Hail the Snail 2.11

15 Jun

May 31st: After the holiday weekend, Manolo gave me the gift of letters from Kayla and Sarah, and the postcards I mentioned here.

June 1st: Another postcard came, this time from Frida.

June 2nd: The wonderful Erika hooked me up with some wonderful goodies:


June 3rd: Ashley hooked me up with another postcard, and I got some Little Cards, too.

June 4th: Surprise, surprise. I got a letter from Jody.

June 5th: Not mail related, but it should be said that I got to see Alice Through the Looking Glass

June 6th: A letter from Kristy came for yours truly.

June 7th: My dad also hooked me up with something wonderful:


June 8th: My pen pal Sarah and I are writing a story together for kicks and giggles, and on this day it became my turn.

June 9th: Along with her letter (and a postcard), Justine sent me these cute little tapes from Japan:


(Cont’d) Pablo sweetened the pot with some more Little Cards.

June 12th: When I saw Pablo I got Whitney’s letter and the first of June’s Little Cards.

June 13th: In addition to getting a letter from Rose, I also now have all of the Little Cards from May. Oh, and our fridge now has some goodies from Figis. Thanks, dad!

I was hoping more fun mail would come yesterday, but the mail carrier just drove by our house. *Sigh* With any luck, today will be better! Hope you’re having a great week!

Sincerely, Kate ~!~


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