Hail the Snail #11

15 Jun

June 2nd: Though Pablo, the P.O. box, had a postcard for me, Manolo had an Amazon order for the boys.

June 4th: The first thing I got from Manolo this month was a letter from Kayla.

June 9th: The second and last thing I got from Manolo last week? A letter from Jody.

June 10th: Pablo had another two postcards for me– one via Postcrossing and one from Heng-Yu, a new potential pen pal.

June 11th: This week started with a letter from Kristy.

June 14th: And this mail call is ending with the latest LaPapierre stationery I ordered:

My apologies for the fuzzy picture.

It feels as if it’s been an especially slow month for snail mail so far, so much so Heng-Yu may not be the only potential new pen pal I try out this summer. Regardless of how many people I hear or don’t hear from, though, I appreciate, as always, the happy mail I do receive because it makes me exactly that– happy.

Sincerely, Kate ~!~





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