guy has come home from his grandparents’, and though he has tolerated Logan and his check-ups for some time now, this is the first they have seemed so buddy-buddy.


But still, things definitely are different around here. It’s weird waking up in the morning and not having him follow me into the bathroom waiting for me to fill his water bowl. It’s weird not finding him on top of the freshly folded clothes on Gabe’s dresser, or¬†in the window when the boys and I come home from grocery shopping. I know things will get less weird over time, but for now it’s just something we’re dealing with while taking comfort in the fact that he didn’t suffer very long.

Sincerely, Kate ~!~

To Whom it May Concern

20 Aug

Hey guys! Between my blah mood last week¬†and my brief paragraph regarding Logan’s potential health problem back on Monday I know I had some of you¬†a bit worried. This pen paller decided to use the ever so popular salutation¬†as my post title,¬†and then tell you¬†all what has been going on.

We recently decided to switch from the pediatrician we didn’t really care for to the family doctor I (mostly) grew up with. In¬†addition to seeing Logan, my doctor was¬†all for taking Gabe on¬†as well– he has¬†an¬†appointment with her tomorrow, but she has¬†already seen Logan twice.¬†At Logan’s initial check up he was acting a bit uptight so “The Bach” tickled him, and while he did laugh, the tickling potentially caused certain things down below to retract when she checked his boy parts, so much so she couldn’t detect the right you-know-what.

“The Bach” had us come back last week in the hopes that he’d be more relaxed. The good news was that she felt the ball, the bad news was it was higher than it should have been¬†and maybe even stuck up in the tubing. We were then referred to¬†a pediatric surgeon¬†as the worst case scenario,¬†and reason for my blah mood, was that they might have to go in¬†and manually drop the ball.

Yesterday was that consultation,¬†and while it was confirmed that the ball is¬†a bit high up, the surgeon didn’t see¬†any reason to go in there to move it. THANK GOODNESS! I can’t tell you how relieved Gabe¬†and I¬†are. Not only do we not have the resources to cover what our insurance wouldn’t have, our 3.5-year-old son has¬†already been through so much.

005In spite of the doctors up in his koolaid, the Loganator has been doing really well. He has been enjoying playing outside when the weather’s decent¬†and watching Tangled¬†and Jake & the Neverland Pirates when it’s not. He recently got to ride¬†along in¬†a semi-truck while his daddy hauled wheat¬†and he’s¬†already talking¬†about going¬†again when it’s the sugar beets’ turn. In the meantime, he plays with many¬†a truck¬†and tractor here¬†and will likely show them¬†all to Othella¬†and “Papa Havasan” when they each visit next month.

Thanks to those of you who have been keeping Logan (and his parents!) in your thoughts and prayers, and as always thanks for reading!

Sincerely, Kate ~!~


Highs in July

30 Jul

One question¬†I was¬†asked by pen pals several times a few months back was “What are you looking forward to this summer?” and my response was always something about July. Not only is today my 4th anniversary,¬†but¬†this month had some other fun happenings, too. I just thought all of this month’s highs deserved to be highlighted.

The Fourth of July

My in-laws’ talked about taking Logan to see the fireworks on the 4th so to be a bit on the safe side we introduced Logan to sparklers and pop-its the night before after Gabe grilled up some yummy pork steaks– he loved them, not that we were surprised. Instead of taking Logan to the fireworks, his grandparents decided to bring the fireworks to him/them. I still think he liked the sparklers and pop-its best, but he enjoyed everything minus some of the noises.

Uncle Doug’s Visit

My brother Doug is a teacher in Florida so when the summer rolls around he comes up here to visit as a lot of his/our family is in Michigan. Two of the things Doug and I knew we wanted to do with the Loganator while he was in our chunk of the mitten were take him to the Children’s Zoo and the Children’s Museum. On his first day here we didn’t do either of those things as we watched Despicable Me 2 and played Logan’s version of baseball, but we went to the zoo the following day. The animals Logan liked best were the cows and alligators, but his favorite thing about the zoo was the train– he rode it 3 times! The following week Doug’s girlfriend, Jessica, was in Michigan so she joined us for our trip to the museum. Despite owning a dune-buggy that actually moves, he liked a “car” that doesn’t best, but other exhibits he enjoyed include the farm-to-table one and one where you use a crank to make balls fall from the top of a conveyer belt. I had to tell him when we were leaving that his dad and I would bring him back some day and he hasn’t let me forget. It would have been nice to see more of Uncka Doug, but at least we have these annual opportunities.

Christmas in July

031¬†I may have done¬†a post about this before, but A) I didn’t get my gift from Justine in time to share a picture (shown right), and B) I have received other gifts of sorts that need to be acknowledged! Not only did my brother make arrangements for me to get a new computer, on Logan’s half-birthday (the 23RD) I found out that one of my favorite LEP members is coming to Michigan Labor Day weekend. Othella and I bonded quickly thanks to¬†The March of Postcards so when she mentioned coming here on Sunday I was so incredibly excited! On Monday before she heads to Muskegon we will be co-hosting a LEP Meet Up for the Michigan members. Again, incredibly excited!

To be Rescheduled

There were three things I wanted to happen this month that didn’t, but with any luck there will be other opportunities. For starters, I want my photographer friend to come for her annual shoot with us, the sooner the better, and I hope Gabe and I will have the opportunity to take Logan to see Planes: Fire & Rescue while it’s still in theaters. The third thing I was hoping would happen was heading to the Ann Arbor area with Doug as it’s near Toledo. Why did I want to go to Toledo? To meet my pen pal K√§ra,¬†of course! Doug had too much on his plate while he was in Michigan so our game night idea didn’t reach fruition, but I will meet her one day, dang nabbit!

Our 4th Anniversary

As of TODAY Gabe and I have been married for 4 years. Money may not go as far as we want/need it to, but otherwise things have been pretty easy going for the two of us as we’re easy going people. In the rare event we get into a disagreement we’re over it the next day and have completely forgotten about it the next. Neither of us are perfect– far from it– but I feel as though we’re perfect for each other. Plus we made an awesome little boy. In honor of our anniversary we grabbed cupcakes from our favorite bakery the other day, but we have yet to decide what, if anything, we’ll do when he’s out of work tonight. If you’d like to see my post from our anniversary last year click here, otherwise I’m going to leave you with a couple¬†more pictures.

Sincerely, Kate ~!~

Onward Christian Soldier

25 Apr

Twenty days¬†ago¬†another little guy came into my life when my nephew Christian was born. I have no intention of having¬†a second baby, but whenever I get my hands on Porky Gabe feels obligated to say “Don’t get¬†any ideas!”¬†And yes, we call Christian Porky, haha. In case you’re curious, the nickname has nothing to do with his weight when he was born as he weighed over a pound less than Logan did;¬†it was something my father-in-law called him since he was, as Logan puts it, “in Tia’s belly” and it stuck.


I may not want to make Logan¬†a big brother, but that doesn’t mean I’m not loving this¬†aunt business. It’s nice being¬†able to hold the baby¬†as much¬†as I want¬†and being¬†able to pass him off if/when he gets fussy. Logan’s¬†a fan of his baby cousin, too. The very first time ¬†he held the baby he said “I gonna take good care of you,”¬†and the first time he heard Porky cry he¬†announced “he needs chocolate milk!”


I can only imagine that the older Christian gets the more special he’s going to become to us; Logan¬†and Christian¬†aren’t going to just be cousins, they’re going to be friends.

In the meantime, I’m going to do what I (think I) do best¬†and write a little letter for the little guy…

Dear Christian,

It seems like I just found out your parents were going to have¬†a baby,¬†and now that baby is here! You might have come¬†as¬†a surprise to us, but never for¬†a moment was I not excited to finally get to feel¬†and¬†act like¬†an¬†aunt. The moment your mom told me they were having¬†a boy I was on my way to retrieve the tubs of baby clothes, going through¬†anything¬†and everything I wanted to pass¬†along to you,¬†and we¬†also have¬†a bunch of other baby-friendly things your parents know they’re more than welcome to. Your Tio Gabe¬†and I want you to be taken care of,¬†as does your favorite cousin.

Although Logan can’t wait until you’re old enough to play trucks and tractors with him, and the day crying’s not your only method of communication, your Tia Kate is loving you just as you are. Whenever I’m getting my Christian Cuddles I know I’d do¬†anything for you, whether it’s babysitting¬†anytime your parents need me or making sure your mommy feeds you¬†as much¬†as your little tummy desires. (Heard you just gained your birth weight back– way to go, Porky!) You’re¬†already¬†a bundle of fun¬†and I can only imagine how much more fun we’re going to have¬†as you grow up, though I’m sure we’ll face our own share of disappointments, too. I’m not saying that to be¬†a mean¬†aunt, that’s just the way the cookie crumbles sometimes.

Life isn’t easy whether you’re¬†a baby,¬†a young¬†adult, or¬†a senior, but just because something’s hard doesn’t mean it’s not worth it. Just know that no matter how much of¬†a soldier you have to be, you have¬†at least the three of us in your corner, now¬†and¬†always.

Sincerely, Tia Kate ~!~


How I Met Your Father

5 Apr

Dear Logan,

By the time you’re old enough to even consider reading this, the TV show How I Met Your Mother will have gone the way of dinos¬†and VHS tapes. Do we even watch TV¬†anymore or do we just have these holograms programmed into our minds like in the book Feed by M.T.¬†Anderson? (Don’t you dare ask what a book is!)

Honestly I only ever watched the first few episodes of HIMYM,  but the series ended the other night which was apparently a pretty big deal so it made me think now would be an opportune time to write about how I met your father.

7As I tell my pen pals when I talk about your dad, I first met Gabe when I was around 12-years-old thanks to youth group. The same family who was responsible for me getting (my) Snickers 16 years ago was the same family who let me tag along with them on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings to the church where I not only met your dad (and grandparents and Tio Kyle) but my friend Anna who was the maid-of-honor in our wedding.

Your dad took¬†a liking to me right¬†away. To be honest, I liked¬†another boy from youth group but considering he was encouraging me to date your dad I could tell he wasn’t interested. It’s¬†a good thing he wasn’t though, because your dad wound up being the best boyfriend I ever had. The only reason I broke up with him¬†all those years¬†ago was that I felt too young to be too serious. Like I said before, I was barely¬†a teenager so whenever he gave me¬†a rose or some other object of his¬†affection I felt so embarrassed. I had¬†a lot of growing up to do¬†and in the next 10 or so years I did just that, learning from every failed relationship¬†as well¬†as the wonderful book He’s Just Not That Into You.

It was in 2009 when your dad came back into my life. It was right¬†after¬†an especially bad break up with¬†a boy named Brett so between getting over that guy¬†and¬†already knowing Gabe from before, it took me¬†a little bit to see Gabe¬†as¬†a potential suitor.¬†A¬†great friend, sure, but I didn’t know if us dating¬†again was what I really wanted. He hung in there, though! He hung out with me¬†at every opportunity, texted me when he couldn’t,¬†and not only watched things like Glee with me, but took me¬†all the way to Detroit to see The Phantom of the Opera (I bought the tickets for that Brett guy I mentioned earlier, but your dad made sure they didn’t go to waste). Just like when I was¬†a kid, this guy made me¬†a priority¬†and it wasn’t until I was in Florida visiting your Uncle Doug¬†and Uncle Erik that it dawned on me that your dad was my biggest priority, too. The whole time I was celebrating Christmas with my half brothers I wished he was there. The highlight of my trip was talking to Gabe, either by text or by phone call,¬†about the events of each day¬†at the end of ’em. I might have called Gabe my boyfriend before leaving for Florida, but it was upon my return that I felt he was that¬†and so much more.

23478_1364258707494_7995065_nIt was just¬†a few days before my 23rd birthday when your dad proposed. I saw it coming¬†a mile¬†away, mainly because he was trying to gauge the type of jewelry I was into. Technically the engagement ring was my birthday present, but¬†after¬†a day of just lounging¬†around, being us, he couldn’t resist giving it to me early¬†after saying “Today has been perfect; I want every day to be like this.”

Originally we were planning to get married in¬†August of 2011, but because of you, my dear boy, our plans changed. When we found out I was pregnant we decided to move our wedding up to July 30th, 2010 because A) I wouldn’t be showing yet, B) the two brothers from Florida were already going to be in Michigan, and C) it just seemed easiest to go through the wedding before having you than afterwards, not to mention I’d have¬†the same last name¬†as you once you were born.

Our wedding was great. It was a nice little event, nothing extravagant but special enough that your dad and I remember it fondly. Sure there were some hitches like Anna leaving her dress in her vehicle when she was carpooling with us and my dress not wanting to fit quite right because someone *cough* you *cough* decided my boobs weren’t quite big enough yet, but those moments just make us laugh now. Thank God. Oh, let me tell you this about your dad, one of our wedding guests was having trouble getting her van started after the reception so,¬†after he changed out of his tux, of course, he crawled under it to get it going¬†again. You couldn’t have picked¬†a better father, Mr. Logan. This guy will do¬†anything¬†and everything he can for you.


I wish I could say we¬†all lived happily ever¬†after, but considering you’re living this life with us I know you know that’s not true. Sure, we¬†are happy, but there’s more to life than just feeling that one emotion. I want you to feel sad sometimes because it will make the times that you’re happy so much more meaningful. I want you to experience heartbreak because you’ll learn from it, just like both your dad¬†and I have. Don’t get me wrong, Logan, there is nothing in this world I want more than your happiness, but sadly sometimes you’re going to get upset or irritated or just plain pissed off,¬†and there’s nothing wrong with that. Your dad¬†and I have seen each other through every kind of emotion there is (though thankfully some of the uglier ones don’t happen too¬†often). I hope you see that just because we’re far from perfect, doesn’t mean¬†I don’t think your dad’s perfect for me¬†and vice versa. Did I make you gag yet?

You’re¬†a very loved boy, Mr. Logan. You¬†and your dad mean everything to me so I’m glad that I not only met him once, but that I got to meet him¬†again.

Sincerely, Kate Love, Mom ~!~

It’s My Party

5 Mar

…And I’ll brag if I want to.


I know 27 is hardly¬†a landmark of¬†a birthday, but when your family¬†and friends love on you like mine have, it’s only natural for¬†a blogger to want to share what made her birthday such¬†a happy one.

For starters, despite living 7,000+ miles¬†away in Taiwan, my mom, taking¬†advantage of JoAnn’s Presidents Day sale, let me pick out¬†a few things online. I’ve been trying to get into making my own envelopes or¬†at least making envelopes more pretty so I decided to get the Kreate-a-lope¬†and¬†a few rolls of washi tape.

Washi tape, by the way, has become my newest obsession. Gabe¬†and I were out¬†and¬†about the other day (getting Chipotle, nom nom)¬†and I¬†asked if we could peek into JoAnn’s to see if¬†anything caught my eye¬†and I walked out with $25 worth of the stuff. Some of it is totally his fault since he insisted I needed rolls like the bacon one. I love my enabler husband.

My dad, Gabe’s parents, my¬†Aunt Ruth¬†and Uncle Randy, and both my grandparents¬†and¬†Gabe’s grandparents were¬†all nice enough to give me birthday cards (complete with things of monetary value inside, hehe). Jen, my¬†aunt-in-law, not only took me to my dentist¬†appointment Thursday morning (where I got the gift of clean teeth), but gave me some baked goodies¬†afterwards, too.

My pen pals have¬†also been really good to me. Not only did I get some¬†adorable stationery from¬†Allison¬†and¬†a sweet birthday card from Justine,¬†¬†Simona, my pen pal from Italy, surprised me with the Original Boom Boom Deck! I’ve mentioned the Family Deck I¬†acquired myself on this blog¬†a couple times, but I don’t remember if I actually¬†said how I wished I would have gotten the Original one¬†as Logan’s¬†a little too little for some of the acts of kindess. For her to get it for me was the biggest surprise I’ve gotten¬†since finding out my brother-in-law’s going to be¬†a dad.

CAM00039Those who know me know that when my birthday rolls¬†around I like to go pottery painting. Ever since I knew¬†about the cousin Logan would be getting in¬†April I have known that I wanted to make the baby¬†a piggy bank like I did for my little guy back when I was pregnant. Unfortunately I don’t have pictures of the finished product yet¬†as it has yet to be fired, but¬†as you can see I got¬†a picture from this excursion.

And it wouldn’t be¬†a birthday of mine without¬†any kicks¬†and giggles! First of¬†all, Gabe¬†and I just grabbed¬†Arby’s for dinner because that’s what lil’ ol’ me wanted. Prior to leaving I somehow managed to finally beat the 410th level of Candy Crush Saga. My mom posted this blog entry in my honor on March 1st.¬†The following morning I discovered Jim Parsons, the¬†actor who plays Sheldon on my favorite show,¬†The Big Bang Theory, hosted Saturday Night Live. We went to my in-laws’ for dinner on Sunday¬†and¬†Alice in Wonderland— a favorite movie of mine if you’re new here–¬†was playing on Disney Junior. I had such¬†a great weekend full of a lot of great moments; I’m not sure this blog does it justice!

27 may not be much of¬†a landmark, but I’m going to remember it fondly¬†anyway.

Sincerely, Kate ~!~