Hail the Snail 2.17

15 Sep

September 1st: Something else came from my mom since the end of my last mail call…


I wore it to meet Sarah, who also came here on the first! Click this to read about Sarah’s visit!

September 2nd: I almost was too busy with the one pen pal to find a letter from another, Erika, with Manolo.

September 3rd: Joining my little reply pile was a letter from Justine.

September 6th: As exciting as a letter from Jody and the DC Comics set of Little Cards are, no one was as excited on the first day of school as my kindergartener!


September 7th: Pablo had a letter from Whitney for me as well as some ATCs per a trade.

September 8th: I got the story I’ve been writing with Sarah back, Logan got his monthly “Which Way USA” magazines, and all 3 of us got a thank you note per my nephew, Jack!

September 9th: I got a card from Krista while Logan got the “Yeti in My Spaghetti” game from his Grandma Kraklow.

September 10th: I got the stamps I ordered, and the Logantor got a postcard from Disney World that Ashley had Mickey Mouse sign. Yay for so many mother/son mail days!

September 12th: Another week started with another letter from Jody.

September 13th: Gabe and I got something from Logan, telling us he missed us while he was at Papa and Grandma’s, hehe.

September 14th:  Then yesterday, Pablo had a letter from Rose for me, while Manolo had all of this!


The Little Cards are from Sarah, the Disney postcard is from Ashley, and the other stuff is from my parents.

As always, thanks to everyone who sent me anything, and thanks to you for reading this!

Sincerely, Kate ~!~


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