Hail the Snail 2.13

15 Jul

June 30th: A letter from Jody plus a small Etsy order equals this mail call starting on a happy note!

July 2nd: The happy mail continued when I got the next part of the story Sarah and I have been writing together.

July 5th: Now I got a letter from Sarah as well as one from Justine. Logan also got a handful of books thanks to my dad.

July 6th: I heard from Justine again, this time via a naughty postcard.

July 8th: Sometime between when I checked the mail on the 7th and when I gave Manolo my outgoing mail this morning, a fun package from Sarah arrived.

July 9th: Logan got some more books while I got Jody’s letter and some Little Cards.

July 11th: An Oriental Trading catalog is almost as good as some happy mail, but not quite!

July 12th: I was a pretty happy tater tot to get a letter from Ashley.

July 14th: And getting the story from Sarah again made me even happier yet!

Hope this summer has been treating you as well as Sarah and the others have been treating me, hehe.

Sincerely, Kate ~!~


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