Thank You Notes: Pablo

30 Nov

On the 20th I posted a blog post telling my pen pals via Manolo– my regular mailbox– why I am thankful for each of them, and now it’s time for me to do the same with my pen pals from Pablo, my P.O. box. Like before and in Thank You Notes past, I won’t use names. The goal is that each person will be able to identify which paragraph applies to them.

~We started writing as we’re fellow Michiganders. I remember you being a bit apprehensive about having a pen pal you’d hear back from so regularly, but growing to dig it. It’s been a while since our exchanges have been all that regular, but as long as you like being hit up by my posse I’ll make sure there’s still things from me in your mailbox.

~ When I first got my P.O. box, I asked for a handful of LEPeeps to help me break it in and you were happy to oblige. Since life happens there haven’t been too many letters from you in there, but when you have been able to write, you make sure I know about what’s been going on with you which I really appreciate.

~I think a letter went missing somewhere since we’ve both been pretty good about staying on top of our reply piles. That said, if you’d want me to send you a new letter so we could start over I’d be happy to do so. Between us having a similar interest in shows and books, and having little ones about the same age, it’s been a real joy having you to exchange letters with.

~Not long after acquiring my P.O. box, I knew I wanted to acquire an inmate as a pen pal. I always imagined prison feeling so isolating, so if a pen pal could make someone feel as if they have a friend and/or an outlet, I wanted to provide that. And I know with you I am. Knowing where you started and how far you have come has been an absolute delight to read about, and I know you’re only going to continue to grow. I can see us continuing to write long after your sentence is over.

~I had a book I wanted to pass along to a LEPeep, and you jumped on my offer. I knew we’d share our thoughts after you read the book, but I wasn’t expecting us to become pen pals and to start offering books to each other so regularly. I am so excited this has been the case though, and I’m also so pleased we were paired up in that pocket letter swap so I could see how creative you are as well.

~You were also someone who wanted to help me break in Pablo, and have been the person from that initial group I’ve heard from the most. I adore how you mix and match stationery, and I admire the strength you have both when it comes to school and when it comes to your health. I hope you’ve been feeling well, and that Pablo will continue to bring me many a letter from you.

~It is because of this blog of mine that you found the LEP– how could I not start writing you once I heard? Sure, we haven’t written a whole lot since you have a little bundle of joy, but I have still enjoyed your letters as you’re very chatty. I love having a pen pal whose letters read like you’re having a conversation face to face.

~Although you weren’t among the original batch of LEPeeps to help me break in Pablo, when I wanted another pen pal you were more than willing to write lil’ ol’ me and doodle on the envelopes. Have I told you lately how much I LOVE your doodles? Your creativity is so inspiring, and your letters a joy to read. I bet if I heard you play the violin I’d be even more in awe of you.

~You are not only my newest birthday twin, but my newest pen pal. I may have only gotten one letter from you so far, but I’m already so excited for more considering how many shows we have in common, mainly Jane the Virgin since I don’t have that in common with any of my other pen pals. It’s like you came into the picture exactly when I needed you to, hehe.

~There have only been a few letters between us since you agreed to help me break in Pablo, but your letters are oh so chatty. I knew we’d hit it off as we both have boys, but when I heard that you have sons named Logan and Christian, it was like we already had a deep bond. I look forward to hearing more about your guys as our letters progress.

~I’m so appreciative that you agreed to be my postcard pen pal so we could try to keep each other in line when it comes to writing our tentative books, hehe. My book has completely fallen through, but I’d gladly keep exchanging postcards with you, and if there is anything I can do to make sure your book is a success, let me know.

~You’re a new pen pal of mine so I can’t really say much about you yet, though I do hope things have gone well with pushing your little one out of the nest! I’m thankful that you wanted to be pen pals so we could share our experiences as our kids start school. The first week of preschool was definitely the hardest for me, though it still makes me happy to know that if I ever need to vent about the transition you’re there and you get it.

~You’re also a new pen pal of mine, but because you moved back to the mitten and not because you have a little one who started school, hehe. I’m already enjoying getting to know you and the road that led you back to Michigan, and if there is ever another Michigan LEP meet up I know I’d enjoy getting to talk to you in person.

~I actually don’t remember *why* we became pen pals, but I am glad we did. Hearing about your life in San Fran is so fascinating to me, and I find myself wanting to live vicariously through you when you talk about the events you host. The more we write, the more it is clear to me you’re going to be a loyal pen pal. I hope that despite not remembering why we started writing, you feel the same way towards me.

~Though this is the last paragraph, you were also among the first to write me when I got my P.O. box. It always makes me smile when people use note cards and notebook paper when they write me as that’s been my usual for over a year, but what has made me ecstatic is that you jumped on my idea to write a story together, 20 words at a time. I’ve done this with a couple Manolo pals, and you bridged the gap.

And like with my Manolo pals, I am so incredibly thankful for all of the people who write me via Pablo. You definitely have made having a second mailbox worth my while, and have given me an outlet I didn’t realize just how much I needed. Thanks for reading this outlet of mine, by the way!

Sincerely, Kate ~!~





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