Two Cents: February Edition

28 Feb

The purpose of this Two Cents series is to have a monthly “show and tell” per ATC the Change—a RAOK cause I cofounded. Each edition will feature many of the Change Cards I’ve made, along with other things I’ve done to make the world better one Change Card at a time. Change. Cents. Get it?

Like last month, I don’t have many highlights to share, but I like what I do have so it all works out. 😉

1) Using discarded Valentines, I made these 4 Change Cards, and by the following weekend I left them all for people to find:

2) I abandoned two other ATCs with love, and have at least 20 more in my purse for when I celebrate my birthday with my family this weekend. Most of them were actually unearthed when I cleaned my desk earlier today, haha.

3) But those aren’t the only Change Cards of mine that have been left this past month! Krista left one in Maryland, and my mom and her friend left 7 or so during the latter’s recent visit to Michigan.

4) Not only did someone find one of the ATCs Mom and Sue left in a coffee shop, that “someone” is a girl I babysat when she was younger! This was the picture Hailey posted via Instagram:

With any luck, March will have even more fun moments of Change to share with you, though if the moments are few but awesome like the ones above, that would still be pretty lucky.

All the best from my screen to yours!
Sincerely, Kate ~!~



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    […] Over the past few months I haven’t had too many highlights to share, but between my birthday festivities and spending this past weekend with my mom, March has thankfully been a good month to ATC the Change. Here are the highlights since February: […]

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