Hail the Snail #4

1 Mar

I’ll get to the happy mail I received since the 15th momentarily, but first I want to tell you that today is my birthday! At the moment I’m just hanging out until it’s time to pick up the Loganator from school; he has a half day today so the three of us will be going out for lunch. Sadly Gabe has work to do afterwards, but this afternoon Logan and I are planning to bake cupcakes and open the packages I started receiving a little over a week ago. Okay, we opened the box from my dad when we got it and the package from Build-a-Bear Workshop on the anniversary of when I made Bridget, but I saved everything else until today! I’ll mention all of the packages throughout this mail call as I received them, but it will be in an upcoming blog post where I actually write about the contents from the things I’m opening today.

February 15th: No packages just yet 😉 , but Logan got a belated Valentine from his grandparents while I got a letter from Jody.

February 16th: Someone I used to send postcards to via my Postcard Posse surprised me with this:

In case you can’t read it, the card basically says she still appreciates my time and energy after all this time and the circumstances in between. How cool is that?

February 20th: Our mail carrier dropped off a postcard from Krista, an envie from Sarah, and a Mad Hatter outfit for Bridget from my dad. Then UPS dropped off four additional packages– two were from Sarah and the other two were from my mom.

February 21st: The P.O. box had a letter from Kriston while the regular mailbox had one from Kayla along with another package courtesy of my mom.

February 22nd: Yet another package arrived from my mom– this one is the one from Build-a-Bear Workshop 😉

February 23rd: No packages today, but it was still a good mail day because I got a letter from Jody.

February 24th: In honor of Bridget’s birthday, I opened the package from the 22nd and this outfit was half of its contents, hehe:

For the record, when the mail came, the opened package was replaced with one from Thriftbooks. Thank you, Bessie!

February 26th: Two more packages came via Thriftbooks, and Sarah’s batch of Little Cards came along with ’em.

February 27th: It was a great day for firsts via the P.O. box! I got 1) my first letter from a new pen pal named Tonya, 2) my first two postcards since rejoining Postcrossing, and 3) some wonderful extras along with the first Little Cards from the newest adventurer.

Well, Bleaders, I think it’s about time I stop telling you about the happy mail I received recently, and start having myself a happy birthday. All the best!

Sincerely, Kate ~!~


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