Orange You Glad

19 Oct

As much as I would have liked to post September’s Little Cards today, I am waiting for the Harry Potter set yet, so an anniversary-friendly post instead it is!

It was in October of last year that Jenn and I started Little Cards on Big Adventures, and today is the anniversary of when the very first batches of ATCs were due. This was my blog post soon after, featuring much of our Orange and Halloween Movies hauls.

I am so glad for that first month. Not only did we find a variety of artists who got what we were trying to do, we learned what works and what could work better. Several of our original artists have left since then for one reason or another, but we continue to endure, finding others who get us and finding their Little Cards in our mailboxes. 196 ATCs, including one of my own each theme, is what I have acquired from Little Cards this past year so far, NOT including this October!

So basically I love this group and this anniversary is a happy one, hehe. If you’re a fellow adventurer, orange you glad you joined, too? 😉

I’ll post again soon with the Firefighter and Harry Potter sets!

Sincerely, Kate ~!~


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