La Papierre: January’s Haul

5 Jan

I’m no stranger to getting my own Christmas presents, and this time around I hooked myself up with a subscription to La Papierre’s Stationery Subscription Service, as well as other stationery from their Etsy shop. Everything I was expecting this month arrived yesterday, and it’s positively glorious. I could write about it, but I thought I’d share a plethora of pictures instead.

First up, the Subscription set:


And now the paper I couldn’t resist ordering:


Pretty snazzy, eh? I couldn’t be happier with my presents. I almost wish I would have gotten myself one of the larger batches via the subscription service, but $10/mo is going to add up quick enough as it is. I guess this just makes what I get that much more precious! Hope Jody’s excited for me to start putting it all to use because I’m definitely busting it out this week, hehe.

Sincerely, Kate ~!~


2 Responses to “La Papierre: January’s Haul”

  1. Deborah 01/06/2016 at 7:59 am #

    That’s some awesome stuff! Good job on your Christmas shopping! 😀


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    […] 4th: I showed you my LaPapierre stuff I received on the 5th, and the Christmas Specials ATCs on the 6th, but what I didn’t show you from the 4th yet was […]

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