Another Post About Postcards (Part 2)

10 Apr

When I posted A Post About Postcards in February, I mentioned that I wanted postage stamps for Valentine’s Day and my husband didn’t disappoint… because he let me order what I wanted, haha. If you read Part 1 of Another Post About Postcards, you know that 32 stamps went to sending daily postcards during March. Should you continue to read Part 2 now, you’ll see how other stamps were put to use once I rejoined postcrossing.

Initially when someone signs up for postcrossing, they can send up to 5 postcards at a time. The more you participate, though, the more postcards you can have traveling at once. For example, I sent 275 postcards before becoming inactive in 2015, so postcrossing allowed me to send up to 14 postcards at a time. I won’t lie, when I switched my account back to active, I thought about sending 14 postcards right then and there, but two things stopped me. The first thing was not wanting to spend around $15 on postage right out of the gate; the second was liking the idea of having some vacancies on standby when there were days I didn’t have any happy mail to respond to.

Long story short, I sent 5 postcards at first as if I was a newb again. Below you’ll find what I sent in the order I sent them, as well as the reasons behind why I picked what I picked for each postcrosser. I also have included most of their responses in italics for kicks and giggles.


I wanted to send Juanita from Pennsylvania a postcard from Michigan because she lives in the US like me. In her bio she included “Tell me about your breakfast, lunch or dinner,” so I opted for this card from my road trip with my dad since it reminded me of all the advertisements for pasties we saw while we were in the UP.

Here is what she had to say when she registered it:

“Greetings my friend,’ muffins with mom’, sounds adorable. Multi view cards are my absolute favorites, I can visit many sites. Thanx much. Take care and be well. Namaste.”


Irina from Russia requested “postcards you’d want to receive.” Night views are something I included on my wishlist, so I decided to pick out one of the nicest postcards I had featuring one.

I’d provide her reaction if I could find it. Whoops.


Dirk, a postcrosser from Germany, strongly implied he just wanted to receive landscapes, preferably without any bells and whistles, and I thought this postcard from Yosemite National Park would fit that bill quite nicely.

This is what Dirk thought of it:

“Hallo Kate, thanks very much for your nice card. I liked the Yosemite Park when I visited California. Greetings from Cologne and happy postcrossing. Dirk”


Toma from Lithuania said she likes beautiful places and that churches particularly were her favorite. I immediately thought of this postcard my dad gave me once upon a time.

I received this message once she registered it:

“Hello Kate, Thank You for amazing chapel postcard. I hope, Your Valentines day was great. Warm greetings, Toma”


Lastly, Gabor from Hungary had a plethora of stuff on his wishlist including owls, bears, and donkeys. As soon as I stumbled upon the “board of directors” in my arsenal, I knew I wanted to send it his way.

I’m glad I did, too, because Gabor said:

“Helo! Thank you very much for the beautiful card 🙂 This is one of my favourite, I’m very happy 🙂 Gabor”


Since the five postcards above, I have sent about a dozen more via postcrossing and those recipients seemed to be pleased with my choices as well. Finding their messages in my inbox thanking me makes me almost as happy as finding my own postcards through this endeavor in my P.O. box.  These are my favorites out of the past 11 I received:

I’m looking forward to seeing what other postcards will arrive now that I’m using postcrossing again, especially if they’re from Wonderland, hehe. Hope you enjoyed these postcard-friendly posts!

Sincerely, Kate ~!~



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