Little Cards: August

8 Sep

With the help of a friend (and pen pal!) of mine, I created a group last year where, using designated themes each month, interested parties make ATCs to be swapped via snail mail, with Jenn and I as the cards’ hosts. Despite this being a blog all about my love of snail mail, this year I was pretty lax about sharing the ATCs– Artist Trading Cards– I received via Little Cards on Big Adventures. I finally got around to catching up last month, though I didn’t have August’s little cards to share yet. I do now 😀

Your Favorite Hobby:


In case it’s not obvious, the pen pal-friendly ATC is mine. It wasn’t the only ATC I made with the theme! Originally I made the one on the left in the following picture, though they didn’t live up to what I wanted them to be, so I enclosed them with the sets as a bonus card.


DC Comics:


Aren’t they awesome sets? September’s are sure to be great as well– there are five of us participating in my Firefighters theme, and nine in Jenn’s Harry Potter one! Looking forward to getting my hands on all of them, and sharing my Little Cards again with you.

Sincerely, Kate ~!~



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