Hail the Snail 2.22

30 Nov

November 18th: After several days with no mail, I was ecstatic to not only get Sarah’s Little Cards, but my Wonderful Owlcrate!


November 19th: And after even more time passed with no mail specifically from Jody, she sent the rewrite I got today.

November 20th: Rose’s letter was waiting for me when I stopped and saw Pablo.

November 21st: The stories Sarah and I have been writing together came back into my possession.

November 22nd: Also now in my possession? Some more presents I ordered via Amazon and these awesome new leggings!


November 23rd: Prior to getting some Little Cards and Whitney’s letter from Pablo, I finished reading Heartless by Marissa Meyer. I am so grateful to Owlcrate for acquiring it because I just loved reading how the Queen of Hearts came to be.

November 24th: There might not have been any mail, but I’m pleased to report our Thanksgiving was still a happy one.

November 25th: The Christmas-friendly address labels I ordered from Vistaprint arrived today. It was the definition of perfect timing.

November 26th: Last week ended with a letter (and fun extras) from Ashley.

November 28th: Manolo had a Family Fun magazine for me, while Pablo had some not-so-little Little Cards.

November 29th: Last but not least, I got a letter from Sarah.

Hope November was kind to you, and that no matter how cold December gets, that there’s people who give you reasons to feel warm and fuzzy.

Sincerely, Kate ~!~


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