Hail the Snail 2.18

30 Sep

September 15th: Letters are a bit few and far between this mail call, but I got one from Kristy today.

September 17th: I got Jenn’s Little Cards per my Firefighters theme, and a nice lil’ letter along with them.

September 19th: Even when mail is slow, I can still expect Jody’s letters like clockwork.

September 21st: Pablo had a couple ATCs for me per a trade.

September 22nd: After a few days with no Manolo love, he finally hooked me up with a letter from Kayla.

September 23rd: More Little Cards came today– just one more Firefighters batch to go!

September 24th: Today’s letter was from Sarah!

September 26th: In addition to my weekly letter from Jody, Manolo had some happy mail from Sarah while Pablo had some ATC backgrounds for me to use per a duo jam.

September 28th: Manolo had even more happy mail for me (and the boys!) from Sarah. Also, That duo jam I just mentioned? These were the ATCs I finished using another artist’s backgrounds:


September 29th: A postcard is something else I got from Sarah this week, haha.

September 30th: This month ended with a letter from Krista for me, and a book from my mom for the Loganator.

I hope September was a great month for you, and that October will be even greater yet!

Sincerely, Kate ~!~


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