Two Cents: January Edition

31 Jan

The purpose of this Two Cents series is to have a monthly “show and tell” per ATC the Change– a RAOK cause I cofounded. Each edition will feature many of the Change Cards I’ve made, along with other things I’ve done to make the world better one Change Card at a time. Change. Cents. Get it?

Some months will have more highlights than others, but this, unfortunately, is not one of those months. Between the resolutions I made and then getting sick, I didn’t make much let alone leave much. My game plan for February is to modify one of my resolutions, so instead of writing every day I have the house to myself, I have “Writing Wednesdays.” With less obligations during my free-time, it should– *knock on wood* –give me more opportunities to get my crafty on.

But we’ll talk about February on 2-28! Here are the few highlights since 12-27:

1. I left 7 of the Change Cards I made back in December.

2. Using a handful of the Christmas cards we received, I repurposed them into these Change Cards I’ll be able to leave come this December,

3. I also made some Wonderland-friendly ATCs after making backgrounds with my Spirograph, and I have been putting my dreamcatcher stamp to use, too.

I told you there were only a few! Oh! But if I wouldn’t have liked how my Pandora’s Box cards turned out via the Legendary theme per Little Cards, I would have written “Better an ‘oops’ than a ‘what if?'” on ’em and used them for ATC the Change instead, haha.

Well, whether I make a lot or a little in February, I’m looking forward to seeing what the next month has in store. And if you’re a pen pal of mine, you’ll be able to look forward to seeing ATCs tucked in with my letters like Valentines. Cheers!

Sincerely, Kate ~!~



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  1. Two Cents: February Edition | Sincerely Kate - 02/28/2018

    […] Like last month, I don’t have many highlights to share, but I like what I do have so it all works out. 😉 […]

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