Dear May

20 May

Hey! Thank you for indulging me as I write as if we have met for coffee once again. Since the last time I did this, I feel like most of my free time has been pretty split between transcribing files for Rev and reading books for kicks and giggles. I’ll get back to Rev momentarily, but first know that I’ve read the following over the past month before starting Alice by Christina Henry the other day:

  • Bet on My Heart– Sara Shirakawa
  • The Fault in Our Stars– John Green
  • Abby in Wonderland– Sarah Mlynowski
  • Every Day– David Levithan

To be honest, I’m kind of impressed with how much I have managed to read since it feels like Rev keeps me pretty busy. I guess I found a better balance doing this transcription stuff than I was giving myself credit for. Originally I was just picking “decent” files as long as I could make around $30/40 a pop, but now the goal is to make at least $20 a day, choosing interviews only between two people who are both fairly easy to understand. My time feels less wasted and I can usually be done before Logan gets home from school.

Though much of my time has been occupied by the job and my hobbies, May still has had some fun moments for me and the boys, mainly thanks to Gabe’s birthday and Mother’s Day. The first day of festivities (the 6th) included going to the Children’s Zoo in the afternoon and my aunt-in-laws’ in the evening.


The following weekend Gabe and I went to Frankenmuth on Saturday and then to his parents’ (where Logan was) on Sunday to celebrate both occasions there. If you saw my recent mail call, you know what my presents from my boys were.

You know who also recently celebrated Mother’s Day and a birthday? My mother. Logan and I saw her on the 8th when we saw a special feature of The Boxcar Children: Surprise Island, and then yesterday she and I had a mother/daughter day. Our day started with breakfast with Gabe, then once we ditched him we did some shopping, mainly at Target and Barnes & Noble. Going to her house and getting late lunch at Chipotle also occurred that afternoon. If you know me, you know that the latter was like a cherry on top of a sundae of a day, haha.

Other than those outings, it doesn’t feel like I have done a whole lot, but the same can not be said for the boys. Gabe has been pretty busy with Spring planting–weather permitting, and Logan won’t be done with first grade for like another month yet. Since this is the first year of the balanced calendar, the school schedule is about to get a bit wonky to accommodate the days needed yet. Logan has next week off and in June there will be a few weeks where he just goes Monday through Thursdays, though Thursdays are half days. Yeah, wonky. It’s no wonder that the past few Fridays have been Spirit Days to try and keep the kids still engaged. Here are the pictures of Logan and Bridget from those novelty days:

Well, I think that’s everything going on around here. I hope everything going on with you is going well!

Sincerely, Kate ~!~


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