Happy Mail Means Happy Holidays

15 Dec

December 5th: The first week of December ended on a high. I got letters from Kayla and Jen E., a postcard from the former, Ashley’s winter ATCs, and our Amazon order.

December 7th: After watching Once Upon a Time‘s winter finale, I was SO GLAD I had Jody’s letter to respond to!

December 8th: Pablo gave me a letter from a potential new pen pal to respond to as well as two batches of ATCs. Not to be left out, Manolo gave me a cute Christmas postcard from Kayla and her family.

December 9th: Tucked inside a Christmas card was a letter from Stephanie, my former roommate.

December 10th: Though there was no happy mail, my mom still made sure goodies were delivered!



December 11th: Prior to watching the Loganator in the Parade of Lights, I received all sorts of happy mail from both boxes. There were two more batches of ATCs, a note from Rachel, goodies from my brother Tom and his family, and a backpack that was ordered for travel purposes.

December 12th: Christmas cards came from two of my pen pals, as well as a letter from Justine.

December 14th: Justine sent a Christmas card to Logan and Harper, and Jody, Jessica, and Dena all sent letters to me.

I imagine there are going to be many more Christmas cards over the next week or so, and maybe some awesome packages too! Hope this holiday season is treating you and your mailboxes well!

Sincerely, Kate ~!~


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