Hail the Snail #5

15 Mar

March 1st: The mail I received on my birthday was a birthday card from Gabe’s grandparents, as well as a postcard from a postcrosser from Germany.

March 2nd: I came home from a fun-filled day with my mom to a letter from Sarah and note cards to write letters on from Nicole.

March 3rd: Three(!) more letters arrived, and both of the mailboxes each had a postcard for me.

March 5th: Last week started with a random package for Logan from his Papa Halvorson.

March 6th: Though Ashley’s box and the BABW package were mainly for me, Logan got a couple more things out of those, too.

March 7th: Thanks to Kristy, this unbirthday present arrived next:


March 8th: Pablo had another two postcards for me as well as a batch of Little Cards.

March 9th: Kayla thought I could use an unbirthday present (a bookmark) as well:


March 13th: The last of the Little Cards per February’s “Disney Couples” theme arrived– I’ll be showing ’em off a week from now.

Though it’s been over a week since I have gotten any letters (Jody’s latest must have gotten lost), I’m pleased as punch with all of the happy mail I received this month so far. As per usual, I’m looking forward to seeing what the mailboxes will have for me as the month progresses, and I’m also looking forward to the rest of March in general. I’ll tell you why when I post “Dear March” next Tuesday 😉

Until next time!
Sincerely, Kate ~!~


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