Hail the Snail 2.7

15 Apr

March 30th: I was pleased as punch to get a letter from Justine. Always have been.

March 31st: I’m happy to get letters like clockwork from Jody as I was to send postcards to Othella once again.

The 31 postcards before the March:


And the grand finale, hehe:


April 1st: I may not have gotten any letters, but I did get two more batches of little cards.

April 2nd: I got a letter from my new pen pal, Sarah, and a postcard from Kayla, an old reliable.

April 7th: After several days without any happy mail, I was glad Manolo had a letter from Jody, and that Pablo had a postcard and some more little cards.

April 9th: Another batch of little cards came as well as some blank postcards from my dad.

April 11th: The two letters I got today were so long they were typed, hehe. Thank you, Kära and Allison!

April 14th: I finished the letters from Monday just in time to get letters from Jody, Sarah, and Whitney, and little cards from Melissa!

Although there were several days where I didn’t get anything, the days where I did made up for them. As always, looking forward to what the mailboxes will have for me next!

Sincerely, Kate ~!~


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