Presents from Wonderland

14 Mar

If you’ve seen much of my blog, you’ve probably seen what a big fan of Alice in Wonderland I am. This has likely been the most evident in my series “Postcards from Wonderland.” I don’t have any postcards to share with you right now, but thanks to my birthday I have some other Wonderland-friendly things I can!

First up is this glorious loot from Ashley! She made sure I had it long before my birthday, but it was actually on the 2nd that I remembered it was waiting for me. A very merry unbirthday to me, eh?


I had another merry unbirthday when Emily surprised me with these! Sure, the socks aren’t pertaining to Wonderland, but GNOMES!


As for these goodies, I actually ordered the POP! doll for myself and found the lil’ guys beside it the last time I was out with Gabe. I think I’m going to try to replace Stitch with the Cheshire Cat, and the tiny Donald with the White Rabbit, hehe.


I am so excited about the things that I found and the ones that found me. The presents are wonderful and my friends are wonderful-er ❤

Sincerely, Kate


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