Hail the Snail 2.16

30 Aug

August 15th: I was happy to hear from Ashley and to get Sarah’s Little Cards.

August 16th: Though there was no mail to be happy about, I was happy to finish reading The Queen of Zombie Hearts!

August 17th: I got even more happy mail thanks to Sarah– her letter and our story!

August 18th: Then Jody’s letter came along with an Open House announcement for Logan’s school– we’ll check out his classroom tomorrow!

August 19th: I got a lil’ Etsy order, but I’m supposed to forget about it until I get my Christmas stocking, hehe.

Also! This was the third day this week Gabe attempted to check Pablo when he got out of work at 5, only for the door to be locked! #BahHumbug

August 20th: My other Etsy order came– LaPapierre stationery!

August 21st: No mail on Sundays? No problem! I finished The Mad Zombie Party, the fourth and final book in The White Rabbit Chronicles. I absolutely loved this series. They might not have mirrored Alice in Wonderland very much, but when the author, Gena Showalter, did tie in things– like a deceased loved one sort of appearing to the Ali(ce) character much like the Cheshire cat– my adoration for the world she created only grew. It’s a rabbit hole I’d very much recommend going down for anyone who likes YA books.

August 22nd: The post office mystery has been solved! Because of a power outage on the 14th, the timer on the door malfunctioned. Though it isn’t fixed yet, I got the 7 pieces(!) of mail from the week before. Four pieces were ATC trades, two were batches of Little Cards, and one was something from my dad.

August 24th: I ordered business cards to stick onto my cards for ATC the Change, and they came today!


August 26th: In addition to Charmaine’s letter, all of August’s Favorite Hobby ATCs are in! When I get all of the DC Comics ones as well, you’ll get a blog post with all of this month’s Little Cards.

August 28th: Not mail related, but Logan and I did go to this guy’s party– just one year ago since he was his own kind of special delivery ❤


August 29th: I got a letter from Jody and a box with some ATC-friendly supplies from mother dearest.

Just two more days until Sarah herself comes #FromFrankfortWithLove, so A) I’m sort of glad there hasn’t been too many letters as of late, and B) I’m grateful for the supplies from yesterday because we will definitely be putting them to use! My next blog post will likely be about her visit– she’s the 5th pen pal I’m meeting, after all!

Until next time!
Sincerely, Kate ~!~


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