Hail the Snail 2.12

30 Jun

June 15th: It’s been less like clockwork as of late, but I’m still happy to hear from Jody all the same.

June 16th: One mailbox had a batch of Little Cards, and the other had a postcard made of Birch Kayla sent me from Palm Springs.

June 17th: I was waiting for Sarah’s letter all week long and it definitely was worth the wait!

June 18th: A letter from Kyleigh– also worth the wait!

June 19th: Another visit to Pablo led to another batch of Little Cards.

June 20th: Mixed in with a bunch of circulars were Erika’s letter, Justine’s postcard, and my cousin’s graduation party invite.

June 21st: Both of my mailboxes had a batch of Little Cards for me, and Manolo had Allison’s letter, too.

June 22nd: Another postcard from Justine came today.

June 23rd: It was now my turn to A) write Jody back and B) add to my story with Sarah.

June 24th: Both mailboxes had a batch of Little Cards again.

June 25th: It’s a good thing we’ve had my dad to keep us company since there were no letters to entertain me this past weekend. Here’s a picture of him and Logan from the day before:


June 27th: Pablo gave me a letter from Pablo…

June 28th: …And then Manolo gave me one from Kayla.

Now if you’ll excuse me, Logan and I have one last day to spend with my dad while he’s here from California. Until next time!

Sincerely, Kate ~!~


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