Feliz Navidad and Yaddi Yadda

25 Dec

December 16th: If getting two batches of winter ATCs wasn’t awesome already, getting packages from both of my parents was.

December 17th: We got a Christmas card from Gabe’s grandparents, and saw mine when we went to Logan’s Christmas program. The Loganator’s debut was quite the adorable success, by the way!

December 18th: I have gotten a Figi’s box from my dad for what feels like decades, and this year was no exception.


I also received a couple of Christmas cards, ATCs from Donna, and a letter from Eileen.

December 19th: Prior to getting the newest gnomes in my collection thanks to Krista, I got more mail from both boxes. Manolo had Kayla’s letter, and Pablo a Christmas card.

December 21st: Between Kära‘s card, Jody’s letter, and cookies from my newest sister-in-law, this week certainly started on a high.

December 22nd: The high continued thanks to both mailboxes. There were cards– two with gift cards and one with a bookmark– stickers for Logan, a letter from Sadie and a postcard from Kira for me, and then this amazing bag from Jenn:


December 23rd: The boys and I acquired a bunch of goodies like the stocking stuffers I ordered for me and Gabe, and the Zippy Sack Logan got from his Tia Jen and Tia Marilyn when we went to their house.

December 24th: Happy mail came in the form of a Christmas card from S’Moore, a letter from Erika, and a DVD for the Loganator from his Uncle Erik and Aunt Mindy.

December 25th: Normally I don’t include the day of in these mail calls, but since it’s so late in the day that I’m posting I can make an exception. The boys and I– and even Harper– got a lot of neat stuff, and thanks to the post office being unlocked I got the last of the Winter ATCs via Little Cards!

Hope your Christmas was a merry one!
Sincerely, Kate ~!~



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