Out of a Bind

20 Jul

The theme this month has definitely been “Keep Moving Forward.” In addition to moving on from things like former blog series, I decided I no longer need to keep a majority of letters I have received. Sure, there are a handful of letters that will remain in their binders for one reason or another, but for the most part, I’ve realized I’m not going to read the others again so why bother keeping them?

You may be thinking, “Kate! Don’t you still love all your pen pals and the happy mail they’ve sent you?” and the answer is of course! However, a stack of 3 inch binders really piles up, so while I cherish the friendships I have built through the written word, it’s just time to stop building such an extensive collection of letters. I’ve been pen palling for almost 11 years, after all!

Rest assured, though, I haven’t just been trashing these tokens of affection. As I would go through the binders, I’d sort the ones in question into two piles– one to shred, and one to salvage the artwork from for craft purposes. Here are a handful of ATCs I have made since this undertaking:


And I still have many more “SKraps” I can utilize!

As dorky as it sounds, this change has renewed my excitement about getting mail because now I don’t only get a letter to respond to, but the opportunity to make even more ATCs! Kristy’s letter yesterday, for example, led to these five ATCs, using other scraps as well:


I intend to let my pen pals claim some of these creations for themselves, as the cards wouldn’t exist without them. This hobby of ours is all about the give and take, hehe.

Keep moving forward, Bleaders!
Sincerely, Kate ~!~

P.S. If you have an idea of text I should add to the ATC with the toast, I’m all ears!


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