Hail the Snail 2.5

15 Mar

February 29th: I got three birthday cards, two packages of address labels, and one potato.


March 1st: On my birthday, Pablo gave me the gift of Jen E.’s letter.

March 2nd: Though all I got from either mailbox was a lil’ thank you note, I remembered the present from Ashley that was waiting for me.

March 3rd: No letters (or presents) for me today, but Logan received more Qixels.

March 4th: I love this card from Jenn and the fact that she sent it late on purpose.


March 5th: I got my first letter from Jody as a 29-year-old 😉

March 7th: Not only did I get my batch of Celebrity Crush cards, the last of the Puppy Love ones came per my February theme. But wait, there’s more! I got letters from Justine and Kristy, a birthday card from Kayla, and the latest stationery via La Papierre’s subscription service.

March 8th: I’m sending Othella 31 postcards via another March and so a new roll of postcard stamps was money well spent! Also in the mail but from Pablo: a letter from Whitney.

March 9th: If getting a postcard from Emily makes my day, you can imagine how excited I was to get a belated birthday present from her.

March 10th: With Once Upon a Time back, I was happy to have Ashley’s letter to respond to.

March 11th: In addition to getting a letter from Christal, I also got the first of the little cards per my 80s theme.

March 12th: Another Saturday so another letter from Jody.

I’m pleased to report that my birthday was a happy one, and that all of the mail I received (minus bills and junk, naturally) has made me happy, too! Dasvidania!

Sincerely, Kate ~!~


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