How I Spent My Labor Day Weekend

7 Sep

Though Sarah and I have only started writing letters this year, we grew very close very quickly. And as luck would have it, we live somewhat close together, too– just separated by three hours. Labor Day weekend seemed like the perfect time to invite her over. Not only do I mostly get the house to myself every year, we’d have access to a lot of food between all the cooking my aunt-in-law does and the town festival. I couldn’t resist inviting her, and she couldn’t resist my invitation.

Sarah arrived around 6pm on Thursday, and got acquainted with me and Harper until it was time to meet Gabe for dinner. I told her about our sole neighborhood restaurant on several occasions so it was cool to show her that firsthand. Gabe went home after dinner while Sarah and I went to Walmart, stocking up on some junk food and adopting this lil’ guy:

Meet Adonis

Meet Adonis!

When Sarah, Adonis, and I got back to my house, we popped in the first disc of Veronica Mars since I knew she’d like it– I wasn’t wrong ūüėÄ

The following day was our designated Frankenmuth day, specifically the River Place in Frankenmuth. We first had crepes before hitting up just about every store. The Enchanted Forest, Funky Skunk, and Your Name Here were probably the biggest hits, and we left a couple ATCs in our path. We also encountered this guy, and decided to adopt him, too:

Meet Theodore!

Meet Theodore!

After our fill of shopping we did two more things at the River Place…

A) We hit up Old Time Photo:


And B) We played at the arcade and won another stuffed friend together:

Meet Chester!

Meet Chester!

The stuffies initials are intentionally A, T, and C, hehe.

It was 3pm when we finally left, and I took Sarah to my favorite Chinese food place for lunch. This was a bit of a mistake since my aunt-in-laws were having all sorts of people¬†over for all sorts of Mexican food, but like the neighborhood place, I told Sarah about the Szechuan House too much not to go. Oh well, the food Marilyn and Jen made was awesome as brunch the next day, and at the “Mexican Lives Matter” party Sarah got to meet Logan as well as a bunch of Gabe’s side of the family, so it all worked out! Upon our return to mi casa, we continued our Veronica Mars-athon.

I assumed that¬†the marathon would continue the next morning, but when I stumbled upon the Harry Potter marathon on TV, that seemed like the thing to watch instead. And that along with making stuff for ATC the Change is exactly what we did until around 5pm when we FINALLY were motivated enough to get dressed. We had dinner at my aunt-in-laws’ again, toured the Bean Festival, attempted to geocache, and went back to Walmart. We didn’t buy any more stuffed animals, but we did get matching pajama bottoms. We changed into them soon after we got back to my house, and then got around to watching Saturday’s dose of Veronica Mars.

Sunday started with the pancake breakfast up at the fire department, and afterwards Logan came home. He showed Sarah many a toy, taught her how to play Pop the Pig, and introduced her to the Paw Patrol, Shimmer and Shine, and the Bubble Guppies. She may have dozed off during the latter, haha. We worked on some of September’s Little Cards together once she was up before, once again, having dinner at Gabe’s aunts.’ From there the boys were going to go monitor the fireworks, so Sarah and I came back here to make a penis cake, watch more Veronica Mars, and each have a ball before working on the Little Cards some more until the boys came back.

We finished watching season one of Veronica Mars the following morning as we feasted on brisket omelets and American fries Gabe’s aunt delivered. Afterwards we were off to the parade to see Logan in one of the firetrucks (among other things). The boys and I spent a bit of the afternoon up at the fairgrounds while Sarah showered and prepared for her trek back home. The four of us hung out a bit more upon our return, only for her to leave soon after.

That was a little less than two days ago and I already miss that girl tons. Three hours away¬†may not be too far, but it’s not close enough either! I’m even more thankful for FB and our letters, because¬†now that I know we get along just as well in person as we do in print, the more I want to talk to her– to “hang out”–¬†in any way I’m able.


Sincerely, Kate ~!~


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