Hail the Snail 2.1

15 Jan

January 4th: I showed you my LaPapierre stuff I received on the 5th, and the Christmas Specials ATCs on the 6th, but what I didn’t show you from the 4th yet was this bracelet Gabe ordered for me:


January 5th: Allison gave me even more to respond to with a bonus letter. Yes, I wasn’t done with my letter to her yet.

January 6th: From Manolo I received a surprise postcard from Kira and not-so-surprising stamps via etsy. From Pablo I received a belated Christmas card, ATCs from a private trade, and Angie’s letter.

January 7th: Logan got a few more guys for his Disney Infinity, and I got yet another letter from Jody.

January 8th: I was so happy to get Justine’s letter and the first of the Breakfast ATCs.

January 11th: This week started with ATCs– 1 was for me and the others for my group.

January 12th: Kari’s letter came with my Disney squirrel tucked inside, and pictures from Doug and Jessica’s wedding came too. This picture of my siblings and I with our spouses is a favorite for sure:


January 14th: After neither mailbox had something on Wednesday, I was happy to get letters from Jody and Krista along with goodies from my dad.

Looking forward to seeing what the rest of this month has in store for me and my mailboxes 😀

Sincerely, Kate ~!~


One Response to “Hail the Snail 2.1”

  1. Deborah 01/15/2016 at 12:48 pm #

    That picture is awesome! It’s going to show up in one of my posts too 🙂

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