Hail the Snail 2.4

29 Feb

February 16th: I got a fun postcard from Frida, and it’s been fun getting Puppy Love ATCs, too.

February 17th: I got a Valentine from the lovely Jenn.

February 19th: I was so grateful for Ashley’s letter after so many days without something to respond to.

February 20th: I got another letter; this time it was from Jody.

February 22nd: I was quite the happy camper to see THREE letters in my mailbox. Thank you, Justine, Erika, and S’Moore!

February 23rd: An unexpected card came from a LEPeep. The weirdest part? It was a Christmas card.

February 25th: From Manolo there was stuff from Kayla as well as my stamps, and from Pablo there were ATCs, scraps to make my own, a birthday card, and a letter from Whitney.

Februay 27th: I got my last letter from Jody until I’m 29 😉

Tomorrow is my birthday so I likely won’t be posting anything then, but hopefully in the days to follow I can make up for all the lost time here. Dasvidania!

Sincerely, Kate ~!~


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