December’s Little Cards

8 Jan

In December the theme I announced per Little Cards was Winter, and Jenn announced Christmas Specials. As a host, I received winter-friendly cards all December long, but it was this week that I received all the Christmas Specials cards. I held off on posting this for a few days to avoid spoiling any surprises, but I don’t want to wait any longer… and one of our new members doesn’t want me to either 😉

Here are all the Winter cards I personally acquired:


This one, made by Vikki, was my personal favorite:


And this one was my contribution:


How did I make mine? I went through my old postcards, sacrificing several snowy ones to use as backgrounds. Using a stamp and some scrapbook paper, I made the squirrels at the bottom. More scrapbook paper with “Cold hands, cold heart” written on it tied the cards together.

These were the cards from the Christmas Specials theme:


Heleen’s card deserves many a kudos as she made many of these:


Making anything other than a Peanuts card wasn’t an option for me:


How did I make this one? The picture is from address labels I bought a few years back, and the scrapbook paper decking it out was cut the same size as the sticker. I drew the ornaments up top, and then added the Charlie Brown Christmas quote– Lucy was trying to describe “Jingle Bells” to Schroeder, by the way.

Our members have definitely enjoyed these themes of ours, and Jenn and I are enjoying seeing what all of them come up with. 12 people have signed up for my Breakfast theme this month, and 8 for Jenn’s Disney Parks one, so you can imagine how excited we are to start receiving those babies. After I receive all of January’s cards I will share them here again.

Until next time!
Sincerely, Kate ~!~


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