Another Post About Postcards (Part 1)

5 Apr

Two months ago I blogged about my plans for quite a few of my blank postcards, and since then those plans have been implemented. You’ll hear about my Postcrossing progress come Part 2, but Part 1 of “Another Post About Postcards” is solely about my latest March.

In a nutshell, what I affectionately refer to as “The March of Postcards” is me sending daily postcards every day in March. In the past I have specifically sent them to one pen pal all month long, but this time around I sent 32 postcards to 4 pen pals, alternating who I wrote to each day from March 1st to April 1st. For the record, I had an open invitation here on Sincerely Kate should anyone else have wanted in on this opportunity, but just four of my pen pals showed any interest. Because of this, Kayla, Ashley, Kristy, and Sarah each received 8 similar postcards from me.

These are an example of the first four postcards these four ladies received:

Allow me to elaborate! I chose to start with Las Vegas postcards since I thought it would be a cute way to “get this party started.” I moved on to a few from the Pattern Box I have honestly because I don’t want to have it anymore, lol. I chose the third group simply because I find the font to be so iconic when it comes to postcards, and Star Wars is rather iconic, too, so I just rolled (like BB8) with those 😉

These now are an example of the other four:

I’m going to elaborate some more, okay? Okay! The postcard with the animated landmarks is 1 of 5 I had, so this endeavor seemed like a good way to use up the extras, and it was good to use up most of the ones featuring Native American things, too. I still have many a California card, but I’ll take the small dent. Last, but not least, were Disney postcards in honor of a happy ending.

Speaking of happy endings, we have reached the end of Part 1. I hope you have enjoyed this silly blog post of mine as much as I have enjoyed picking out the aforementioned postcards and sending them to some of my pen friends. Cheers!

Sincerely, Kate ~!~



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